4x15 EnochianAngelWarding
Historical information
Creator : Presumably God or angels
Use(s) : Language and communication
Warding, hiding and protection from angels and angelic detection
Users : Angels
Production information
Appearance(s) : See here

Enochian is a spiritual language, used primarily by angels. It is used by angels to communicate on angel radio and/or in their true forms, and Enochian can also be used in rituals and spellwork for summoning, cloaking or warding against angels, demons and other spirits.


There are two forms of the Enochian language: spoken and written. The spoken form of Enochian usually, in human tongue, takes the form of a series of syllables, (Free to Be You and Me onwards) but when spoken by angels' true forms over angel radio, spoken Enochian is instead heard as multiple unintelligible whispers. (Dark Side of the Moon) The written form of Enochian appears as either one rune or sigil or a series of them, and said Enochian runes tend to be complex and intricate symbols.

Both the written and spoken forms of Enochian can each have supernatural properties and effects on other beings. It most commonly affects angels, but it can also affect demons and (rarely) even humans. The effect of Enochian, and whether or not a specific supernatural species/being is affected by it, depends on what is said/written in Enochian. Some Enochian incantations can be used in tracking, transporting and summoning spells. Some Enochian sigils and runes can be used to conceal a person or location from detection by angels and/or demons, (Death Takes a Holiday, Sympathy for the Devil onwards) to bind or trap demons in a similar manner to a devil's trap, (The Devil You Know) or to pathokinetically influence humans' emotions to influence the formation of emotional bonds. (My Bloody Valentine) However, in the case of Enochian warding and cloaking sigils, the runes must be drawn and arranged accurately, as improperly drawing them (The Man Who Would Be King) or altering them even in the slightest (Torn and Frayed, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here, Holy Terror) will render the sigil ineffective and useless.


The spoken form of Enochian is used in incantations for various forms of primarily-angelic spellwork to activate the spell and trigger its effects. Said spells include locating angels, (The Song Remains the Same) the time travel blood spell, (Trial and Error, King of the Damned) undertaking one of the Trials of God (Trial and Error, Taxi Driver) and opening Lucifer's cage with the Four Horsemen's rings. (Swan Song) Enochian incantations can also be used by angels for contacting or summoning archangels from across great distances, (Free to Be You and Me, Point of No Return) or for forcing a tethered cupid to manifest in human form. (My Bloody Valentine)

Warding runesEdit

There are some Enochian-based symbols, runes and sigils which, when drawn on a room or building's wall and/or entrance points, will prevent any angels (Death Takes a Holiday onwards) and/or other supernatural beings (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards) from getting in or out, provided that the symbols are all drawn and arranged correctly. (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Most of these Enochian warding runes will block off angels, (Death Takes a Holiday onwards) but there are also some that will block off demons. (Taxi Driver) Enochian warding symbols can apparently also have a weakening effect on angels within the warded structure. While Enochian warding is highly effective protection and warding against angels and/or demons, a symbol's specific design and pattern must remain correct and intact to maintain the supernatural warding effect; drawing a line or cross over a warding glyph will negate its warding power. (Torn and Frayed, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

Cloaking runesEdit

Some Enochian runes will cloak and conceal a person with the rune from detection by angel radar, or cloak a location so that the residents there cannot be detected by angel radar. Enochian cloaking is very effective, in that no angels - not even archangels like Michael and Lucifer - will be able track and find that person, unless someone gives the angel their location or activity nearby indicates the person's presence. (Sympathy for the Devil onwards) However, while no angels can find a warded person, they can still contact them in their dreams. (Free to Be You and Me, The Song Remains the Same, Point of No Return) There aer several Enochian forms of cloaking. Carving Enochian runes into a human's ribs will cloak them from all angels in creation including Michael and Lucifer, (Season 5) Enochian building-warding which can also cloak the presence of angels inside, (Torn and Frayed) and an Enochian sigil which can hide the presence of angels at the sigil's location from other angels. (Frontierland)

Cupid markEdit

When a cupid uses its pathokinetic influence to bring a human couple together, the cupid leaves an angelic mark on the two affected humans' hearts as a symbol of the cupid-induced union. (My Bloody Valentine)

Known glyphs and effectsEdit

Known Enochian vocabularyEdit


Enochian is used primarily by angels and originated with them, and it is used for communication with each-other over angel radio and/or in their true forms, but also for spellwork or rituals or messages or warding. High-level demons such as Crowley and Alastair also displayed knowledge of and skill with Enochian, being able to draw Enochian warding sigils against angels to shield and/or protect locations of import to them from angel attacks. (Death Takes a Holiday, Abandon All Hope... onwards) Dr. Eleanor Visyak, a creature of Purgatory, possessed knowledge of Enochian warding as well, (Let It Bleed) and the Whore of Babylon knew Enochian's spoken form well enough to make up fake exorcism rites from it with a sense of humour. (99 Problems) Following the Apocalypse, human hunters, primarily the Winchesters, became familiar with and regularly used Enochian runes and sigils. (Season 6 onwards)


Enochian is often applied as a name for an occult or angelic language which was recorded in John Dee and Edward Kelley's private journals in the late 16th century. Dee and Kelley claimed that the Enochian language was given to them by angels. They also claimed the language was used by Adam to name all things in the Garden of Eden, and that the biblical Enoch was the last before them to know the language (hence the name). Enochian was also used for a system of ceremonial magic practice which was used to invoke and command various spirits.

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