Famine's ring
5x14 HorsemanRingFamine
Historical information
Use(s) : Source of Famine's power
Users : Famine
Affected creatures : Humans
Angels' vessels
Production information
Appearance(s) : My Bloody Valentine
Two Minutes to Midnight
Swan Song

Famine's ring is one of the Four Horsemen's rings, specifically Famine's. It is Famine's power source (without which he is greatly weakened), and it's part of the collective key with the other rings to Lucifer's cage.


Famine's horseman ring manifests as a small silver ring adorned with a round black stone, and serves as Famine's means of channeling his powers when he manifests in physical human form. (My Bloody Valentine) Famine's corporeal manifestation is highly dependent upon the ring, apparently being reduced to a catatonic husk without it. (The Devil You Know) Famine's ring can also be combined with the other three horsemen's rings to form the key to Lucifer's cage. (Two Minutes to Midnight


During the Apocalypse, when Famine was sent by Lucifer to spread the former's influence and increase his strength, Famine lost his ring to Sam, Dean and Castiel after he was defeated by Sam. (My Bloody Valentine, Hammer of the Gods)

A matter of months after Famine's ring was acquired by the Winchesters, the Four Horsemen's rings were combined to form the key to Lucifer's cage, (Two Minutes to Midnight) and Sam successfully used the combined rings to send himself and Lucifer (along with Michael) into the cage. (Swan Song) It is unknown what happened to Famine's ring after this, although it is known that Death's ring was buried in the grounds of the Singer Auto Salvage Yard. (Appointment in Samarra)

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