First Born
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 11
Original airdate : 21 January, 2014
Directed by : John Badham
Written by : Robbie Thompson
Preceded by : Road Trip
Followed by : Sharp Teeth

First Born is the eleventh episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


The Winchester brothers have parted ways, and each seem to have a new partner in tow. Crowley contacts Dean to get his help finding the First Blade, the one weapon that can kill Abaddon, unaware they're being followed by Abaddon's demons. But when they locate the Blade's source, Dean and Crowley find that the only one who can lead them to it is Cain, the mentor of the Knights of Hell and the feared Father of Murder, whom even Crowley is too terrified of to make a direct move against. Meanwhile, Sam and Castiel attempt to extract Gadreel's leftover grace traces from Sam to locate him and Metatron, but Cass warns that the extraction may have serious damaging consequences on Sam.

Full synopsisEdit

In Jasper Springs, Mississippi in 1863, three demons possessing civil war soldiers prepare at a rural cabin to protect a Knight of Hell against an oncoming threat. A tremor then occurs and the threat arrives: an unknown being in the form of a middle-aged man, who is unfazed by the demons' gunshots. The attacker massacres the demons by destroying them with a supernatural power through touch, then advances into the cabin's guarded room with a bone blade.

In the present day, Dean is at a bar when Crowley arrives to talk to him. After somewhat partially calming Dean against killing him, Crowley explains he wants to work with Dean to find the First Blade - the weapon the archangels used to execute the Knights of Hell, and thus the one weapon that can kill Abaddon - and makes Dean aware of a period of John's hunting history in which he interrogated a demon working for Abaddon who'd claimed to know about the Blade. They look this up in John's journal in search of clues or reference to the First Blade, and find a code leading to one of John's supernatural lock-ups. Though Dean is very hesitant and reluctant to trust or work with Crowley, they go to the lock-up, unaware of a demon patron spying them.

At the Men of Letters' bunker, Castiel is trying a PB&J sandwich (and finding to his longing and disappointment that since he's become an angel again, his human sense of taste has gone and now he only tastes the food's molecules), when Sam comes in. They continue Cass's steps of healing Sam in periods, and Castiel discovers an angelic trace resonating inside Sam, which they set about learning more about. Cass wants to call Dean over about it, but Sam refuses, not wanting Dean back since he left.

Dean and Crowley arrive at John's lock-up; with Crowley suffering issues due to Dean's intense distrust of and hostility towards him and having his movements restricted by the lock-up's protective devil's traps. Dean locates a file in the lock-up on John's interrogation of Abaddon's demon with another hunter called Tara (whom Dean doesn't recognise), and Dean and Crowley set about finding Tara in their search for the First Blade.

Back at the bunker, Sam and Castiel research the angelic trace in Sam, and Cass learns from a Men of Letters book about angels that when an angel leaves a vessel, the former-vessel retains a harmless angelic trace containing the angel's grace, which the Men of Letters believe could be used in a tracking spell to locate the angel in question if the grace could be extracted. The Men of Letters also had a hypodermic needle they believed could be used to extract the grace in a dangerous procedure, and Sam and Cass set about searching the bunker for this needle.

Dean and Crowley track down Tara at her store, and Dean tells her who he is. When Tara senses from her damaged knee's pain that Crowley is a demon, she immediately pulls a gun on them, until her use of holy water on Dean confirms he isn't possessed and is working with Crowley of his own free will and for a reason. Though Tara remains intensely distrustful of Crowley and has him trapped in a hidden devil's trap, when Dean asks her about finding the First Blade and warns that one of the Knights of Hell is alive, she helps. Tara confirms that Abaddon's demon whom she and John interrogated told them about the First Blade, and Tara afterwards tried to obtain the ingredients for a locating spell to find the Blade, but couldn't find the final ingredient. When Crowley learns the last ingredient is kraken's essence, Crowley offers to go get it for them if Tara frees him from the devil's trap, and Dean gets a reluctant Tara to break the trap and go get the kraken's essence. Tara talks with Dean about the latter is stooping to working with the King of Hell, before Crowley returns with the final ingredient.

Dean and Tara subsequently carry out the spell on a map with the six ingredients, and it reveals the First Blade is located in Missouri. Tara refuses to come with them out of distrust towards Crowley, and she bids Dean good luck before he and Crowley leave. Dean and Crowley subsequently drive in the Impala to what the spell gave as the First Blade's location at a countryside home, where a terrified Crowley recognises the beekeeping owner as the biblical Cain. Before the two can leave, Cain notices and confronts them, revealing himself to be the same middle-aged man who massacred the demon guards in 1863.

Dean and Crowley are subsequently taken into Cain's house and wait in the living room for Cain to come in and speak with them; with Cain's power suppressing Crowley's abilities and stopping him from teleporting out. Crowley explains to Dean that after Abel's death, Cain became a demon and was the most feared and vicious of his kind ever on Earth, then mysteriously disappeared. Cain then comes in with tea for Dean and a shaking Crowley, and demands to know how and why the two found him (taking Crowley's voice when the latter tries to make an excuse). Dean explains that they're after the First Blade with which to kill Abaddon (the mention of whom makes Cain silently uneasy), and that the spell they used was for the Blade. Back at Tara's store, a trucker (the same demon that spied on Crowley and Dean at the bar) comes in asking about Dean and Crowley, but Tara senses it's a demon due to her bad knee and shoots the demon down.

At Cain's home, he asks Dean and Crowley to leave, but Dean doesn't want to leave without the First Blade. Dean doesn't understand why Cain won't hand over the Blade and why it is he cares, and Cain reveals that he is in fact the founder of the Knights of Hell, and that it was secretly not the archangels but him who wiped out the Knights. Cain then (refusing to say why he destroyed his own Knights) sends Dean and Crowley out, but Dean plans to get the First Blade one way or another, and so plans (despite Crowley's reluctance and objection) to break back into the house while Cain is out in town and to find and steal the Blade.

At the bunker, Sam and Castiel have found the Men of Letters' syringe for the grace-extracting procedure, and they're getting ready to carry out the procedure on Sam to track Gadreel. Cass tries to talk Sam away from going through with the procedure, feeling that it would mean Sam's choice to live for Dean rather than close the gates of Hell would have been for nothing (due to the health risk of the procedure); but Sam thinks that it was wrong of Dean to turn Sam from sacrificing himself to seal Hell and then let an angel possess him, and Sam also blames himself for the damage Gadreel has caused and wants to find and stop Gadreel this way to make up for it. A reluctant Cass then gets the needle out to begin the extraction.

Back in Missouri, Dean and Crowley break into Cain's empty house in search of the First Blade, where Dean finds a 19th-century photo of a woman called Colette who wears Cain's ring (which Cain was twisting uneasily when uneasy by the mention of Abaddon by Dean). Outside, the trucker demon arrives outside Cain's house (the side of his vessel's face partially blown off by Tara's gunshot), and the demon - having apparently learned about Cain - calls another demon to bring mass backup.

Back at the bunker, Cass inserts the extracting needle into Sam's neck and begins the painful extraction process of Gadreel's leftover grace from Sam. As they need a certain amount of grace to successfully perform the tracking spell, Sam has Cass (despite the latter's reluctance as it will further endanger Sam's life) go deeper with the needle to extract more grace, which in turn causes Sam's body to begin regressing to its damaged, pre-Gadreel state that the Trials of God had left it in. As they still don't have enough grace, a weakening Sam has an increasingly reluctant Castiel continue going deeper with the needle.

Back at Cain's house, Crowley has failed to find the First Blade, but Dean realises from the Colette picture why Cain retired from Hell and the demons - he fell in love with a human. Cain then returns from groceries and traps Dean and Crowley in the house with him, but before he can confront them about their burglary, a large group of demons led by the trucker demon besiege the house. The demons, having learned from interrogating and killing Tara about Dean and Crowley's mission for the First Blade, want Cain to hand Dean and Crowley over to them for Abaddon, though Cain's powerful protection keeps the demons out of the house for the time being. Cain seems angry at Dean for exposing him, and refuses to help Dean and Crowley in keeping the demon horde out once they break through the protection.

At the bunker, Sam is growing dangerously weaker as the grace extraction continues. Cass is getting reluctant and hesitant to keep it up despite Sam's insistence. Cass reminds Sam of how the former died while human and explains he's seen from that how vital and precious life is, which is why he's reluctant to risk Sam's; but Sam feels he owes a debt to the other lives and the damage Gadreel caused, and so forces Cass to keep going.

At Cain's house, Dean and Crowley finish barricading the entrances while Cain just sits and makes corn ready for a meal. Dean is perplexed at Cain's uninterested and laid-back behaviour; Cain is likewise shocked that someone with Dean's reputation among demons is asking for help, and so lets a few of the demons in for Dean to fight off to prove himself. While Cain sits back and watches, Crowley defeats one demon with an angel blade, while Dean fights off and kills the others with the demon-killing knife. Dean has apparently proven himself to Cain, who claims they're kindred spirits and very much alike; but Dean feels otherwise since he saved his brother, instead of killing his brother like Cain did. However, Dean still does not get the First Blade, as Cain reveals that he doesn't have it.

Back at the bunker, Sam is now severely weak and damaged from the grace extraction as it continues. Cass decides of his own free will to end the extraction pre-completion rather than endanger Sam's health and life further, then heals the damage to Sam and decides that the grace they've already collected will have to do in the spell to track Gadreel. Sam laments how little grace they got, but Cass declares that punishing Gadreel isn't worth losing Sam. Cass also explains how his time as a human when he was graceless has made him understand how humans like Sam feel guilt and remorse (due to Cass's own immense and terrible past mistakes), and he gives Sam some encouraging words to move on.

Back at Cain's house, Crowley is upset to learn the First Blade isn't here and doesn't understand why the spell led them to Cain then. Cain reveals that the spell was tied to lead them to the Blade's power source: the Mark of Cain on Cain's arm, which is what gives the Blade its demon-killing power. When Dean brings up Abel's murder (upon learning that the First Blade was originally the animal bone Cain killed Abel with), Cain reveals that the reason he killed Abel was not out of jealousy, but to save Abel's soul. To save Abel from Lucifer, Cain agreed to kill his brother and go to Hell, and afterwards became the original Knight of Hell as a demon. Cain spent centuries committing evil with his fellow Knights, until he and Colette fell in love and Colette turned him away from evil and killing and demonkind. As retribution, the Knights of Hell afterwards kidnapped Colette, which enraged Cain into hunting and slaughtering the Knights with the First Blade.

Back to the flashback to 1863 Jasper Springs, after killing the demon guards, Cain enters the guarded room to find Abaddon possessing Colette. When Cain refuses to rejoin the Knights of Hell, Abaddon begins killing Colette's possessed body, prompting Cain to stab her with the First Blade; but Abaddon smokes out and flees just before the Blade makes impact, thus it only fatally injures Colette. Colette makes Cain promise to stay away from killing rather than go after Abaddon for revenge, before dying in Cain's arms.

Back in the present, while Dean is sorry for Cain after learning about his loss, he refuses to give up on the First Blade; but Cain is unthreatened and teleports away, leaving Dean and Crowley in the house to the growing mass of demons outside. Cain goes to Colette's grave to speak with his late wife, and sadly declares that while he's tried to be the good man that Colette saw him as, he has now decided it's time it needs to end. Cain then returns to the house and offers to give Dean what he wants by transferring the Mark of Cain onto him. Dean accepts without hearing the price that Cain mentions about, and Cain then moves the Mark from himself to Dean. Cain instructs Dean and Crowley to find where the former buried the First Blade beneath the ocean, then for Dean to return and kill Cain with the Blade after defeating Abaddon. Cain then teleports Dean and Crowley to safety, and lets all the demons into the house and begins exterminating them.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Castiel carry out the tracking spell with Gadreel's grace extracted from Sam, but the spell fails as they didn't have enough grace. Cass declares they'll have to find Gadreel another way, and Sam says that Cass was right about not carrying out the dangerous extraction. Cass is confident that they can fix everything if they can find Metatron, and he cryptically suggests they'll need to bring Dean back for help; but Sam declares they can handle it as two on their own.

Elsewhere, Dean and Crowley stop beside a reservoir, and Crowley sets about searching the ocean floor to bring the First Blade to Dean. However, before Crowley can leave, Dean reveals he saw Crowley (when they were fighting off demons at Cain's house) stand back after killing his attacker while Dean fought off the other demons himself. Crowley admits to a furious and spiteful Dean that he was indeed aware throughout the whole thing about Cain and Abaddon and that they were being followed, so that Dean would have to handle things on his own and thus Cain would be impressed enough to hand over the First Blade's power (despite this resulting in Tara's death). Like Cass, Crowley cryptically warns Dean they'll need sam's help as well against Abaddon, but like Sam, Dean ignores it and sends Crowley off to find the Blade. Dean is then left alone by the reservoir, examining the Mark of Cain on his arm.









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