Flight 424
1x4 Flight424
Historical information
Creator : United Britannia Airlines
Use(s) : Air vehicle
Production information
Appearance(s) : Phantom Traveller

What Is and What Should Never Be (mention/illusion)

Flight 424 was an airplane built by United Britannia Airlines, which was targeted by a disaster-causing demon.


After surviving the crash of Flight 2485, Amanda Walker went aboard Flight 424 as a stewardess during the plane's flight from Indianapolis. The Demon responsible for the Flight 2485 crash also followed Amanda aboard and possessed the co-pilot, planning to crash the plane exactly forty minutes into the flight to kill Amanda; and Sam and Dean Winchester also followed Amanda aboard the plane, to exorcise the Demon before it could crash the plane.

After learning who the Demon was possessing, Sam and Dean exorcised it from its Vessel with the Rituale Romanum, and the Demon then entered Flight 424's systems and tried to force the plane to crash. However, Sam then completed the ritual, removing the Demon from Flight 424's systems and sending it back to Hell. (Phantom Traveller)