Four Horsemen's rings
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Historical information
Creator : Unknown; possibly God or the Four Horsemen
Use(s) : Channelling horsemen's powers and abilities
Gaining horseman's power and role
Opening Lucifer's cage
Users : Dean Winchester
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Sam Winchester
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below
The Four Horsemen's rings are four extremely powerful weapons that take the form of four rings, each belonging to one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse respectively. The rings are used by the horsemen respectively for channelling and exercising their powers and abilities on humans, and they can also give a human who puts one of the rings on a taste of the horseman's role and power. When combined, the four rings form a key to Lucifer's cage.


When a horseman manifests in physical human form, its human form includes a powerful mystical artefact which physically appears as a ring on the horseman's finger. Each horseman's ring serves as their means of channeling and directing their powers when they are on the earthly plane, (Good God, Y'All! et al.) and a horseman's ring can be activated by twisting it on the horseman's finger. (Good God, Y'All!, Two Minutes to Midnight)

Once a horseman activates its ring, it will unleash and channel the horseman's powers onto all humans within a radius of the horseman's presence - War's ring caused people to suffer mutual hallucinations which would drive them to slaughter each-other; (Good God, Y'All!) Famine's ring amplified people's hungers, cravings and gluttonies to an uncontrollable, single-minded and suicidal level; (My Bloody Valentine) Pestilence's ring caused people to fall cripplingly sick with various ailments the closer they were to him; (Two Minutes to Midnight) and Death's ring allowed the user to kill any living human with a touch. If an ordinary human were to put a horseman's ring on, then that human would become a reaper-like being in the Veil, and would take the real horseman's place fulfilling tasks in the natural order relating to its phenomenon, unless and until the human took the ring back off. (Appointment in Samarra)

5x21 FourHorsemenRingsCombined

The horsemen's rings combine to form the key to Lucifer's cage. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

Though the horsemen's rings are meant to affect humans, they can also indirectly work on angels under certain circumstances; Famine's influence could cause the cravings of angels' vessels to overwhelm them, and Pestilence's ring would work on angels who had been rendered mortal and powerless. Demons appear to be immune to the effects of the horseman rings. (My Bloody Valentine, Two Minutes to Midnight)

Once a person within the influenced range of a horseman's presence has been touched and infected by the horseman's effect through their ring, transporting the person out of the area affected by the horseman will make no difference since the horseman's influence will just travel with them. (My Bloody Valentine) One of the few known methods of curing a person of a horseman ring's influence is by incapacitating the horseman responsible (usually through separating the horseman from its ring), which will cause the horseman's effect to immediately ebb away. (Good God, Y'All!, Two Minutes to Midnight) Alternatively in War's case, convincing an affected person that War's hallucinations weren't real could free them from the illusions cast by War's ring. (Good God, Y'All!)

As well as being the horsemen's partial power sources, the rings also, when all four of them are combined into a supernaturally-magnetized, triangle-shaped design, form the key to Lucifer's cage. (Hammer of the Gods, Two Minutes to Midnight) Once the rings have been combined, the caster must throw the rings onto any surface (a wall or the ground), then recite the Enochian incantation, "beh voh tah mo en tah beh geh sah bah bah loh en." Once the Enochian incantation is spoken, the rings will open up a portal on the spot where they were placed, which leads into Lucifer's cage in Hell. The portal to the cage can be closed by reciting the incantation, "kah hee deh rah beh voh ta mo en," or it will close by itself when something passes through it into the cage. (Swan Song)


When the Four Horsemen manifested on Earth during the Apocalypse, their rings manifested with them, and were used to channel and spread their respective effects throughout the lands. War's ring was taken and obtained by Sam and Dean Winchester just a few days after Lucifer was released, when War was affecting River Pass, Colorado. (Good God, Y'All!) The Winchesters also took Famine's ring an estimated several months later, after Famine was defeated by Sam. (My Bloody Valentine)

After Sam and Dean learned from Gabriel that all four horseman rings, when combined, could be used to reimprison Lucifer, they immediately set about finding Pestilence and Death to take their rings. (Hammer of the Gods) Castiel successfully took Pestilence's ring by force after Pestilence was tracked down to a nursing home in Davenport, Iowa where he was using the patients as test subjects for his ring's effects. The following day, after Dean and Crowley tracked Death down to Chicago, Death willingly loaned his ring to Dean so that the Winchesters could succeed in reimprisoning Lucifer. (Two Minutes to Midnight)

After Dean, under Death's instructions on how to use the rings as the key to Lucifer's cage, combined them, (Two Minutes to Midnight) he used the key to open the door to the cage to send Sam, with Lucifer inside him, in; but Lucifer took control of Sam, closed the portal, and took the key. But when Sam retook control at Stull Cemetery, he used the key to reopen the cage, and threw himself along with Michael in Adam's body into the cage, before the portal closed again. (Swan Song) It is known that after Michael and Lucifer were trapped in the cage by Sam's sacrifice, Death's ring was buried on the grounds of the Singer Auto Salvage Yard, while the fates of the other three horseman rings is unconfirmed. (Appointment in Samarra)

A year and a half later, Death had Dean dig up his ring and wear it for 24 hours as part of a wager to restore Sam's missing soul, and Death afterwards took his ring back. (Appointment in Samarra)

The ringsEdit



  • With those of the rings that do have stones set in them (Death, Famine and Pestilence's respective rings), each ring's stone is the same colour as its master's horse.
  • War and Famine were said by Brady in The Devil You Know to have been reduced to withered, catatonic husks after losing their rings, and Pestilence likewise seemed to be incapacitated without his ring; whereas Death was still capable of functioning even after going a year and a half without his ring and did not display any apparent ill-effects. This has been suggested to be either because Death willingly gave his ring to Dean, or because Death is presumably much more powerful than the other horsemen.

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