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Biological information
Race : Angel
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Other angels (siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2014
Notable affiliations : God and Host of Heaven (formerly)
Winchester family
Metatron (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Tahmoh Penikett
Other Actors/Actresses : Jared Padalecki
First appearance : I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Gadreel was an angel, who was disgraced and imprisoned in Heaven's dungeon after failing to protect humankind against corruption by Lucifer, until he was freed in the Fall. On Earth, Gadreel initially masqueraded as Ezekiel and inhabited Sam Winchester to heal Sam and to heal and hide himself from the other angels; until his true identity was exposed. Gadreel began working for Metatron as his second-in-command and recruiting the other fallen angels to Metatron's faction, but he eventually changed sides to Castiel and helped Cas stop Metatron, with Gadreel sacrificing himself in the process.



Like all other angels, Gadreel was created by God sometime before humanity, and he was apparently God's most trusted angel. (Holy Terror) After God created mankind, Gadreel was stationed at the Garden of Eden to stop evil from entering and corrupting God's creation, but Gadreel failed to stop Lucifer from entering and corrupting humankind with evil, resulting in the universe becoming cursed and plagued with demons and other forms of evil and danger in later millennia. (Holy Terror, Road Trip)

Due to the severity of Gadreel's failure, God had him locked away in Heaven's dungeons, (Holy Terror) where he spent many millennia brooding over his failure and hoping for a chance at atonement. (Do You Believe in Miracles?) In the dungeon of Heaven, Gadreel was regularly tortured by Thaddeus, alongside fellow prisoner Abner. Gadreel would mend and comfort Abner after Thaddeus' torture sessions, forming a friendship bond between the two. (Road Trip) Outside the dungeon, Gadreel's failure and dishonour apparently left him with a disgraced, shamed and very negative reputation among the angels. (Holy Terror)

As EzekielEdit

9x1 GadreelPossessesSam

Gadreel enters Sam's mind and takes possession of Sam. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

In 2013, when Metatron cast the spell which caused the Fall that cast all the other angels from Heaven, it also affected Heaven's imprisoned angels such as Gadreel, (Holy Terror) and thus Gadreel was weakened and fell to Earth with all the other angels in Heaven. After all the angels fell to Earth, by the day after the Fall, Gadreel had already possessed a vessel. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

The day after the Fall, when Dean Winchester sent out a prayer from Linwood Memorial Hospital to any of the scattered fallen angels on Earth listening, asking for them to come and help him in exchange for his help, Gadreel was among the angels that chose to respond to Dean's call. Gadreel went to Dean to try and help heal a dying Sam, and Gadreel disguised himself to Dean as Ezekiel (to cover up his true identity and reputation, and due to Ezekiel's more positive reputation).

When Gadreel was too weak to heal Sam's injuries from the Trials of God, he and Dean decided to instead have Gadreel possess Sam and slowly heal both Sam and himself over time. Gadreel subsequently possessed Sam when Dean was projected into Sam's mind and tricked Sam into saying yes. Afterwards, Gadreel would for most of the time let Sam be in control while Gadreel was quietly healing both of them, but requested Dean let Sam remain oblivious to the fact there was an angel inside him so Sam didn't expel Gadreel before the healing process was finished. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)

9x2 AngelWingsPostFall

Gadreel takes control of Sam to destroy three attacking demons. (Devil May Care)

After Gadreel possessed and inhabited Sam's body, for most of the time, an unaware Sam would be in control of his body while Gadreel healed the damage to Sam's body and to himself, and stopped Sam's body's damage from affecting Sam. However, when Dean needed him or when Sam was in serious trouble, Gadreel would surface and take control of Sam's body from him to protect Sam or to help or talk with Dean, then would give Sam back control without Sam remembering or knowing of Gadreel. (Season 9) Gadreel once briefly took over this way to protect Sam and himself when Sam was captured by three demons, (Devil May Care) then again to heal a fatal wound Sam suffered in a fight with a shaman, (Dog Dean Afternoon) and once to help Dean by resurrecting Charlie Bradbury. (Slumber Party) Gadreel also, out of self-preservation (and perhaps to stop Cass recognising him as not being Ezekiel) talked Dean into keeping Castiel away from Sam and the Men of Letters' bunker to avoid attracting hostile angels. (I'm No Angel)

Truth exposed and joining MetatronEdit

9x9 GadreelKillsKevin

Gadreel takes full control of Sam and kills Kevin. (Holy Terror)

While Sam, Dean and Cass were investigating angel murders in Caribou, Wyoming, despite Gadreel's reluctance with Dean about it due to fear of hostile angels coming after them, Metatron, who was aware of who Gadreel really was and what he was doing possessing Sam, contacted Gadreel and asked that Gadreel join him in rebuilding Heaven with a handpicked few angels. Gadreel afterwards began frequently taking control of Sam to go meet with Metatron and discuss Metatron's offer and plans. Ultimately, Gadreel agreed to join with Metatron and his cause as second-in-command, but his first assignment under Metatron was to kill the prophet Kevin Tran and to retrieve the Demon and Angel Word of God tablets from the Winchesters. At the same time, Dean became aware that Gadreel wasn't really Ezekiel and couldn't be trusted, and so tried to help Sam expel him now that Sam's wounds were healed enough for him to function without Gadreel; but this failed and Gadreel remained in possession of Sam. Gadreel proceeded to kill Kevin and take the angel and demon tablets, then fled the bunker, now in full control of Sam's body. (Holy Terror)

9x10 GadreelExpelled

Gadreel is expelled from Sam's body. (Road Trip)

After killing Kevin and retrieving the tablets, Gadreel was assigned by Metatron to more assassination tasks to prove he was ready to be Metatron's lieutenant, despite Gadreel's reluctance about the killing. Gadreel was first assigned to kill his former-torturer Thaddeus, which he did with vindictive pleasure, then to kill his friend and cellmate Abner. Gadreel did indeed kill Abner when the latter's words convinced him to take the path he thought was right, but shortly afterwards, Dean and Castiel tracked Gadreel down and captured him. They learned who Gadreel really was when Crowley hacked Gadreel's angelic operating system, then afterwards Crowley entered Sam's mind via demonic possession to make Sam aware of Gadreel so Sam could expel him. Sam succeeded in expelling Gadreel by revoking his permission to possess Sam, forcing Gadreel to repossess his original vessel. (Road Trip)

Metatron's lieutenantEdit

After Gadreel repossessed his original vessel, he continued his work as Metatron's second-in-command, also being re-given access to Heaven via Metatron's private doorway on Earth. (Season 9) When Metatron initiated his plans to gather his own faction among the fallen angels and rule over angelkind as the new God, he sent Gadreel on Earth to recruit angels to Metatron's faction and kill most of those who refused to join - Metatron ordered Gadreel to hit cities on Earth one at a time, where he was to use the Horn of Gabriel to gather all the angels in the area and give them the offer to join Metatron; he would then massacre all but one of those amongst the angels that refused to join Metatron. (Meta Fiction)

9x18 GadreelInChainsLeftToRot

A captive Gadreel is tortured and then left in chains by Dean. (Meta Fiction)

During Gadreel's angel recruitment drives on Earth, he hit industrial districts in Utah, Baker and Hill Valley; working his way northwards through cities. Gadreel's next destination in his recruitment drives was Ogden, Utah, but before he could activate the Horn of Gabriel to gather the local angel population, he was found and captured by Sam and Dean using holy fire, and held hostage at a warehouse in demon handcuffs. While Dean was left alone in charge of the captive Gadreel, Gadreel tried to use reverse-psychology to taunt and enrage Dean into killing him; though Dean severely tortured and beat up Gadreel as revenge for what he'd done to Sam and Kevin, he ultimately staved off killing him. Gadreel was later released and returned to Metatron as part of a hostage exchange for Castiel. Though Gadreel still continued serving Metatron and his faction as lieutenant, the fact Metatron had seen Gadreel's capture as just a story plot twist clearly shook Gadreel's trust in Metatron. (Meta Fiction)

Later on, as Castiel gathered his own angel army on Earth for a war against Metatron to retake Heaven, Metatron and Gadreel likewise began trying to mass their own angel forces to counteract. In this respect, Gadreel carried out more recruitment drives and other angel-related missions on Earth for Metatron; among them the assassination of neutral angel factions' leaders such as Malachi, (King of the Damned) and recruiting Oren, Constantine and Tessa for Metatron's ground forces elite unit (although Gadreel was unaware of what Metatron really planned with this ground forces unit). (King of the Damned, Stairway to Heaven)

9x21 Gadreel+CastielMeetToTalk

Gadreel and Castiel meet privately under peaceful terms to discuss Gadreel's loyalties. (King of the Damned)

When Castiel learned that there was conspiracy amog his own ranks, he and Gadreel personally met on friendly terms in secret to discuss Gadreel's current allegiance to Metatron, with Cass requesting that Gadreel change sides to Castiel's army or act as a mole for them among Metatron's ranks. After two angel assassins sent by Metatron to follow Gadreel to Castiel without Gadreel's knowledge made a failed attempt on Castiel's life, Cass used this as proof that Metatron was unscrupulous and power-mad and not to be trusted, and told Gadreel to consider Castiel's offer. (King of the Damned)

A short time later, as Castiel's angel army outnumbered Metatron, Gadreel and Metatron continued their recruitment activities on Earth to try and increase their own army's strength and numbers; while at the same time, angels among Cass's ranks began committing war crimes and suicide-bombing Metatron's angels, and make Cass seem responsible. While Gadreel and Metatron were unsuccessfully attempting to recruit Tyrus's faction, one of the suicide-bomber angels, Constantine, made a failed attempt on Metatron and Gadreel's lives and succeeded in killing Tyrus. Metatron afterwards used this as proof against Castiel to frame him for the suicide-bombings and turn Cass's entire angel army over to Metatron's angel forces in Heaven. (Stairway to Heaven)

9x22 GadreelComesToChangeSides

Gadreel comes to Cass and the Winchesters to change sides and get them into Heaven. (Stairway to Heaven)

Changing sides and deathEdit

Immediately as the majority of the angels turned over to Metatron's side and were returned to Heaven as reward, Gadreel learned the truth of how Metatron had actually orchestrated the angel suicide-bombings to frame Castiel and turn the angel majority over to him, and of how the elite unit Gadreel had himself recruited were actually meant to be brainwashed by Metatron to act as the suicide-bombers. When Metatron was unable to see anything wrong with this and with not telling Gadreel of the plans for the elite unit angels Gadreel had himself recruited (brainwashing the elite unit recruits into the suicide-bombers), this was the last straw for Gadreel. Having at this point lost his trust and belief in Metatron and come to fully see him as the lying, power-mad dictator he really was (and having seen his own fault in that he'd been thinking more about his own honour than doing true good), Gadreel went to the Men of Letters' bunker to change sides to the Winchesters and Castiel. (Stairway to Heaven)

9x23 Gadreel+CastielInfiltrateHeaven

Gadreel and Castiel infiltrate Heaven using the prisoner-and-escort method, to find and destroy the angel tablet. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

When Gadreel came to the bunker to change sides, though Dean went out of control due to the Mark of Cain's effects and attacked Gadreel with the First Blade, (Stairway to Heaven, Do You Believe in Miracles?) Sam and Cass took up Gadreel's request that he join them in stopping Metatron, so that Gadreel could lead them to Metatron's secret doorway and allow them to infiltrate Heaven (in order to find the angel Word of God and destroy it to depower Metatron's Godlike strength). After Dean escaped with the First Blade, while Sam went off to find Dean, Castiel and Gadreel set about using the secret doorway to infiltrate Heaven to destroy the angel tablet (with Metatron absent from Heaven and on Earth taking over humanity at the time). (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

Gadreel lead Castiel to the Heaven doorway's location, and they got through the doorway and into Heaven past the angels, using the prisoner-and-escort method. However, Cass and Gadreel were discovered in Heaven, and walked into a trap which trapped them in Heaven's dungeon. While an imprisoned Gadreel and Castiel were left guarded by Hannah, Gadreel managed to unnoticedly carve the angel suicide bomb rune into his own vessel, intending to kill himself and sacrifice his life so that the bomb rune's blasting effects would break open the dungeon and free Castiel so he could stop Metatron.
9x23 GadreelDeath

Gadreel kills himself to help Cass defeat Metatron. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

Gadreel hoped in his final moments that he would do the right thing and would now be remembered not just as the one who let Lucifer in but as the one who helped save Heaven. Before Hannah could stop Gadreel upon seeing what he was doing, Gadreel stabbed and killed himself with a piece of the dungeon's rubble; sacrificing himself and successfully letting Castiel out to overthrow Metatron. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)


Gadreel was a well-meaning, legitimate and benign angel who was motivated to try and clear his name of his past mistakes by helping his angel kindred. But he could still be misguided, calculating, manipulative, lying and at times ruthless; he manipulated and lied to Dean so he could inhabit and hide in Sam from the angels and heal himself, and tried to manipulate Sam against expelling him. Despite the stigma and dishonour Gadreel received from the Host of Heaven for his failures, he did still retain inherent goodness and wish to do good and do the right thing, and insisted on fighting with honour. Gadreel was also highly reluctant to kill the innocent, although like most angels, he would still kill both humans and angels when it was part of his orders and when it seemed necessary. Concerning his view of humans, Gadreel was also one of the less prideful angels and did not look down on humanity, and he also at times displayed a level of amazement towards humans' quirks and creativity.

Gadreel was also shown to be highly intelligent, calculating and cunning; forging the false Ezekiel identity and personality to get Dean to trust him and let him possess Sam, and also coming up with ways of ensuring Sam didn't learn Gadreel was inhabiting him while Sam was in control. Despite his compassion and good intentions, Gadreel also displayed a self-preservation instinct. Gadreel also had a dark side and could be very bitter and vindictive and angry, as shown with his deadly hatred and vengeance towards Thaddeus for torturing him and Abner in Heaven's dungeon. Gadreel was a capable and independent soldier, who was not necessarily dependent on orders to follow his leader's cause, and could calculate independently and decide for himself whether or not he was doing the right thing and fighting for a good cause. Due to his time in Heaven's dungeon, Gadreel internally feared being locked up and left to rot alone in the dark in any form, to a point that could even override his survival instinct and drive him to try and manipulate his captors with reverse psychology into killing him.

When posing as Ezekiel, Gadreel mimicked what he believed based on Ezekiel's reputation to be Zeke's personality - humble, polite and helpful, as opposed to arrogant and condescending as most angels tended to be. Gadreel as Ezekiel also claimed to view himself and his fellow angels as beings of compassion rather than wrath, and was highly pacifistic and would only engage in fighting when it seemed necessary. However, when mimicking Ezekiel, Gadreel's self-preservation instinct would show whenever he was fearful or worried about the angels finding him and the Winchesters.

After joining Metatron's cause, while Gadreel was initially reluctant about all the killing his assignments involved, he seemingly became less guilty about killing the angels who'd refused to join Metatron, and Gadreel came to see himself as a hero who would clear his name and lead angelkind back to Heaven. However, when Metatron saw all the bad things that happened to his angel underlings (some of them Metatron himself having qualmlessly orchestrated with lies and deceit and many atrocious and unscrupulous methods) as nothing more than part of his story, Gadreel began to recognise how cruel, amoral and insane Metatron really was and that Metatron was not the benevolent new God he'd painted himself as. This in turn led to Gadreel realising that he'd been thinking more about reclaiming his own honour than doing real good, and he chose to change sides to Castiel even after all the other angels had given up on Cass. Gadreel even sacrificed his life to help Cass infiltrate Heaven and stop Metatron once and for all.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

After being freed in the Fall, Gadreel possessed the common angelic powers and abilities, excluding teleportation due to the Fall weakening him. Gadreel did claim that his powers were much weaker than usual due to his injuries from the Fall, although he began to gradually heal and restore his strength while inhabiting Sam Winchester.

Gadreel was capable of healing his vessel even at a subatomic level (although this took time) and could heal conventionally-inflicted mortal injuries such as slashes to the neck in seconds. Gadreel could also resurrect at the least recently-dead humans and bring them back to life, and he could kill humans and demons with a smiting touch to the forehead and release explosive bursts of deadly white light. Gadreel was capable as well of telekinesis, and of manipulating and wiping his own vessel's memories. Like all angels, Gadreel could listen and tap into angel radio, and could seek and locate beings such as humans and reapers on Earth that aren't warded or hidden.


Like other angels, Gadreel could be bound or blocked by angel-warding, could be bound by supernatural handcuffs, and could be killed by angel-destroying weapons such as an angel blade or the First Blade. Shallow cuts inflicted by an angel-killing weapon would pain and weaken Gadreel, while deeper, conventionally-fatal stabs would kill him. Gadreel could also be killed by mortal stabbing with any sharp instrument indigenous to Heaven, such as pieces of rubble from Heaven's dungeon.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


In the Bible, according to the second section of the Book of Enoch, Gadreel is the name of one of the chiefs among the fallen angels known as the grigori who fathered the Nephilim with humans. Gadreel is said to be responsible for teaching mankind warfare, seemingly contradictory to Enoch's statement in the first section that Azazel was responsible for this. There is also a theory that the Serpent who tempted Eve was Gadreel instead of Lucifer.



  • While Gadreel was posing as Ezekiel, from Devil May Care onwards, Dean began calling him Zeke for short; something which Gadreel appeared to dislike a little.
  • Gadreel's name has been pronounced differently by different characters. Metatron pronounced his name as "Gad-ree-el" in Holy Terror, but for the rest of Season 9, the characters pronounced it as "Ga'dree-el."
  • As the one who let Lucifer corrupt the Garden of Eden, Gadreel is considered a major catalyst in the corruption of mankind, the creation of the demons, the archangels' actions and the Apocalypse (and therefore Heaven's post-Apocalypse state and the subsequent Fall); and can therefore be considered both the source of all the chaos and evil in the universe, and the early catalyst for the events of the entire Supernatural series.
  • In Season 9, unlike other angels who have apparently completely lost their wings in the Fall, Gadreel has retained his wings, although they're still very singed, broken and damaged from when the Fall damaged and deteriorated all the affected angels' true forms.

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