Garden of Eden
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Whereabouts : Earth (presumed)
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The Garden of Eden was the home of the original humans, before it was infamously infiltrated and corrupted by Lucifer.


The Garden of Eden is believed to have existed on Earth during prehistoric times. It is known that at some point in the earliest times of humanity after they dawned, God had them placed in the Garden, and they were instructed to not eat the Forbidden Fruit.

When Lucifer rebelled out of spite and jealousy towards humanity, God had Gadreel stationed at the Garden as a sentry to keep evil from entering the Garden and corruption the humans. However, Gadreel infamously "let the Serpent in" when he failed to stop Lucifer from entering the Garden. (Holy Terror, Road Trip) There, Lucifer tempted the humans into eating the Forbidden Fruit, ruining their future. (Meta Fiction, Brother's Keeper)

It is unknown what happened to the Garden of Eden after Gadreel's failure and Lucifer's actions, or whether or not the Garden still exists somewhere on Earth in modern times (although it is known that at least some samples of the Forbidden Fruit still existed in modern times). (Brother's Keeper)


The Garden of Eden is described in the Bible, primarily in the second and third chapters of the Book of Genesis, as the biblical "garden of God." According to biblical narrative, the Garden was where God created and placed the first man Adam, then afterwards the first woman Eve as Adam's companion. Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating from one tree in the Garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but they broke the commandment, and were cast out from the Garden.



  • After the Garden of Eden was introduced into the Supernatural mythos in Season 9, some fans have speculated on how the backstories of some of the show's characters such as Lilith who are associated in the Bible with the Garden could be related to the Garden in the show's universe.

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