Garth Fitzgerald IV was a (somewhat goofy and unorthodox) hunter, who worked with Sam and Dean Winchester on several hunts and cases; but he has apparently become inactive in hunting after becoming a werewolf and joining a werewolf pack.



Garth went to college and dental school, and he was initially a dentist, until he got his first case as a hunter; in which he claimed to have killed the tooth fairy. (Southern Comfort) Afterwards, Garth took up hunting; he generally worked alone, but would occasionally team up with other hunters, (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!, Party on, Garth) and he was closely associated with Bobby Singer (Weekend at Bobby's, Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!, Southern Comfort) and would sometimes go to Bobby for backup. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Meeting the WinchestersEdit

7x8 DeanMeetsGarth

Dean meets Garth for the first time, and is surprised to find he isn't the typical tough hunter he was expecting. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

Circa 2011 - 2012, Bobby sent Garth to Pike Creek, Delaware to assist Dean Winchester on a case there (where several people had had good things happen to them, only to then die in freak accidents). Dean and Garth investigated a recently-promoted insurance company new CEO, suspecting he was next to die, and saved his wife from death and learned from her what was behind the case - her, and apparently the others who'd died, had each made a deal with a demon, but the demon responsible was using a loophole in the contract to kill the customers in accidents and collect on their souls early.

Dean and Garth realised from this that Becky herself was going to make a deal with the demon, Guy, for love potion to make Sam stay in love with her, and they found Sam and Becky. Becky helped Garth and the Winchesters capture Guy in a devil's trap, before they were attacked by Jackson, and Garth was knocked out in the scuffle. It wasn't until just seconds after Guy had been taken away by Crowley to be punished for jeopardising the integrity of Hell's deal-making system that Garth came to. (Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!)

Second case with the WinchestersEdit

Garth investigated a case in Junction City, Kansas after Trevor McAnn was mysteriously killed. He initially suspected the ghost of Jenny Greentree to be responsible and salted and burned her corpse, but found it was something else when Ray McAnn died shortly after. Garth called Sam and Dean in to help him on the case, and they learned that the creature behind the killings was a Shōjō. During the trio's investigation, Garth became suspicious that the recently-deceased Bobby may have stayed behind with them as a ghost when the EMF meter began going off around Bobby's flask, though Dean denied and refused to believe it.

7x18 Garth+MrFizzles

Garth with Mr. Fizzles, an example of Garth's unorthodox hunting methods, during the shōjō case. (Party on, Garth)

Garth and the Winchesters eventually learned (after kidnapping Randy Baxter when he caught them) that the shōjō's next target was Baxter's illegitimate son and janitor Lee, and rushed to the MidWestern Brewery to save Lee. Garth was knocked out in the fight with the shōjō, and Dean managed to kill it shortly before Garth recovered in the aftermath. Garth afterwards parted ways with Sam and Dean again. (Party on, Garth)

The new BobbyEdit

At some point after Bobby's death, Garth took up Bobby's original duties such as backing up hunters in the field by phone. He also began adopting some of Bobby's mannerisms. Over a year after he'd last seen the Winchesters, Garth reunited with them on a case in Kearny, Missouri, where Mary Lew had inexplicably murdered her husband Chester (where Garth opted a Texas Ranger as his fake authority ID for investigating). Dean was unamused at Garth's replacement of Bobby's duties and his echoing of Bobby's mannerisms, causing tension with Garth until Garth reminded Dean that Bobby had mattered to all of them.

Scott Lew soon killed someone as well, and Garth and the Winchesters found that in both incidents, green ectoplasm was left at the scene and both killings were based on minor past grudges. The trio discovered that the spirit behind the killings was a spectre, which caused those it possessed to violently and uncontrollably lash out on even the smallest of past grudges. Garth, Sam and Dean salted and burned the Confederate Unknown Soldier's bones after figuring he was the spectre, but the spectral possessions and resulting deaths continued. Sam and Garth found that the spectre was attached to an Indian Head Penny that had passed between the possessed victims in order, but Dean got the Penny and was possessed before they could destroy it.

8x6 GarthNewBobby

Garth as 'the new Bobby.' (Southern Comfort)

The possessed Dean almost killed Sam (due to Sam having previously left Dean trapped in Purgatory for a year), before Garth freed him from the spectre's influence by taking the penny. Due to Garth's lack of grudge, he was unaffected by the spectre-inhabited Penny, and so was able to hold it and melt it down to put the spectre to rest. Dean afterwards accepted Garth's role as the new Bobby, before Garth parted ways with the Winchesters and left. (Southern Comfort)

Protecting the TransEdit

Shortly after the spectre case in Missouri, Sam and Dean called Garth to take care of Linda and Kevin Tran and keep them hidden and protected from Crowley and the demons. (A Little Slice of Kevin) Garth hid Kevin and initially Linda on a safeboat, Fizzles' Folly, with the Word of God and Kevin's research. (Torn and Frayed) Garth remained in contact with Sam and Dean; he at one point called Sam and Dean to investigate a case in Farmington Hills, Michigan, which he'd found by hacking their GPS to be near the brothers at the time, (LARP and the Real Girl) and he also helped Dean with finding a hoodoo shop (As Time Goes By) and (unsuccessfully) looking up the Thule Society. (Everybody Hates Hitler) After Kevin went missing under Garth's care at Fizzles' Folly, Garth and several other hunters went out searching for him. (Pac-Man Fever)

As a werewolfEdit

9x12 GarthWerewolf

Garth, as a werewolf, attempting to wolf out. (Sharp Teeth)

At some point, circa late 2013, Garth was bitten while hunting a werewolf and thus became a pureblood werewolf. Before Garth could kill himself, a benevolent werewolf, Bess Myers, found Garth and turned him over to living without harming humans with Bess' werewolf family and pack. Garth just disappeared off the hunter radar without explanation, out of embarrassment, and he joined the Myers pack, and fell in love with and married Bess.

Six months after Garth became a werewolf, Sam and Dean finally tracked him down when Garth was landed in hospital after getting hit by a car (from being chased off by a farmer while Garth was feeding on a cow). Garth tried unsuccessfully to get away and managed to escape the hospital, but was forced to reveal the truth about becoming a werewolf and joining the Myers when Sam and Dean almost killed Bess. Though Garth was convinced the Myers did indeed only feed on animal hearts and were as friendly and sweet as they seemed, Dean was less convinced upon meeting them and remained hostile towards them, to Garth's frustration, and was also angry with Garth for abandoning Kevin (who was now dead).

Unfortunately, Dean's hostility and suspicions were proven partially correct when Bess' stepmother Joy kidnapped her, Sam and Garth, and it was revealed she, Russ and Jobah were secretly part of the Maw of Fenris (which intended to bring about Ragnarok and to galvanise the unaware other Myers werewolves into turning on humans by killing Garth and Bess and framing the Winchesters). Though Garth and Bess were helpless due to silver chains binding them, they were saved when Dean learned the truth about the Maw and arrived and killed the rogue werewolves. Following the deaths of the rogue werewolves in the pack (which in turn left only Garth, Bess and Bess' father Jim as the remaining werewolves), Garth offered to rejoin hunting and use his new werewolf powers to their advantage, but Dean convinced Garth to stay with Bess and Jim, as he was happy and had a family with them. (Sharp Teeth)


Garth is odd, funny, sensitive, laid-back, friendly, goofy and slightly childish. He was a very unorthodox, unusual and eccentric hunter, although he was by no means stupid or incompetent, and his methods were just as effective as Sam and Dean's. Garth enjoys the sweet and pleasant things in life and he is often optimistic, friendly and cheerful even in spite of bleak times and situations; but he can get angry or hurt when pushed or upset. Garth also does not hold onto grudges and lets the past go (which in turn makes him immune to spectres' influence). Though he can appear laid-back, goofy and even childish, Garth is very brave and thoughtful, and is intelligent and knowledgeable. After taking up Bobby's duties, Garth became more confident and a little more serious.



  • In Party on, Garth, Garth would call defeating a creature or putting a ghost to rest being 'Garthed' as a catchphrase.
  • Among the running gags centred around Garth in his appearances on Supernatural are:
    • His tendency to hug Dean as a farewell, often to Dean's discomfort.
    • His habit of opting for alternate (and often less-than-appropriate and -convenient) false IDs over the usual FBI-agent one to investigate cases (such as a US Marine and a ranger).
    • Garth would often get knocked out near the start of the climatic fight against the supernatural foe, then wake up afterwards and ask, "What did I miss?".
  • Garth apparently has a very low alcohol tolerance, as he became drunk within seconds after downing a beer bottle in Party on, Garth.
  • It was rumoured that there have been thoughts and plans about having Mr. Fizzles (the sock puppet Garth used to better question traumatised child witnesses, seen in Party on, Garth) at some point return with Garth and participate in a musical number.
  • Garth mentioned in Party on, Garth that he has a late cousin Brandon, who became a ghost after Garth cremated him.