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Gavin MacLeod
9x21 GavinMacLeodMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Ghost (original timeline)
Family and relatives : Fergus Rodric MacLeod (father)
Rowena (biological paternal grandmother; deceased)
Status : Deceased (original timeline)
Alive (current timeline)
Biographical information
Died : 1723 (original timeline)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Adam Groves (Season 6)
Theo Devaney (Season 9)
First appearance : Weekend at Bobby's

Gavin MacLeod was the son of the human Fergus MacLeod, who would later become the demon Crowley, and had a mutual hatred for his abusive father. Gavin originally died in 1723, but was brought to the 21st century from a point before his death and wasn't returned to his time.








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