Production information
Season : 3
Episode : 13
Original airdate : 24 April, 2008
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Bed Edlund
Preceded by : Jus in Bello
Followed by : Long Distance Call

Ghostfacers is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Supernatural.


Sam and Dean end up on an amateur paranormal reality film when they and the Ghostfacers end up investigating the same haunted house, which quickly turns serious and deadly.

Full synopsisEdit

The majority of the episode is shown through the reality TV pilot put together by Harry Spangler and Ed Zeddmore (the Hell Hounds from Hell House) from their team's footage from a case they investigated at a haunted house. It reveals that since the tulpa case, Ed and Harry have recruited three more members to their team (Maggie Zeddmore, Ed's adopted sister who secretly is mutually in love with Harry; Kenny Spruce, the team's cameraman, and their "Shamanologist" due to his 1/16 Cherokee, 15/16 Jewish heritage; and Alan J. Corbett, the team's intern, who has a clear crush on Ed which everyone but Ed himself suspects), and have renamed their team from Hell Hounds to the Ghostfacers.

The Ghostfacers review the legend of the Morton House; every leap year, at the midnight before 29 February, the house becomes the allegedly most haunted place in America, and the Ghostfacers want to be the first to stay the night at the house and document any actual ghosts there. On the night of 28 February, the Ghostfacers head up to and break into the Morton House, though not before unknowingly catching a glimpse of Sam and Dean rolling by in the Impala to scope out the area. They set up a 'Command Center One: Eagle's Nest' base camp in the house's main room, then split up into two teams to scope the house for ghostly activity - Ed and Corbett search the west end of the house, while Harry, Spruce and Maggie search the east end. At the east end of the house, something interferes with Spruce's camera, before a ghost appears in front of them - the ghost seems to be reliving its death, telling another who isn't there that he doesn't have any more money to give, before he vanishes in several fatal gunshots.

Meanwhile, Ed and Corbett run into Sam and Dean (impersonating cops), who are shocked when Ed and the Winchesters recognize each-other from when they first met on the tulpa case. Dean and Sam demand that Ed tell them where the other Ghostfacers are and that they get out of the house; Sam shows Ed legit missing persons posters going back almost 50 years to prove that the Ghostfacers aren't the first who've come to stay the night, and are in real danger. When Maggie, Spruce and harry return with the footage of the ghost they saw, Sam and Dean identify it as a death echo; a ghost which is trapped in a loop, constantly reliving its dying moments, and can only be shocked out of their loop by a living human (to whom the ghost's living self had a special emotional bond). Before the Winchesters, suspecting that there's probably another spirit in the house that's truly dangerous and is behind the disappearances, can get the Ghostfacers out of the house, they all notice that Corbett is missing. Corbett has gone off on his own into the house to document any ghosts, but he is attacked and dragged off screaming by a powerful, lumbering ghost.

When Corbett's screams are the last the team hear of him as he disappears, Sam and Dean immediately try to herd the stunned Ghostfacers out of the house, but they're too late - it has just gone midnight, and a ghostly lockdown has supernaturally sealed all the house's exits and trapped them inside. The Winchesters are perplexed about what's going on with the house's ghosts when they and the Ghostfacers encounter a second death echo; this one of a man who was run over by a train. With the Ghostfacers following, Sam and Dean scour the house for any clues as to why these death echoes are haunting the house when neither of them lived or died here. They look up the Morton House's last owner, hospital janitor Freeman Daggett, who apparently lived on a lifetime supply of C-rations and was a Cold War nuclear paranoiac. To Ed and Harry's disgust, Sam and Dean discover that Freeman's stuff includes the toe tags of cadavers from his hospital's morgue, apparently the cadavers of the death echoes around the house - Daggett apparently had a thing for the dead, and brought corpses from the morgue home, which resulted in the bodies' souls becoming trapped in his house as death echoes. Shortly afterwards, a massive EM surge occurs and Sam vanishes, and Dean realizes that the dangerous spirit controlling the house has taken Sam.

While Dean and the Ghostfacers are searching around the house for Sam and Corbett, Harry and Maggie are caught kissing by a furious Ed, who gets into a fight with Harry before Dean breaks it up. Elsewhere, Sam and Corbett wake up bloodied in a sealed room, tied down at an old birthday table and surrounded by mummified corpses. The ghost controlling the house, confirmed at this point to be Freeman Daggett, arrives, and kills Corbett by stabbing him through the neck, but waits for later before doing the same to Sam. Meanwhile, Dean figures that Daggett has a fallout shelter in his basement and heads down to investigate, but Dean and Spruce get trapped in the cellar and separated from the other Ghostfacers when the door seals on them. Dean instructs Ed, Harry and Maggie to go back to the main room and to make a protective circle of salt around themselves to stop Daggett going after them. As Harry, Ed and Maggie wait safely in the salt circle (and Ed and Harry make up over Harry's relationship with Maggie, to the latter's disgust over how Ed makes up), to their horror, a new, familiar-faced death echo appears - it's Corbett, reliving the moment in which he choked to death on his blood, forever.

Back in the basement, Dean and Spruce locate the fallout shelter where Daggett is throwing his ghoulish birthday party, and get inside just in time to save Sam from Daggett and free him. Sam reveals that he's fully pieced together from what Daggett told him what's going on here - in life, Daggett had a horrific, mentally-ill form of loneliness, and on his birthday half a century ago, he snuck the cadavers from his hospital's morgue home as guests for his birthday party, then sealed them in the fallout shelter and overdosed himself on horse tranquilisers. And now that Daggett's dead, every leap year, he's been killing victims within the Morton House, adding their bodies to his party guests in the bomb shelter and forcing their death echoes to stay for the party forever. Dean, Sam and Spruce head back to the basement door, but can't get back upstairs, and come under violent attack by Daggett.

Meanwhile back in the main room, as Ed, Harry and Maggie are forced to watch Corbett's death echo keep reliving his agonizing death, Ed decides they need to try and break Corbett's spirit out of his loop. Harry reveals the truth about Corbett's true feelings for Ed, and suggests that Ed can use it to emotionally snap and free Corbett's ghost. Stepping out of the salt circle, Ed goes up to Corbett and tearfully claims he loves him, and manages to get through to Corbett and break him free of his loop. Freed by hearing what he'd wanted to from Ed, Corbett's ghost immediately turns on Daggett, destroying him just in time to save Sam, Dean and Spruce. With Daggett gone, the Winchesters, and all the Ghostfacers minus Corbett, emerge from the Morton House alive at dawn, and Sam gives Ed his and Dean's number if they need him in future. The Ghostfacers reality pilot ends with Ed and Harry paying a very moving yet grossly exploitative farewell to Corbett.

After the end of the Ghostfacers pilot, Sam and Dean, who have been watching the whole thing with the Ghostfacers in Ed's garage, have mixed feelings towards what the Ghostfacers have chosen to do with the Morton House footage; the Winchesters are admittedly impressed at how it honours Corbett's memory, yet also disgusted at how they completely exploit Corbett's memory and the manner of his death. Ed declares to the Winchesters just before they leave that this is what the Ghostfacers exist for - to show the truth to the world. Once Sam and Dean have left, the Ghostfacers intend to sell off their Morton House reality pilot to Hollywood; but they lose the pilot, and any other footage or computer evidence they had from the Morton House incident, due to an electromagnet that the Winchesters deliberately left behind to wipe their hard drives, since Sam and Dean recognize that the world just isn't ready to know the truth about what's out there.










  • The captions misspell Harry's surname as Spengler. This is also the surname of the Ghostbuster Egon Spengler, whom Harry's own surname (Spangler) pays homage to.
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