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Ghostfacers is a spin-off of Supernatural in the form of a web series. It follows recurring Supernatural characters Ed and Harry, and their paranormal-hunting team introduced in Season 3, as they hire a dim-witted new intern and investigate a haunted theatre. Ghostfacers consists of ten webisodes, and it aired on 15 April, 2010.


  1. Meet the Facers
  2. The Grand Showcase
  3. The Big Break
  4. CSI: Maggie
  5. Dead Time
  6. Finishing the Job
  7. The Comeback
  8. Cutting Room Floor
  9. Shattered
  10. Why We Fight

Bonus webisodeEdit

There was an unreleased Ghostfacers webisode, filmed during the Hell Hounds 2009 Con, set during the time frame of Season 5 (specifically October, 2009); in which Castiel appears to the Ghostfacers, to give them a warning from one of Chuck's Supernatural books about their role in the Apocalypse. Part of the unreleased webisode was leaked in August 2011, and on 23 October in the same year, A.J. Buckley gave a link to the full video on his Twitter account.

Full synopsisEdit

The Ghostfacers are in Los Angeles to investigate a possible haunting case at the Grand Showcase Theatre - an abandoned L.A. theatre, where aspiring actress Janet Meyers was murdered by her ex-husband (who mutilated her face while making her watch in a mirror); the theatre afterwards experienced repeated and violent ghostly activity, which eventually got it shut down. The Ghostfacers are also looking for a new intern after Corbett's death during the Morton House incident, and they initially hire Dave, a knowledgeable paranormal-studying student. But when Ambyr, a dumb and inexperienced pretty-blonde, comes to ask about the intern position, Ed, Harry and Spruce quickly fall for her good looks, and biasedly fire Dave on the spot in favour of Ambyr.

The Ghostfacers set out for the abandoned Grand Showcase Theatre, where they break in and set up base in the auditorium. They split up into two teams; Ed and Ambyr search the theatre basement, while Harry, Spruce and Maggie scour the film storage room. Harry and Maggie find an old box of screen-testing reels, and one of the reels is labelled with Janet Meyers' name. Just then, Spruce catches an apparition of Janet on the camera - but finds she's only visible in the mirror - before she telekinetically attacks him. The Ghostfacers reunite at base and play Meyers' screen-testing on the theatre screen. It's a recording of Janet's audition for a role at the theatre when she was a starlet; the role that would have made her a star had her ex-husband not murdered her before her career could begin. The Ghostfacers look back over the footage of Spruce's encounter with Janet - the thermal imaging shows an invisible cold spot, which confirms that Janet's spirit wasn't trapped in the mirror but that only her reflection was visible, speculated to be because of how she died in front of a mirror.

Ed subsequently has the Ghostfacers set up mirrors in different locations throughout the theatre, since it's the only way to see and track Janet. While Ed watches each of the Ghostfacers on camera from in the auditorium, they all wait at their respective locations throughout the theatre for any sign of Janet's spirit - Harry and Maggie are in the film storage room, Spruce in the theatre lobby, and Ambyr in the basement dressing room where Janet died. The Ghostfacers individually wait and look in the mirrors for Janet to appear at one of the three set-up locations. As they wait, Ambyr hears Janet's ghostly voice, before Ed's connection at base to the cameras monitoring the three set-up locations are lost and disabled one by one. As Ed warns the Ghostfacers over their radios to watch out, Janet suddenly appears at the auditorium and attacks Ed.

The other Ghostfacers, hearing Ed's scream over the radio, all rush back to the auditorium to save Ed. Ed has been cut on the arm, but is alive. As Ambyr bandages Ed's wound, the Ghostfacers look over the camera footage, and found that they managed to get a clear, solid recording of Janet's apparition manifesting in one of the mirrors before she disabled the cameras. All the Ghostfacers are thrilled, except for Ed. Ed has realised from the attack just how dangerous Janet's spirit is and how many people she could kill over the future years if she isn't stopped, just like the Morton House spirit killed Corbett - he refuses to let the Ghostfacers just film a dangerous ghost for their own greedy gain and then leave it and that, and insists that they stay to stop Janet once and for all. As the Ghostfacers try to calculate what genetic material or other miscellanea could be keeping Janet's spirit tied to Earth, when Spruce mentions Cherokee folklore of photos capturing people's souls, Ed and Harry piece together that Janet could be tied to the mortal world by the film of her on the screen-testing.

The Ghostfacers have Spruce, due to his Cherokee heritage, perform a purifying ritual on the film of Janet Meyers to put her spirit to rest, and burn and destroy the film. The Ghostfacers then assume Janet's been put to rest and their work is done, and begin packing their equipment back up. Ambyr packs up the equipment in the dressing room alone as Ed watches and talks to her on the camera and radio, while Harry and Maggie pack up the equipment in the film storage room. As Harry and Maggie are about to kiss before Spruce films and interrupts them, Harry's EMF meter suddenly goes off to indicate new ghostly activity. Spruce confirms that any spirit within the film would have been destroyed with it, and Maggie suggests that Janet's spirit probably wasn't tied to the film at all and is still here.

In the dressing room, Janet suddenly appears to Ambyr in the dressing mirror, and holds her captive. Ed immediately rushes off from the auditorium to try and get to Ambyr in time, while Harry, Spruce and Maggie run back to the auditorium upon hearing Ambyr's screams. As Spruce, Harry and Maggie watch in horror from the auditorium by the cameras, Janet begins cutting and mutilating Ambyr's face and forcing her to watch in the dressing mirror, then suddenly slashes Ambyr across the throat. When Ed reaches the dressing room, as Ambyr lies mutilated and bleeding out, Ed is too occupied to help her when Janet attacks him. As Ed fends Janet's spirit off with an iron baton, he realises when breaking one of the mirrors disorients Janet that it's the mirrors that are keeping Janet on Earth and which are giving her her power. Ed tells this over the radio to the other three Ghostfacers, who immediately go off to smash all the mirrors around the theatre, while Ed fights off Janet and breaks the other mirrors in the dressing room. Once all the mirrors are broken, Janet's spirit perishes and vanishes, leaving Ed and the Ghostfacers with a dying Ambyr as Ed screams for someone to call 911.

An ambulance takes Ambyr to hospital in critical condition and Ed goes with her, leaving the other Ghostfacers behind at the theatre to wait for Ed to call back from the hospital about Ambyr's condition. As Spruce, Maggie and Harry pack up and get ready to leave, a shaken and guilt-ridden Ed returns. Ed confirms Ambyr will survive, but her mutilation by Janet has apparently left her horribly disfigured and scarred for life. Distraught and guilty at himself for causing this by taking Ambyr in when she was nowhere near ready, Ed feels that tonight the Ghostfacers did nothing but almost get Ambyr killed, and that Sam and Dean were right about them being foolish kids who are in over their heads. As Harry unsuccessfully tries to argue that Ed also saved Ambyr and stopped Janet once and for all, Ed quits the Ghostfacers on the spot and walks away.

Six weeks after the Grand Showcase incident, the Ghostfacers have officially disbanded and are going their separate ways - Maggie is getting her master's degree, Spruce is doing historical re-enactment involving Native Americans, and Ed is working at a pizza restaurant, while Harry is unsuccessfully trying to convince a detached Ed to rejoin and revive the Ghostfacers. Eventually, when Harry finds a newspaper headline revealing that the Grand Showcase Theatre has been sold off after the haunting stopped with Janet's destruction, he, Spruce and Maggie go to Ed with it. Ed initially still doesn't see how this means they did any good which makes up for what happened to Ambyr, but Harry points out to Ed that many people in future would have probably died if they hadn't stopped Janet and had let her go on haunting the theatre. Ed's spirit is renewed, and the Ghostfacers are revived and restored. Ed and Harry also reopen the position for a new intern.








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