6x10 GhoulsMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Monster)
Notable distinctions : Devours corpses or living humans
Can transform into devoured humans
Main weaknesses : Severe brain trauma
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Arabian folklore
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Jump the Shark

Ghouls are a supernatural species known for typically feeding on the flesh and blood of corpses (although they may also kill and feed on living humans), which can take the form of a human they feed off.


Ghouls are creatures which feed on human flesh, and they can take the physical form of the last human body they ate, along with the person's memories, (Jump the Shark) although they can have trouble mimicking the person's personality. (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5) It has been implied that ghouls are probably hereditary, and conceive ghoul children. They are largely used to the decaying flesh of corpses, but they also find fresh human meat to be very delicious in comparison. It would also seem that ghouls can differentiate demon blood from human blood by taste, as when one ghoul tasted Sam's special child blood (which at that time was very active and energized from Sam's demon blood addiction), the ghoul noted that Sam's blood tasted "different." (Jump the Shark)

Ghouls are unaffected by silver, salt and holy water, and are resilient to physical injury that doesn't damage their brain; there was one case in which a ghoul survived and quickly recovered from a gunshot to the chest. (Jump the Shark) A ghoul can be killed by brain trauma. The general method of achieving this is with a headshot, but one can also kill a ghoul by repeatedly bludgeoning the creature or by impaling a sharp object such as a pipe through the ghoul's skull. (Jump the Shark, Caged Heat) Also, according to Edgar, the Leviathans' Turducken formula was engineered so that Turducken-tainted human blood would be fatally poisonous to ghouls. (There Will Be Blood)

Society and hierarchyEdit

4x19 GhoulDrinkingBlood

A ghoul sucking on a live victim's blood. (Jump the Shark)

Ghouls are generally scavengers found in graveyards, who feed on the corpses of the dead for food and don't go after living human victims. However, there are exceptions in which ghouls will attack and devour 'fresh kills' in the form of the living. When ghouls are eating a 'fresh kill,' they seem to like to drain out the living victim's blood and to slowly eat them alive. (Jump the Shark) Ghouls apparently also do not devour literally all of the human bodies they feed on, and do leave 'leftovers' in the form of butchered and dismembered corpses. (Jump the Shark, Caged Heat)

Hunts and encountersEdit

  • John Winchester hunted and killed a male ghoul that had grave-robbed and devoured seventeen buried dead in Windom, Minnesota in January, 1990. (Jump the Shark)
  • In 2009, the two children of the ghoul hunted by John devoured and impersonated Kate and Adam Milligan respectively, and also killed Joe Barton. Posing as the Milligans, the ghouls planned to lure and kill John, but found that John was already dead by this time and ended up luring in Sam and Dean instead. The ghouls attempted to eat Sam alive, but were both killed by Dean. (Jump the Shark)
  • At least two ghouls were among the creatures captured for Crowley and locked up in his monster prison for interrogation on how to access Purgatory. The two ghouls were locked in the prison's bathroom with Dean to eat Dean as "breakfast," but both ghouls were defeated and bludgeoned to death when Sam arrived in time. (Caged Heat)
  • 4x19 GhoulVictimsRemains

    Part of the 'leftover' remains of a ghoul's devoured victim. (Jump the Shark)

    According to Bobby Singer, among the spikes in monster activity caused along the I-80 by Eve's presence was three groups of ghouls (one of which also involved wraiths) in a row acting out along the I-80. (...And Then There Were None)
  • Ghouls were among the five mafia-esque monster families ruling Chicago's underworld, and had affiliations with the Lassiter family. Margo forced the ghouls to back the Lassiters after Sal was murdered. (Bloodlines)

Known ghoulsEdit


Folklore describes ghouls as monsters or evil spirits, which dwell among graveyards and consume human flesh. They are also described by Arabian folklore as shapeshifting, desert-dwelling demons, which lure unwary people into abandoned places or the wastelands of the desert to kill and devour them. Ghouls are commonly classified as undead, and Arabic folklore suggests them to be an evil type of djinn originating from Iblis.



  • It was shown in Jump the Shark that unlike several other monsters, ghouls are immune to silver. However, in Two and a Half Men, Sam erroneously listed ghouls among the creatures that can be burned and weakened by silver.
  • In the ghouls' creature profile in Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 4, it suggests based on the differences between the Supernatural universe's ghouls and the Arabian folkloric depiction of them that ghouls probably originally hunted fresh meat, taking animals' forms to lure wanderers off roads to be devoured, but switched their feeding tactics to scavenging the dead at burial grounds over centuries of effort and being hunted.

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