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Girls, Girls, Girls
Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 7
Original airdate : 25 November, 2014
Directed by : Robert Singer
Written by : Robert Berens
Preceded by : Ask Jeeves
Followed by : Hibbing 911

Girls, Girls, Girls is the seventh episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Sam and Dean stumble upon a demon who is running from Crowley. Before they have a chance to shut him down, Rowena steps in and takes things into her own hands. Realizing Rowena is trying to recruit and train followers in the art of witchcraft, Sam and Dean come up with a plan to catch her before she can do much damage. Meanwhile, Hannah runs into a blast from her vessel's past, which complicates things for her and Castiel."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

While Sam and Dean are at a restaurant looking for a case, Dean is hooking up with a woman named Shaylene via dating app, but when the two get a room, Dean discovers that Shaylene is a hooker who's willing to trade sex for Dean's soul. Realising that Shaylene is being forced into prostitution by a demon pimp, Dean and Sam lure and capture Shaylene's pimp and demand to know how many girls are involved in this sex trade, but Shaylene kills the demon in a bout of anger before he can answer, forcing the boys to track clues. Meanwhile, Rowena tracks down the brothel where the demon sex-for-souls trade is based; disgustedly deeming the establishment "filth," Rowena uses a powerful hex to kill the lead demon Raul while the other demon, Gerald, smokes out, then takes the two girls there, Catlin and Elle, out for lunch.

Rowena uses a powerful but ultimately deadly mind-control spell to get herself and the two girls free dinner at a posh restaurant. Rowena reveals that she's a powerful witch who was kicked out of the Grand Coven and sentenced into exile because her magic was too extreme, and she's interested in defying the Grand Coven's rules against her forming a coven and recruiting Elle and Catlin into witchcraft. They then leave when the mind control spell that Rowena used kills the waiter she'd used it on by boiling his brains. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean track down the brothel but only find the aftermath of Rowena's attack. Researching the hex that killed Raul, Samand Dean learn that it's over 300 years old, and was only ever used by its creator, Rowena herself. They catch Rowena's trail back to the restaurant, and have a way of tracking Rowena by her brains-boiling spell from her previous uses of it on the staff of five-star hotels where she's stayed.

Meanwhile, Gerald reports back to Crowley about the incident with Rowena, and Crowley is unhappy to learn about the sex trade (commenting, "I'm evil, that's just tacky!"), and wants Gerald and Raul's mess cleaned up. Rowena is getting ready to train Elle and Catlin in witchcraft at a hotel, when two demons sent by Crowley to clean up the mess arrive to 'tie the loose ends' with Catlin and Elle and to take Rowena to be punished for her interference. However, Sam and Dean have caught up and kill the two demons, then set their sights on Rowena. Rowena uses the attack-dog spell on Elle, driving her to uncontrollably attack the Winchesters while Rowena and Catlin flee. Disgusted at what kind of a person Rowena is after she used the attack-dog spell on Elle, Catlin rejects Rowena's mentorship and leaves. While Sam stays behind to fend Elle off until the attack-dog spell kills her, Dean follows Rowena out and holds her at gunpoint; but Cole (who has been brushing up on his demon lore and torturing demons for Dean's location since their last encounter) arrives and holds Dean at gunpoint, allowing Rowena to get away.

Cole is shocked to learn when holy water just rolls right off Dean that he's no longer a demon, although when Dean truthfully admits that he was human when he killed Cole's father, Cole still goes ahead with his intentions to kill Dean. Cole and Dean have a fierce brawl there in the alleyway, and though Cole is more of a match for Dean without the latter's demonic strength this time round, Dean still manages to win the fight when he seizes one of their guns and holds Cole at gunpoint. Dean intends to clean this mess between them up once and for all, and has Cole give him five minutes to hear him out about what really happened when Dean killed his father, then Cole can kill Dean himself if he what he hears still isn't enough for him. Dean reveals that Cole's father had recently been turned into an unknown kind of liver-eating monster and gone on a killing spree, and Dean had killed him when he'd come home to stop him from attacking and feeding on his wife or Cole. while Sam catches up but lowers his gun when Dean says he and Cole are handling this, Dean is sympathetic about how much trouble Cole's having right now to let go of his crusade even after hearing what he has, but he encourages Cole not to touch that darkness, while Sam reminds Cole that his wife and child need him to come home himself. After a painful internal struggle, Cole accepts the truth and finally lets go of his vengeance, lowering his gun and driving off to return home to his family.

Meanwhile, Castiel and Hannah are continuing to track down the remaining rogue angels on Earth, with success, and Hannah is displaying increasingly human habits during their time together. While they're checking out of a hotel, Hannah runs into Joe Johnson, her vessel Caroline's husband who's been left desperately searching for his wife after she went missing and wanting to know why she left. Finding herself unable to bring herself to erase Joe's memory and leave him still searching for his missing wife, Hannah convinces him that she ran off on him with Castiel and kisses Cass in front of him, in a successful effort to get rid of Joe and to give him closure. Hannah finds herself feeling bad about doing that to Joe, despite Cass's sympathetic reassurance that their mission to protect humanity must always come first. However, after some deep thought, Hannah comes to wonder if it's time to put their vessels' lives, as part of humanity as well, first; realizing just how human her time on Earth with Cass is making her, Hannah says goodbye to Cass and disinhabits her vessel, leaving Caroline to return home to Joe. Hannah's decision leads Cass to look up his own vessel, Jimmy Novak, and ponder on what he left behind when Cass possessed him.

At Crowley's headquarters, Rowena has been tortured and is being held in an interrogation cell, having been captured by a second team of demons after making her getaway from Dean and Cole. Crowley goes in to confront the witch who's been involved in the mess that Raul and Gerald started, but upon seeing her face, Crowley completely freezes up in shock. Ignoring Rowena's taunts at the King of Hell before her, finally, Crowley mutters in shock, "Mother...?!"














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