Good God, Y'All!
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 2
Original airdate : 17 September, 2009
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Sera Gamble
Preceded by : Sympathy for the Devil
Followed by : Free to Be You and Me

Good God, Y'All! is the second episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


"Sam and Dean's battle to save a demon-infested town places them in the violent path of War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, Castiel searches for his father: God."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Three days after the events of Sympathy for the Devil and the disastrous search for the Michael Sword, while Bobby is crippled and wheelchair-bound in hospital after having used the demon-killing knife on himself, Castiel comes to talk to Bobby, Sam and Dean (having to get their location by phone, now that they're shielded from all angels' radar by the Enochian warding he gave them to cloak them from Heaven). When Cass arrives, Bobby expects Cass to heal him and restore his legs as Cass usually does whenever one of them is permanently injured, but Cass reveals he can't - to Bobby's fury, Cass has lost a portion of his angelic abilities due to being cut off from Heaven after he rebelled (in Lucifer Rising), including his healing powers, so he can't undo Bobby's permanent paralysis. Castiel goes on to explain to the trio that while the Michael Sword was a bust, there is someone powerful enough to both defeat Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse, and so Cass intends to find him - God.

Dean is surprised and sceptical upon hearing that Castiel actually intends to go find God himself; because in Dean's eyes, with the world's current apocalyptic state, God must be either dead or a callous uncaring deadbeat, and so Dean expects looking for God will be fruitless. However, Cass reminds Dean that the former has already killed several of his angel siblings, turned on Heaven and sacrificed everything he had so Dean would stop Sam freeing Lucifer, only for the brothers to completely fail; and Cass makes clear that in this respect, he's in no mood for Dean's pessimism about the realism of Cass's plan. Castiel explains that he came to Sam, Dean and Bobby about this because they have a very rare amulet which will detect God and burn hot in his presence - Dean's iconic amulet. Dean reluctantly relinquishes his amulet to Cass, who then teleports away to begin his search for God.

Shortly afterwards, Bobby gets a phone call from Rufus, who's struggling against a major demon infestation in River Pass, Colorado after he came to the town investigating supernatural omens, and asks for backup. In response, Sam and Dean drive off for River Pass, until they're forced to hike the rest of the way in due to the roads and bridges into the town having been destroyed and blocked off by the demons. Sam and Dean find the streets of River Pass desolate and rife with signs of chaos, before they meet up with Ellen, who was also called over by Rufus along with Jo but got separated from Jo. After checking to see that Sam and Dean aren't possessed, Ellen takes them into the local church's basement, where she and the surviving non-possessed townsfolk have holed up from the demons.

Sam and Dean set about going out into the town to bring back gun and salt supplies for the survivors to stand a better fighting chance against the demons; but Dean is distrustful about letting Sam go out against the demons, and Sam realises that Dean still doesn't trust Sam with having learned his lesson about how nothing good comes out of his demon blood addiction. While Sam is alone hoarding salt supplies from the local store, he is attacked by two demons but kills them, but is then tempted by the sight of their blood before he shakes it off and meets back up with Dean. Sam and Dean bring the salt and ammunition supplies back to the survivors, and they and Ellen begin showing them how to use the firearms, loaded with salt, against demons. As Jo and Rufus are still out there somewhere, Sam, Dean and Ellen go back out to find them, although Dean still doesn't trust Sam with going up against or even near demons. The trio spot chimney smoke in the distance from a demon-occupied house, where they are ambushed by Rufus and Jo, both possessed by demons. Ellen escapes and returns to the church cellar with Dean, but Sam is knocked out by Rufus and captured by the demons.

Back at the church cellar, as Dean and Ellen set about finding a way they can exorcise and save Rufus and Jo without hurting them, they both notice that this whole demon infestation is bizarre and weird and something is not right with it - they've already found that these demons are immune to salt and holy water and lack a lot of other demonic characteristics, but the most prominent clue of all is something the demon possessing Jo said in the scuffle with Sam and Ellen: "Give me back my mom, you black-eyed bitch!" To work out what's going on, Dean and Ellen look up the omens Rufus was investigating in search of answers. The omens were a falling star in the sky, and the local river becoming polluted, and they occurred the day before the demonic possessions started up. Dean and Ellen recognise these omens from the Book of Revelation as the omens which prelude the coming of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Based on this, Ellen and Dean piece together a theory that one of the Four Horsemen, specifically War, is in town, and that this is the reason the demon infestation is so strange and messed up - the townsfolk under demonic possession aren't really possessed at all, and War is just making the groups and factions of the townsfolk mutually hallucinate each-other as demons, so as to drive the townspeople to turn on and fight and kill each-other per War's biblical role in the Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Sam is being held captive by Rufus and Jo at the house where he was caught, and Jo and Rufus begin dousing Sam in holy water and force-feeding him salt and saying exorcism rites, to no effect - revealing that Dean and Ellen's theory about War is correct, and that Jo and Rufus aren't really possessed and are just hallucinating Sam as a demon and vice versa. During Jo and Rufus' ineffective exorcism on Sam, Sam's sight is caught by one of the survivors with Jo and Rufus' group at the house - Roger, a man who is supposed to be among Ellen's group at the church, indicating that Roger knows the truth about what's going on and how the demon infestation is a hallucination, and is playing both sides while keeping them hallucinating and unaware of the truth. Once Sam is left tied down and alone, Roger comes in to talk to Sam in private. Roger reveals that he is in fact War, having killed the town's real Roger and taken his form, and confirms that the demon infestation is all a hallucination he's crafted to make the people turn on, attack and destroy each-other. As War declares that he's proof humans are nothing more than vicious animals at heart, he also reveals that he can read Sam's mind and knows the truth concerning Sam's recovery from his demon blood addiction - contrary to Sam's claims he is over it and functioning normally, he is in fact very conflicted and in a struggle of willpower with himself to avoid relapsing. War then resumes his disguise among Jo and Rufus' group as one of the survivors of the alleged demon infestation with them, and Rufus and Jo remain unaware of the truth and are still convinced Sam is possessed and can't be trusted.

Back at the other group in the church basement, Ellen and Dean have relayed to them their theory about War and about the demon infestation all being a mutual hallucination, but the townsfolk are unconvinced. War then returns, still playing his Roger disguise among the survivors, and tries to manipulate the group into remaining under War's manipulation with the demon illusion by claiming he saw and heard the alleged demons conspire to pick the group off. War then uses his power over the demon hallucination to make the rest of the group think that Dean and Ellen are possessed to fully turn the group against them, forcing Ellen and Dean to flee from the group for their lives. In the aftermath of this, one of the survivors, Austin, takes leadership of the group, and decides after learning Dean and Ellen were supposedly demons that that must mean salt and sigils don't work on demons after all, so Austin replaces their weapons' salt rounds with live, lethal ammunition with which to fight their way past the supposed demons out of town. At the same time, Jo and Rufus' group arm up their guns and booby-trap their fortified house's entrances with bombs against a coming attack by the alleged demons. Both groups are preparing themselves to fight off the attacking demons, oblivious that they're actually under War's influence and are really unknowingly just trying to kill and wipe out each-other.

Dean and Ellen go after Jo and Rufus at the house where they are, to find and release Sam and to convince the two of them of the truth. While Ellen pins Jo to tell her the truth about what's really going on here, Dean fends off Rufus while trying to reason with and get through to him. Rufus initially is still under the demon hallucination and almost succeeds in killing Dean, until Dean reminds Rufus of the omens and how they're tied to War the horseman, successfully getting through to Rufus and snapping him out of the demon hallucination. Though Jo and Rufus are both now aware of what's really going on along with Dean and Ellen, the survivor group from the church then launch an attack against the house, and the other survivors on Jo and Rufus' group in turn retaliate. Dean finds and unties Sam, and the two set about finding and stopping War before the town wipes itself out under his influence. The brothers still don't know how they can snap all the townspeople out of War's demon illusion before it's too late, until they remember that whenever War used his powers to alter and control the hallucination, he twisted a golden ring on his finger, indicating the ring is War's means of channelling his powers. Rufus tries to get the survivors with him to stop firing since they're actually just killing innocent people when they think they're defending themselves against demons; while Ellen tends to the townsfolk on both sides that are getting wounded in the fighting, but is almost killed by Austin.

As the town continue to turn on and massacre each-other under the demon-illusion and the manipulation, War slips away to make his getaway in a red Mustang (apparently War's biblical red horse) and move on to his next target, but Sam and Dean catch up with and intercept War before he can get away. Since War, as a sentient force of nature, can't be killed, Sam and Dean instead cut off his fingers to remove his ring, successfully cutting off War's power. With War separated from his ring which he needs to channel his powers, his demon hallucination over the townspeople comes undone, and everyone realises what they're doing and both sides immediately stop the fighting just in time; and War himself and his car/horse vanish into thin air, leaving War's ring behind.

After defeating War and saving the town, Sam and Dean stop at a national park lookout with War's ring now in their possession, and Sam starts up a discussion about the trust issues with Sam's demon blood issue. Sam has realised that he can't trust himself either, because while he does feel as though using his powers for good would indeed be the right thing whenever he tells himself he could while tempted by demon blood, he's also realised that deep down he just misses the strength and power in gave him. And because of this, Sam knows that he's messed up, and feels because of that that he's unfit to be hunting and intends to take a break from hunting and from Dean. Instead of arguing against it, Dean agrees with Sam, since Dean himself feels that thinking about Sam's safety keeps distracting him from doing his job as a hunter right. The brothers then go separate ways, with Sam hitching a ride out while Dean is left alone at the park.









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