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Goodbye Stranger
8x17 CastielAttemptsToKillDean
Production information
Season : 8
Episode : 17
Original airdate : 20 March, 2013
Directed by : Thomas J. Wright
Written by : Robbie Thompson
Preceded by : Remember the Titans
Followed by : Freaks and Geeks

Goodbye Stranger is the seventeenth episode of Season 8 of Supernatural.


"Castiel reappears in Sam and Dean's life and tells them Crowley has unleashed several demons into a small town. The demons are looking for Lucifer's crypt, which holds a valuable asset, but Castiel lies to Sam and Dean about what it is. While interrogating a demon, the three discover Crowley has been torturing Meg, who knows the exact location of the crypt. Sam and Meg fight to hold Crowley off while Dean and Castiel go in search of the crypt."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

In Heaven, Naomi is training Castiel for a part of his latest and most important mission with heavenly simulations over and over until he's fully ready: killing Dean. On Earth, while Dean is sorting through the Men of Letters' bunker's inventory of supernatural artefacts (and vintage porn), Sam's health is still deteriorating after completing the first trial; coughing up blood, which he unsuccessfully is trying to keep secret from Dean.

After the brothers come across a case where multiple people across multiple states are being found dead, with their bodies' internally-liquefied state suggesting they've been interrogated and killed by angels. Interviewing the husband of victim Ann Morton, Sam and Dean discover from the husband that Ann's behavior just changed in the week before she died and her eyes seemed to turn black a couple times; they piece together that the victim was possessed by a demon, who then began digging around town looking for something. Sam and Dean next go to speak to Wendy Rice, the last woman to see Ann before her death. Wendy says that Ann was apparently trying to locate an old orchard from the original version of the town that has been completely lost from record over 100 years for an "assistant," and with Wendy's help, succeeded in creating a map reconstruction of the old town, just before she died. Three demons then arrive, and a fight ensues, during which one demon is killed by Sam and Dean with the demon knife, Castiel suddenly arrives to kill the second, and the third demon possesses Wendy and gets captured.

After capturing the Wendy-demon to interrogate, Dean and Sam demand to know where Cass has been all this time and why he's here now, and Dean is clearly suspicious of what's up with Cass and how he's been behaving ever since he got back from Purgatory. Under Naomi's instructions; Cass truthfully answers that he the one who's been hunting and killing the demons across the state because they're looking for Lucifer's crypts, but Cass lies that the reason Crowley is looking for the crypts is because he's after a parchment that can decipher Crowley's half of the demon tablet without a prophet. Sam, Dean and Cass torture the Wendy-demon with an angel blade for information, and force her to reveal that the demons have a hostage at the Murray Hotel who knows all of the lost crypts' locations. However, when Sam and Dean bring up the alleged parchment, Naomi, knowing that the Wendy-demon will be completely confused and inadvertently give away that the parchment doesn't exist, makes Cass immediately kill the demon to stop Sam and Dean from knowing too much. Before Sam and Dean can argue with Cass about what he just did, they head off with Cass in the lead to the motel to rescue the hostage... and are surprised to find that it's none other than Meg.

After Cass and the Winchesters take Meg back to their hotel, Meg reveals that the real reason Crowley is searching for Lucifer's crypts is because one of the crypts contains the angel tablet (which in turn alerts Sam and Dean that Cass lied to them and something is seriously up with him). Meg knows all of the crypts' locations from her time under Azazel, but has been giving the demons phoney locations for the crypts and sending them digging in the wrong places in an attempt to buy herself time to escape. Meanwhile, Naomi hesitantly decides to let Cass and the Winchesters continue working with Meg so that she can lead them to the real crypt where the angel tablet is. While Cass tends to Meg's wounds in private, Meg flirts with him and he lets her, bringing up "the pizza man."

Meg leads the team to the crypt's real location beneath an abandoned building, and they split up - Dean and Cass head down into the crypt to find the tablet, while Sam and Meg stay up top to put up demon-warding on the building for if and when Crowley's demons catch up. Though Sam clearly doesn't trust Meg and doesn't want to talk with her because she's a demon and because of what she did when they were enemies, Meg still makes small talk with Sam, and they have a heart-to-heart about the girl who got Sam to quit hunting. However, Crowley's demons then arrive and launch an attack, forcing Sam and Meg to fight to defend the crypt while Dean and Cass are still inside. Meanwhile in the crypt, Dean and Cass locate the angel-warded box containing the angel tablet, but when Dean takes the tablet out, he confronts Cass and refuses to give him the tablet until he says how he got out of Purgatory. In response, Naomi finally gives Cass the order to kill Dean, and Cass attacks Dean. Dean initially manages to block Cass's attacks with the angel tablet, but Cass eventually gets through and begins brutally beating Dean to a pulp and breaking his arm, while Cass's mind in Heaven begins to plead unsuccessfully with Naomi not to make him kill Dean. On Earth, just as Cass is about to land the killing blow, Dean's pleas to Cass to remember that they're family and to fight whomever's controlling him finally gets through. Cass then touches the angel tablet, which fully banishes Naomi's control from him. After being freed from Naomi, Cass heals Dean, then declares he has to keep the angel tablet safe from her and from everyone, including Dean, before teleporting away with the tablet in hand. Meanwhile up top, after his advance guard of demons have been killed by Meg and Sam, Crowley arrives in person to confront them. While Meg stays to hold Crowley off, Sam heads into the crypt after Dean, and brings him back out. Crowley quickly beats Meg in the fight and kills her, though not before they both see Sam and Dean get away in the Impala and realize that the angel tablet is now in the wind with Cass and safe.

In the aftermath of Cass's escape with the angel tablet, Naomi and Crowley meet up in the crypt, apparently having met before in Mesopotamia; Naomi laments the loss of her control over Castiel, but declares that she hasn't lost him and he's doing exactly what he's meant to by protecting the angel tablet. Back at Sam and Dean, Dean confronts Sam with how he's been keeping the health problems the trials are causing him a secret, declaring that he can't take any more lies and secrets from anyone after what happened in the crypt with Cass and Naomi. Elsewhere, Cass, remaining undetected by Naomi's angels in Heaven, is on a Greyhound bus with the angel tablet in hand, heading off to whereabouts unknown.













  • The prop used in this episode for the Spear of Destiny when Dean comes across it among the bunker's inventory is apparently the same one used for the Spear in the 2005 film Constantine.


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