10x3 GraceMain
Historical information
Creator : God (presumed)
Use(s) : Makes angels what they are
Third component of Metatron's spell
Angel tracking
Production information

Grace is a powerful celestial energy which exists in angels and grants an angel possession of its celestial powers and attributes; separating an angel from its grace can cause an angel to become human.


4x10 GraceContained

Anna's grace stored in a vial. (Heaven and Hell)

Grace is an energy of pure creation, (Heaven and Hell) which all angels are naturally infused with. Grace is what allows angels to access and experience their species' celestial abilities and attributes. Separating an angel from its grace will render the angel mostly powerless and even mortal. (Heaven and Hell, Season 9)

In its pure form in which it is separated from its angel host, grace is visualised as a glowing bright, blue-white mist. It is possible to contain and store grace in its pure form within small glass vials. (Heaven and Hell, Sacrifice, Soul Survivor) If grace is extracted while the angel is in Heaven, then it will fall to Earth like a meteorite (Heaven and Hell) unless it is immediately stored upon extraction. (Sacrifice) As an energy of pure creation, when in its pure, separated form on Earth, grace can have vast nature-enriching effects on its current location - the presence of Anna's grace at a barren field caused it to flourish with vegetation, including a giant oak tree growing and fully maturing within just six months on the exact spot where the grace landed. (Heaven and Hell)

Graceless angelsEdit

It is possible to separate an angel from its grace, either in the angel's true form (Heaven and Hell) or in its vessel. (Sacrifice, Holy Terror, Soul Survivor) An angel can apparently remove its own grace with effort when in its true form, (Heaven and Hell) and when an angel is in a vessel, its grace can be extracted through cutting the vessel's throat with an angel blade and then drawing the angel's grace out. (Sacrifice, Holy Terror, Soul Survivor) The Men of Letters also possessed a hypodermic needle which could be used to extract an amount of grace. (First Born) The removal of an angel's grace is apparently an excruciating experience for the angel in question, compared by Anna to a human having their kidney cut out with a butter knife. (Heaven and Hell)

4x10 AngelHumanisedRegainsGrace

A humanised angel reabsorbing her grace. (Heaven and Hell)

An angel who loses its grace will essentially be rendered human. If an angel is possessing a vessel when its grace is removed, then the now-graceless angel will be locked in its vessel and its vessel will become its mortal body. (Sacrifice, Season 9) If an angel is separated from its grace while in its true form, then the graceless angel will be reborn as a mortal to human parents (even sterile ones). (Heaven and Hell)

As a human, a graceless angel is without many of their angelic powers; including their immortality, their invulnerability against earthly damage, teleportation, their superhuman capabilities, and almost all their other celestial attributes. However, humanised angels are still able to hear angel radio (I Know What You Did Last Summer, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here) and see demons' true faces beyond their vessels', and can still exercise a level of telekinesis and violent electrokinesis when feeling scared and threatened. (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Humanised angels can also still recognise other angels and vice versa, (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here, Heaven Can't Wait) but they apparently cannot recognise reapers. (I'm No Angel)

Graceless angels, in their mortal state, also become subject to human feelings, thoughts, urges, free will, emotions and mindset, and require food, drink and sleep as normal humans do. (Season 4, Season 9) It was also indicated by Metatron that humanised angels even gain souls which live on and go to Heaven after death. (Sacrifice) One graceless angel, Anna, after being reborn as a human, initially remembered her former existence as an angel, but forgot over the course of her life; though whether this was due to her suppressing the memories or due to her remaining graceless for so long is unknown. (Heaven and Hell)

Grace restorationEdit

9x9 GraceReplacedAngel

A humanised angel restoring its angelic state after absorbing another angel's grace as a substitute. (Holy Terror)

After an angel has been separated from their grace, their graceless, humanised state can be reversed by reabsorbing their grace. (Heaven and Hell) Once an angel is restored to their angelic state by absorbing grace, they will apparently revert to their angelic mindset and lack of human feeling. (Heaven and Hell, Season 9)

A graceless angel can alternatively also restore themselves to a celestial state by absorbing another angel's grace as a substitute for their own missing grace; (Holy Terror) but this is not a permanent solution, as the "borrowed"/"stolen" grace will burn out over time, although it can be replenished and more time bought by adding more substitute grace from another angel. (Meta Fiction et al.) It has also been implied that borrowed grace doesn't restore an angel's powers as fully as their original grace would. (Holy Terror, Book of the Damned) Though the angel possessing substitute grace will initially retain celestial powers, its abilities will grow weaker and weaker as the grace continues to burn out, and the angel's vessel will grow increasingly sick and weak, until the angel eventually dies. (Black, Reichenbach Soul Survivor)

Several factors concerning how they lost their grace and what grace they're absorbing affect the reaction that occurs upon an angel's grace restoration. If they're reabsorbing their original grace, the angel will release a very powerful blast of deadly celestial light from their vessel as their angelic state is fully restored; this blast, though apparently harmless to other angels, can be dangerous to humans and to demons' vessels if their eyes look at it, as Alastair's vessel was vapourised when he looked directly at it. (Heaven and Hell, Book of the Damned) If the angel is instead absorbing substitute grace, they will produce little more than a bright flash from their vessel. (Holy Terror, Soul Survivor) Also, if the angel's mortal body is one they were reborn into after losing their grace rather than a vessel they were possessing when their grace was removed, then that body will perish in the aforementioned blast. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)


There are some spells and rituals which use angel grace as an ingredient or component. In Metatron's spell for locking all other angels out of Heaven, grace was the third and final component for casting the spell. (Sacrifice) There is also a tracking spell which could locate an angel, for which a sufficient amount or piece of the aforementioned angel's grace was needed as an ingredient. (First Born)


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