Harry Spangler
9x15 HarrySpanglerMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Ghostfacers (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Travis Wester
First appearance : Hell House

Harry Spangler was a goofball paranormal investigator who investigated real ghost hauntings with his fellow investigating team. The team originally consisted of Harry and his best friend Ed Zeddmore, but initially expanded to form the Ghostfacers. Harry and Ed and their team several times crossed paths with Sam and Dean on cases, and possessed a grudge towards the brothers. Following the Thinman incident caused by Ed and its severe resulting repercussions, Harry left the Ghostfacers and split up with Ed.



Very little is known about Harry's early life, except that he and his best friend Ed Zeddmore first met at computer camp. (Ghostfacers) The two became ghost-hunters after taking an interest in the paranormal; starting up their own webaite, called (Hell House, Thinman) However, before 2006, Ed and Harry had never themselves actually encountered a real ghost (although they'd insisted that a vase falling over while they were investigating a house counted as a paranormal encounter). (Hell House)

1x17 GhostfacersMeetWinchestersForFirstTime

Harry and Ed, while investigating the Hell House, cross paths with the Winchesters for the first time. (Hell House)

The Hell HouseEdit

After a gang of kids in Richardson, Texas had allegedly found a dead girl in the basement of the legendary Hell House, Ed and Harry were there investigating two months later. They posted the local urban legend about the Hell House and about Mordechai Murdoch (the spirit allegedly haunting the house) on But unbeknownst to Ed and Harry, Mordechai was actually a tulpa whose characteristics changed with the legend, and thus it was their posts on of the Hell House which gave Mordechai existence, and the changes made to the legend changed Mordechai's attributes to fit the new version.

While investigating the Hell House, Harry and Ed met Sam and Dean Winchester for the first time when the Winchesters were working the same case, but Ed and Harry didn't know about hunters and thought the Winchesters were amateur thrill-seekers. The night after a college student was hung in the Hell House's basement, Ed and Harry attempted to slip past the police cordon to film Mordechai and get proof of ghosts' existence, so as to gain fame, fortune and women. The Hell Hounds got a clear glimpse of Mordechai Murdoch, before they were arrested by the police and spent the night in a holding cell (much to Harry's distress due to stage fright when using the cell's urinal).

1x17 GhostfacersSeeFirstRealGhost

The duo see a real life spirit (actually a tulpa) for the first time. (Hell House)

The next day, Sam and Dean went back to Ed and Harry, and gave them information indicating Mordechai's spirit could be destroyed by firearms. Ed and an enthusiastic Harry agreed to the Winchesters' demand that they post this new information online and then shut their website down, but their site's server crashed before this new version of the legend could spread. At nightfall, when Sam and Dean went to the Hell House to destroy Mordechai, Ed and Harry came back to the house as well to get video proof of Mordechai. Ed, Harry and Sam were almost killed when the firearms were ineffective against Mordechai, before Dean burned the Hell House down so Mordechai wouldn't have the house as his spiritual prison and haunting place.

Shortly after Mordechai was defeated, Ed and Harry received a call from an alleged Hollywood producer requesting they option with him the rights to a film and RPG based on the Hell House, and Harry and Ed drove off for Los Angeles to see him. However, the call from the producer was in actuality all a prank call made by Sam. (Hell House)

The Morton HouseEdit

3x13 Ed+HarryOnGhostfacersPilot

Harry and Ed in the Masterpiece Theatre-esque framing mechanism for the Ghostfacers' reality TV pilot. (Ghostfacers)

At some point after the tulpa encounter at the Hell House, by early 2008, Ed and Harry's ghost-hunting team expanded from just the two of them to five members - including Ed's sister Maggie (who was mutually in love with Harry), Kenny Spruce and intern Alan J. Corbett. Ed and Harry also dropped the team's original name Hell Hounds, and renamed their ghost-hunting team to the Ghostfacers. In February 2008, the Ghostfacers planned to be the first to spend the night of leap-year at the reputedly-haunted Morton House, where ghosts supposedly became active on leap year. The Ghostfacers broke into the Morton House shortly before midnight, and set up camera equipment all around the house to film the events. At the Morton House, Ed and Harry crossed paths with Sam and Dean again when the Winchesters also came to investigate the house.

Harry, Maggie and Spruce discovered a ghost in the house which the Winchesters identified as a death echo, constantly reliving its death, before a violent spirit haunting the house supernaturally locked the Winchesters and Ghostfacers in, and kidnapped Corbett and Sam. Dean and the remaining Ghostfacers learned that the violent spirit was Freeman Daggett, an insane hospital janitor, before Harry, Ed and Maggie got separated from Dean and Spruce when the latter two were locked in the basement by Daggett. Dean instructed Ed, Harry and Maggie to put themselves inside a protective circle of salt, which they did.

3x13 Harry+MaggieInMortonHouse

Harry and Maggie in the Morton House, after seeing a death echo. (Ghostfacers)

While Harry, Ed and Maggie were waiting inside the salt circle, they saw, to their horror, a death echo of Corbett appear, and realised that Daggett had killed Corbett and now the latter was cursed to constantly relive his painful death forever. Harry encouraged Ed to use Corbett's crush on him to emotionally snap Corbett's spirit out of the loop, and Ed was successful in freeing Corbett. Corbett then turned on and destroyed Daggett, and Ed, Harry, Maggie, Spruce and the Winchesters walked out of the Morton House alive at dawn.

Following the events at the Morton House, the Ghostfacers collected the recorded footage of everything that had happened, and made it into a reality-TV pilot with the intention of using it to show the truth of ghosts' existence to the world and getting the Ghostfacers their own reality show. The Ghostfacers' reality pilot based on the Morton House events also both honoured Corbett's memory and grossly exploited his death and afterlife, much to the Winchesters' impressment and disgust. However, before the Ghostfacers could show the Morton House footage to the world, they lost all of it, and any other evidence and data they had, when Sam and Dean deliberately left an electromagnet with the Ghostfacers to wipe all their hard drives. (Ghostfacers)

Post-Morton HouseEdit

4x17 GhostfacersWebsiteGhostStoppingInfo

A video by Harry and Ed on the Ghostfacers website on how to hunt and defeat ghosts. (It's a Terrible Life)

Following the events at the Morton House, Ed, Harry and the other Ghostfacers were significantly impacted and saddened by Corbett's death, and gained a posthumous respect for Corbett as a true Ghostfacer and kept a memorial of him, which they saluted before each Ghostfacer mission. (Ghostfacers (web series)) They also developed an amplified grudge against Sam and Dean for destroying all their footage and evidence of the Morton House incident. (It's a Terrible Life onwards) The Ghostfacers also had their own website, on which Harry and Ed would post videos in which they advised and detailed to their viewers how to hunt, combat and vanquish spirits. (It's a Terrible Life onwards)

Grand Showcase TheatreEdit

In early 2010, the Ghostfacers were seeking out a new intern after they lost Corbett. They initially hired occult-studying student Dave as their new intern, but when Ambyr, a pretty- but dumb-blonde, came asking about the intern position, Harry and the other male Ghostfacers quickly fell for Ambyr's good looks and biasedly fired the better-suited Dave in favour of her. Shortly after hiring Ambyr, the Ghostfacers set off for their new haunted place to investigate in Los Angeles - the Grand Showcase Theatre, where starlet Janet Meyers watched in a mirror as her ex-husband mutilated her to death.


Harry and Maggie in the Great Showcase Theatre case. (Ghostfacers (web series))

Upon arriving at the Grand Showcase at nightfall, the Ghostfacers set up base in the auditorium, then split up into two teams to scour the theatre for ghostly activity; with Harry, Maggie and Spruce searching the projection booth. Harry, Spruce and Maggie discovered a film storage room and a screen-testing reel of Janet Meyers' theatre audition, before Janet telekinetically attacked Spruce. After the Ghostfacers met back up at the auditorium with the reel of Janet's audition, they found from Spruce's camera recording of the attack by Janet that her spirit was present in the real world but only visible in mirrors since she'd died in front of one. The Ghostfacers subsequently set up mirrors and cameras at different places in the theatre, with Harry and Maggie setting up the film storage room together, so Ed could catch Janet manifesting on camera. However, Janet instead manifested in the auditorium and non-fatally attacked Ed.

After the attack on Ed, the other Ghostfacers found that they'd gotten a clear recording of Janet's apparition manifesting. Harry then wanted to pack up and leave now that they had the proof of ghosts they'd come for, but Ed insisted that they stay and try to vanquish Janet's ghost so she couldn't harm anyone else. Harry and the Ghostfacers initially concluded that Janet's spirit was using the film of her audition to remain tied to Earth, and had Spruce ritually purify and then burn the film. Assuming that destroying the film had put Janet to rest, the Ghostfacers began packing up their equipment, with Harry, Maggie and Spruce packing up the equipment in the film storage room. However, when Harry's EMF meter went off, he and Maggie suspected that Janet's spirit wasn't attached to the film at all and thus was still active, and their fears were confirmed when Janet attacked Ambyr in the dressing room.


Harry trying to restore Ed's confidence and get the Ghostfacers revived. (Ghostfacers (web series))

As Harry, Maggie and Spruce watched on the auditorium's cameras, Janet tortured and mutilated Ambyr before Ed came to fend Janet off. When the Ghostfacers learned that Janet was attached to the mirrors, they immediately began breaking all the mirrors in the theatre, successfully vanquishing Janet. Janet was afterwards taken to hospital and Ed went with her, leaving Harry and the other Ghostfacers to pack up at the theatre. When Ed returned from the hospital, he'd lost his ego and spirit because of the scars Ambyr now had for the rest of her life, and disbanded the Ghostfacers despite Harry trying to talk him into staying.

Disbandment and revivalEdit

Over the following six weeks after Ed left the Ghostfacers, Harry unsuccessfully attempted to renew Ed's confidence and revive the Ghostfacers. Eventually, when Harry found a newspaper headline of how the theatre was now safe again and was being sold off after the hauntings had stopped without Janet, he, Maggie and Spruce went to Ed with it to convince him that they'd saved lives and done more good than harm at the theatre. They succeeded in getting Ed back to his old self, and the Ghostfacers were revived. (Ghostfacers (web series))


Circa 2012, all the Ghostfacers except Ed had begun to outgrow Ed's ghost-hunting project to have normal lives, and Spruce and Maggie left the Ghostfacers to pursue their own dreams. Harry himself fell in love with Dana, who was contemptuous of the Ghostfacer project, and Harry began to detach from the Ghostfacers to marry and settle down with Dana and get a peaceful job in Dana's father's hedge fund. However, when the urban myth and sightings of Thinman began to crop up on the web, Harry became deeply fascinated with Thinman. He broke up with Dana and threw away the chance he'd had for a healthy life with her, to pursue Thinman with Ed in hopes of encountering and filming Thinman for the Ghostfacers' online following. (Thinman)

The truth and the riftEdit

9x15 GhostfacersMeetWinchestersAgain

Ed and Harry cross paths with Sam and Dean yet again on the hunt for Thinman. (Thinman)

In early 2014, Harry and Ed followed their hunt for Thinman to Springdale, Washington, when a local girl was murdered in her locked home, her last selfies showing Thinman lurking in the background. After the Ghostfacer duo had stopped by Casey's house to ask about any ghostly activity from her mother, Sam and Dean, who were in town investigating the same case, caught up with Ed and Harry at a diner. The Winchesters demanded that the Ghostfacers leave this case to them and get out of town before they caused any damage, but the Ghostfacers outright rebuffed and ignored their warnings and continued investigating the Thinman killing spree in town.

As the investigation progressed, Ed became more wary and more amicable to the Winchesters' warning for them to leave this alone, while Harry rebuffed the Winchesters and remained single-mindedly fixated on finding Thinman and getting recorded proof of his existence. Eventually, the night after Thinman had killed a second victim, Harry set about going into the trees, as this was where Thinman was reputed to dwell, to find and record him. After Ed was unable to convince Harry of the danger and foolishness in what they were doing, he dropped Harry off in a wood behind a grocery store.

While Harry was searching the wood for any evidence of Thinman, Thinman suddenly appeared and attacked him; non-fatally stabbing Harry before the latter got away. When Ed and the Winchesters arrived moments later, Harry was initially thrilled from the encounter and believed it meant they were right about Thinman being real, until Ed revealed the truth to Harry back at the motel - Thinman was indeed just an urban myth, and had originally been created by Ed himself with the successful intention of giving Harry an obsession so he'd stay with the Ghostfacers rather than settle down with Dana. Harry was furious with Ed for lying to him and tricking him into throwing away his chance at a normal life with Dana, and was left feeling angry, betrayed and humiliated, and recognised unlike Ed that he probably wouldn't be able to get past this particular betrayal.

9x15 HarryWalksAwayFromGhostfacers

The Ghostfacers break up and Harry walks away from Ed. (Thinman)

When Sam and Dean left to investigate the probable lair of the killer using the mask of Thinman, Ed suggested that he and Harry follow to help stop the bad guy together like they used to. Harry initially believed that they'd do nothing but make things worse, but agreed to go make it right and finish Harry's Thinman history once and for all. When the Ghostfacers arrived at the warehouse, they were initially taken captive by the two killers - Roger and Deputy Tom Thorwood - who'd been behind the killings. However, the Winchesters broke free and fought against the killers, with Dean killing Roger. When Thorwood attempted to kill Sam and Ed, Harry was forced to shoot Thorwood dead to save his friends, leaving him shaken for life at the fact he had killed a human being.

In the aftermath of the Thinman killers' death, while Dean set up the crime scene to convince the cops that the killers had murdered each-other, the Ghostfacers had a serious last talk. Ed tried to get Harry to restart the Ghostfacers with him, but Harry was unable to forgive Ed for his selfish lie and all the damage his act of betrayal had caused. Harry left the Ghostfacers and walked away from Ed for the last time, and Sam and Dean gave him a ride out of town. (Thinman)


Like his best friend and partner Ed, Harry was devoted to their allegedly-professional mission to find real haunted houses and vanquish ghosts, and to gaining fame, popularity and women off of it. Harry also shared Ed's cocky, goofy, geeky and melodramatic outward attitude towards others; that the two of them were supposedly experienced and talented professionals and that other paranormal investigators such as the Winchesters were amateurs. However, Harry was still less greedy and more sensible than Ed; being quicker than Ed to flee for their lives or get out of haunted territory once they had what they needed, although Ed's ambition and encouragement to continue their pursuit of bravery and fame could get Harry to follow Ed's more determined and dangerous course of action.

During the Ghostfacers' hunt for Thinman, Harry became even more obsessed than Ed had ever been with getting proof of Thinman's existence, due to Harry having chosen to abandon his girlfriend and his chances at a normal and healthier life for hunting Thinman. When Harry learned the truth about how Ed had made up Thinman without ever telling Harry in an attempt to stop him from leaving the Ghostfacers for his own life, Harry was left feeling furious, betrayed and humiliated with Ed over the fact that his friend's selfish lie had caused Harry to throw away his chances of love and settling down in favour of chasing a lie. Harry also lost his original ego; he realised that he and Ed weren't the brave professionals and life-saving heroes they'd thought of and painted themselves as, and had really just been seeking gain and glory for themselves. Harry also in this respect came to believe that their actions (primarily Ed's) had ended a lot more lives than it had saved.

After the Thinman incident Ed's actions had caused led to Harry killing a man, Harry was ultimately unable to forgive or make up with Ed for what the latter had done and the consequences his selfishness had caused, and Harry broke up with Ed and left the Ghostfacers, miserable and heartbroken.



  • Harry's last name (Spangler) is thought to be a reference to Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters.
  • It was revealed in Ghostfacers that Harry has an aversion and repulsion towards rats which borders on phobia.
  • According to the now-debunct official Ghostfacers site, Harry enjoys laser tag, D&D and sword fighting, and he dislikes fruity gum, water chestnuts, bok choi and wedgies.

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