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"You gotta stop thinking of Heaven as one place. It's more like a butt-load of places crammed together; like Disneyland, except without all the anti-Semitism. See, you got Winchesterland. Ashland. A whole mess of everybody-else-lands. Put them all together: Heaven. Right? At the center of it all? Is the Magic Kingdom. The Garden."
Ash explaining Heaven's nature as a multitude of Heavens combined.[src]
5x16 AxisMundi
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Heaven - also referred to as Upstairs or the Attic - is a spiritual realm created by God. It is where mostly good human souls go after death, and it is also the original home, dwelling place and base of operations for the angels.


Heaven is an ethereal realm consisting of not one place, but of multiple different parts and places. The different areas of Heaven include personal Heavens for each of the human souls there, the throne room at the centre of Heaven, (Dark Side of the Moon, The Man Who Would Be King) and certain dwelling places for the angels there (including offices, HQs, dungeons and such). (Season 8, Season 9) Like Hell, Heaven's appearance and landscape is apparently malleable reality, which can be shaped and altered by Heaven's denizens to disguise certain locations or change their landscape. (Stairway to Heaven, Do You Believe in Miracles?)

While angels can navigate through Heaven relatively freely, most souls there need supernatural assistance or specific knowledge of hidden doorways to leave their own personal Heavens. But Ash has discovered a method of crossing between Heavens by drawing a unique sigil (the sigil varying for whatever Heaven one wants to reach) on a door in Heaven, which will then transport souls that walk through the door to the other, destination Heaven; although angels who were aware of this could apparently block or divert it. (Dark Side of the Moon)

5x16 HeavenTheGarden

Sam and Dean's perception of the Garden. (Dark Side of the Moon)

Regular, low-level angels were partially dependent on their connection to Heaven for their powers and abilities; if a low-level angel rebelled against the Host of Heaven, then its connection to Heaven would be cut. This would render the now-fallen angel's abilities much weaker and more limited, and would leave them unable to reenter Heaven (although they could still communicate with souls there from on Earth with some effort). (Season 5)


There are some known methods of accessing Heaven among angels and humans, although the majority of these ways into Heaven were sealed by the Fall. (Season 9) Angels could teleport in and out of Heaven easily, unless the angel in question was fallen. (Season 4 - Season 8) Other higher beings that are allowed access to Heaven such as Atropos could also freely access Heaven. (My Heart Will Go On)

When humans died on the mortal plane, the human's reaper could take them to Heaven, where the soul would be placed in their own personal Heaven. It is unclear what actions a human commits in life that determine whether they'd go to Heaven after death, but it was implied by Joshua to be a case-by-case basis of their good and bad actions in life and their consequences, or God's own decision. (Dark Side of the Moon) It was indicated by Raphael that devoutness could trump all past sins committed by the soul in question and ensure afterlife salvation in Heaven. (The Man Who Would Be King)

After most of the ways into Heaven were closed by the Fall, while Metatron alone could still teleport between Heaven and Earth freely (due to being the one angel unaffected by the Fall as its caster), (Season 9) there is only one known way for anyone else to access and enter Heaven. This way is a private doorway on Earth, which, when activated by the drawing of a specific sigil at the portal's location, will transport whomever stands on the sigil from Earth straight to Heaven. (Do You Believe in Miracles? et al.)

Inhabitants and denizensEdit

Heaven is the home, dwelling place and base of operations for the angels, and is also an afterlife destination and dwelling place for deserving human souls after death. In Heaven, each human soul resides in its own personal paradise (but on rare occasions, two souls such as soulmates share one personal Heaven). (Dark Side of the Moon) The souls in Heaven are left alone in their personal paradises by the angels, (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) and the angels, before the Fall, would control and rule the rest of Heaven and Heaven would serve as their home and a base of operations.

8x7 NaomisHeavenOffice

Naomi's personal office in Heaven. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Following the Fall, all the angels excluding Metatron were left locked out of Heaven and unable to return; (Season 9) Metatron's spell also closed Heaven off to human souls and/or reapers, so that everyone who died after the Fall was left trapped in the Veil instead of going to Heaven. (Captives) However, in 2014, the angels successfully returned to Heaven via Metatron's secret doorway, (Meta Fiction, King of the Damned et al.) apparently restored their control over and relationship with Heaven, (O Brother Where Art Thou?, The Devil in the Details) and also rectified the situation with souls going to Heaven. (Angel Heart)

Places and areasEdit

The GardenEdit

The centre of Heaven, the Garden is the part of Heaven which served as God's throne room before his departure, and is cared for by the angel gardener Joshua in God's absence. The Garden's true appearance is unknown, as different human souls see it differently; some would see it as a divine throne room or as Eden, and Sam and Dean Winchester saw the Garden as the Cleveland Botanical Gardens.

Axis MundiEdit

A path running through Heaven which allows Heaven's souls to travel between their happy memories in their personal Heavens respectively, the Axis Mundi appears as a different thing to each human soul (a road, a river or a tunnel), and is found in a different place in each memory in Heaven.

Personal HeavensEdit

Heaven consists of approximately 100 billion personal Heavens, one for each soul in Heaven (although in rare cases, certain special people who were very close when alive can share one personal Heaven). Each personal Heaven is constituted of the happy memories of the soul occupying it, for the soul to relive these memories and good times for eternity. Known personal Heavens include:

Angels' dwelling areasEdit

Heaven also has dwelling places and bases of operations for angels, such as offices. These angel dwelling places' true forms are unknown, but they are perceived as humans' offices on Earth. (Season 8)


9x23 HeavenDungeon

The dungeon of Heaven. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

Heaven's dungeon is a jail and dungeon in Heaven which is used as a prison for angels, as an alternative punishment to exile from Heaven. (Holy Terror, Road Trip, Do You Believe in Miracles?) The dungeon's true form is unknown, but it is visualised as a stone jail, with small cells for each angel prisoner, guarded by bar doors. Heaven's dungeon can also be disguised as another place in Heaven such as an office and act as a trap for capturing and imprisoning angels inside. (Do You Believe in Miracles?) Heaven's dungeon originally had prisoners such as Gadreel and Abner, and guards and torturers such as Thaddeus, until they were all removed from Heaven by the Fall. (Road Trip) The dungeon held and imprisoned Metatron after his downfall. (Do You Believe in Miracles?, Reichenbach)


Heaven served as the home and dwelling place for God and his angels, and as the afterlife destination for worthy deceased human souls after humanity dawned. After the archangel Lucifer rebelled against Heaven and God over the dawn of humanity and was imprisoned in Hell as punishment, God left Heaven and the angels, and the remaining archangels afterwards took command over the angels in Heaven and schemed to take over the universe for themselves. (Season 5, The Great Escapist)

In 2009 - 2010, the archangels' efforts to take over the universe by bringing the Apocalypse (Season 5) failed when Michael and Lucifer were trapped in Lucifer's cage, (Swan Song) and the archangels' reign over Heaven would end approximately two years later; with the death of Raphael and the slaughter of all his angel followers in Heaven by a Purgatory-empowered Castiel. (The Man Who Knew Too Much) Afterwards, the angels' fighting and warring continued in Heaven with many factions forming among them. (Clip Show)

6x20 CastielReturnsToHeaven

Castiel meeting with a group of the angels in Heaven shortly after the end of the Apocalypse. (The Man Who Would Be King)

Heaven and the angels suffered a major change in 2013 in the event known as the Fall, when Metatron activated a spell which banished all other angels from Heaven and closed all but one of the gates of Heaven. (Sacrifice, Season 9) This left thousands of angels wandering the Earth and Heaven devoid of angels other than Metatron, (Season 9) and it also resulted in all humans meant for Heaven who died afterwards instead remained trapped in the Veil. (Captives) In the year following the Fall, Metatron began returning angels that were following him to Heaven via Heaven's one known remaining doorway, (King of the Damned, Stairway to Heaven) then Metatron was overthrown by Castiel's actions. (Do You Believe in Miracles?) According to Hannah, following Metatron's downfall, most of the angels except for a minority of rogues are back in Heaven, and are governing themselves without a dictator. (Black)

Known souls marked for HeavenEdit


In Christian belief and other religious lore, Heaven (sometimes described as a collection of multiple realms in certain teachings, as the Heavens or as Seven Heavens) is a cosmological or transcendental place or state; often described as a Paradise and higher place, above and in stark contrast to the 'lower realms' such as Hell and/or the Underworld, and as the holiest place. Heaven is where heavenly beings (such as God, his angels, the djinn and/or other sky deities) dwell, originate from and/or rule over. It is also widely believed that earthly beings like humans can ascend to Heaven, depending on their standards of virtue, goodness, faith and/or divinity, or depending on the Will of God; usually these virtuous ones' souls are sent in death to eternal salvation in Heaven as their afterlife destination, but in exceptional cases can ascend to Heaven alive.



  • It was revealed in Captives that the Fall not only locked all angels other than Metatron out of Heaven but also barred any souls that died afterwards from passing on. However, this was contradicted earlier in Season 9 when Charlie briefly died and went to Heaven in Slumber Party. A few viewers have suggested that Charlie may not have really gone to Heaven but rather endured a near-death experience.

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