Heaven and Hell
Production information
Season : 4
Episode : 10
Original airdate : 20 November, 2008
Directed by : J. Miller Tobin
Written by : Eric Kripke
Trevor Sands
Preceded by : I Know What You Did Last Summer
Followed by : Family Remains

Heaven and Hell is the tenth episode and midseason finale of Season 4 of Supernatural.


"'I'll kill her gentle.' The angels want Anna dead, so Sam and Dean go on the run with the frightened girl, determined to discover the secret that has set the furies of Heaven on her."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up where I Know What You Did Last Summer left off, Castiel and Uriel declare Anna is not as innocent as she seems, and demand the group hand her over to them to be killed now. Sam and Dean protest, but in response, the angels attack them and try to take Anna by force... when Anna instinctively draws a blood sigil in the other room which banishes Castiel and Uriel in a flash of light.

Sam, Dean and Ruby take Anna to the Singer Auto Salvage Yard, which they currently have to themselves while Bobby is away on a job in the Caribbean, and Ruby gives each of them hexbags to stop both the angels and the demons from tracking them. Suspicious of Anna's instinctive knowledge of the angel-banishing spell she used, Sam researches Anna's past, and found that when she was two years old, she had hysterical fits; in which she claimed Richard Milton was not her real father and she thought she had another who was mad and coming to kill her; but it faded as Anna grew up.

The Winchesters call over Pamela Barnes - who has recovered since being blinded by Castiel's true form and is happy to help them and get back at the angels for taking her eyes - to try and unearth Anna's suppressed memories and determine who and what she is. Pamela uses hypnosis on Anna, and she suddenly goes into a screaming fit and unleashes bursts of powerful psychokinetic fits and super-strength, until Pam wakes her back up. When she does, Anna's personality has suddenly changed to much more calm and logical, and she declares that she now remembers who she really is - she is an angel.

Sam, Dean and a distrustful Pamela are confused as to how Anna can be an angel; Anna elaborates that she was originally the angel commander of Castiel and Uriel's garrison, but she ripped out a part of herself called grace, causing her to fall from Heaven and be reborn as a human to mortal parents, then eventually repress and forget her true identity as she grew up and spent more time as a human. Anna also explains that this is why Castiel and Uriel have been sent to kill her, because disobedience and ripping out one's own grace are both very serious crimes amongst angels, punishable by death. Ruby is further distraught and terrified at this revelation, and declares to Sam that they do not want to get between both the angels and the demons at once.

Deciding that they have to locate Anna's grace and restore her to her angelic state in order to save her and stop either the angels or demons from getting her, Sam sets about finding where Anna's grace landed when she fell; his research reveals that there were two meteors sighted simultaneously, one over Ohio and one over Kentucky, nine months before Anna was born, and evidence indicates that the former was actually Anna and the latter was her grace. Furthermore, Sam's research reveals that a field in Union, Kentucky inexplicably massively flourished after the sighting, and Anna confirms that the grace could have that effect.

Anna and Dean talk in private with each-other about the things they've each done; Dean doesn't understand why Anna would choose to be a human over a doubtless angel, and Anna talks with him about how perfectly cold angels are with nothing but obedience, and counters Dean's low opinion of humanity with everything they have that angels don't - all the tastes, feelings and experiences, even the bad ones, are what made Anna choose being one of them over being an angel. Anna also reveals a few more things about angels, including that only four of them have ever actually met God, and that the others all have to rely on faith or be killed for lacking it.

The next day, Sam, Dean, Anna and Ruby drive out to the field in Kentucky, and Anna finds when they're there that this is indeed where her grace landed, but it has since been removed from the site. Shortly afterwards, while the group hole up at an abandoned barn, Anna tunes into angel radio and finds the angels are sending out a message for them: if they don't hand Anna over by midnight, they'll throw Dean back into Hell. Though horrified by the prospect of this, Dean still refuses to hand Anna over. The following night, Anna and Dean talk again; Anna reveals she knows what Dean did in Hell, and says he should forgive himself and advises him to just talk about it so people who care can help. Dean kisses Anna, and they have passionate sex in the backseat of the Impala.

In the night, Ruby heads out to a crossroads and burns her hexbag, allowing Alastair to immediately find her. Ruby declares that she doesn't want any part of this angel-demon hunt for Anna, and offers to turn Anna over if she and the Winchesters are let go. But Alastair instead takes Ruby captive, and tortures her, utilising her demon-killing knife. Alastair afterwards demands that Ruby tell him where Anna and the Winchesters are, and Ruby offers to take him to them. Meanwhile, Uriel comes to Dean inside his dreams to say that his time's up and demand Anna. Uriel taunts Dean over what he did with Anna, and also reveals that he is the one who has taken Anna's grace, and has it stored in a vial hanging around his neck. Dean still refuses to give Anna up, correctly figuring that the angels' threat to send him back to the Pit is a bluff; but Uriel instead threatens to kill Sam if Dean doesn't surrender Anna.

The next morning, Castiel and Uriel arrive at the barn for Anna, with Dean having given her up rather than let the angels kill Sam. Anna, realising this, forgives Dean and softly scorns her brethren's emotionless tactics, then willingly hand herself over to face her death. But just then, Alastair and two demon goons arrive with a torture-injured Ruby to take the same thing. The angels and demons face off while Ruby, Anna and the Winchesters get out of the way, and when Alastair refuses to back down, a fight ensues. While the angels are distracted dealing with the demons, Anna manages to steal Uriel's vial off of him and regain her grace. Anna subsequently explodes in a blast of powerful angelic light, which vapourises Alastair when he looks directly at the light, and vanishes. In the aftermath, Castiel and an enraged Uriel are left unable to take Anna on now that she's restored to her angelic form, and leave. It is then revealed that the whole face-off was Sam's plan all along: to lead the angels and the demons to here for Anna at once, then get out of the way and let them get distracted fight each-other.

Following the skirmish at the barn, Sam and Dean stop roadside for a beer, and Dean finally opens up about his memories of Hell. Dean reveals that time runs differently in Hell, so that four months on Earth was as long as forty years in Hell. Dean describes that during that time, he would be horribly tortured, torn apart and reformed over and over, and at the end of each day, Alastair would offer to take Dean off the torture rack if Dean would become the torturer. Weeping, Dean reveals that he refused Alastair's offer for thirty years, but then he couldn't do it any more, and got off the rack and started torturing other souls in unimaginable ways. Dean also declares that he just can't wash that horror and blood off of him, and wishes he couldn't feel any of the terrible guilt he feels now.








  • In this episode, , Anna's patient history form says that she was born on 13 April, 1985; but then shortly afterwards, Sam indicated that she was born around December 1985.
  • Anna mentioned in this episode that four out of all the angels have met God; presumably referring to the archangels. However, it was revealed in Season 8 that Metatron also personally saw God.
    • Some fans have suggested that Anna, when saying the number was four; could have been discounting Lucifer due to his infamous fall, or Metatron's status as the Scribe of God could have been unconfirmed to her.


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