Hello, Cruel World
7x2 LeviathanOozeForm
Production information
Season : 7
Episode : 2
Original airdate : 30 September, 2011
Directed by : Guy Bee
Written by : Ben Edlund
Preceded by : Meet the New Boss
Followed by : The Girl Next Door

Hello, Cruel World is the second episode of Season 7 of Supernatural.


With Castiel dead and the Leviathans unleashed, Dean and Bobby struggle with helping and protecting Sam as Sam's visions of Lucifer and Hell threaten to drive him to insanity and cause him trouble discerning what's real and what's not. Meanwhile, the Leviathans take human form and set about organising their rogues together, and infiltrate Sioux Falls General Hospital to feed covertly; and a hospitalised Sheriff Mills is in danger when a patient-eating Leviathan replaces her doctor.

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up directly where Meet the New Boss left off, after the Leviathans have taken Castiel over, Cass's vessel begins to haemorrhage black ooze and combust from the weight of all the creatures. The Leviathan declare that they'll be back for Dean and Bobby, before shuffling off to find a better place to explode and be freed. Dean and Bobby go to find Sam, snapping out of his hallucinations of Lucifer claiming he's still in Hell, before the trio head off after the Leviathans. The Leviathan-possessed Cass wades out into a municipal reservoir, where he vanishes and explodes, releasing the black Leviathan ooze into the water supply of the entire tri-county area. Having entered and contaminated the water supply, the Leviathans begin taking human form by possessing humans exposed to the contaminated water - one possesses a little girl called Annie drinking from a water fountain, and another possesses a demolitions crewman named Edgar in an accident with the latter's faulty sink.

After the Leviathans have been freed, Sam, Dean and Bobby find Castiel's trenchcoat floating by the reservoir bank, and are left to assume he's been destroyed by the Leviathans and is gone. After taking a moment to mourn Cass, the trio head back to Bobby's place to wait until the Leviathans surface. They treat a scar on Sam's hand that he got in the previous episode, then ask for the truth about Sam's mental state. When Sam admits to them that his hallucinations have escalated and advanced into a realistic illusion of Lucifer, and that Lucifer says he's still in the cage with him and everything since Sam came back has all been an illusion as further torment, Dean is at a total loss at how to convince Sam that Lucifer's the illusion and Sam really is back on Earth.

Meanwhile, two Leviathans in Stockville, Kansas who have possessed members of the high school swim team attack and devour the other members in their locker room, before skipping town and going missing. When the police investigate the attack and news of the alleged animal attack gets out, Edgar is furious and meets with Annie to order that she get the other Leviathans in line; since "the boss" does not like attracting attention, and wants the Leviathans to find a way of feeding on humans covertly. When Sam, Dean and Bobby hear of the attack, Bobby sends Dean off to investigate while he stays to watch Sam and make sure he doesn't snap. At the crime scene, Dean finds a smudge of black Leviathan ooze in the showers, confirming that Leviathans are behind this. Dean calls Sam about what he found at the scene, and the brothers note from this that the Leviathans apparently possess humans like Eve, and devour other creatures, true to their infamous hunger. As Sam waits for Dean to return, Lucifer is always there with him, the psychological torment getting worse and worse despite Bobby trying to comfort Sam.

Meanwhile, Annie has come up with an idea on how the Leviathans can feed more covertly. She heads to Sioux Falls General Hospital, where she shapeshifts into Dr. Gaines, and kills the original and takes his place. Two of Dr. Gaines' patients at the hospital are Sheriff Jody Mills, recovering from an appendectomy, and Madeline Hackett who's scheduled for foot surgery. In the night, the Leviathan which is now Dr. Gaines forcefully sedates Mrs. Hackett and sneaks off with her to an off-limits under-construction ward. Jody is awake to notice this, and, suspicious, she follows Dr. Gaines to find him cutting Mrs. Hackett open and devouring her organs. A horrified Jody is shortly afterwards found in the hallways by the nurse, before she passes out. When Jody wakes up, she's been taken by Dr. Gaines and the head nurse back to bed, and is given opamine to help her sleep. As soon as the staff are gone, Jody calls Bobby about seeing her doctor eating a patient, and tells him to come over and get her out of the hospital before she becomes Gaines' next meal.

Bobby is forced to trust Sam to take care of himself while he goes to rescue Sheriff Mills and to investigate the possible Leviathan case there. Bobby heads to the hospital and gets Jody out, and sends her home by taxi while he stays to look at Mrs. Hackett's body. At the same time, Edgar arrives with the two swim team Leviathans, and Dr. Gaines takes the two boys to the morgue for them to devour and replace the hospital's head nurse and staff administrator - this is Dr. Gaines' plan, for the Leviathans to use their shapeshifting ability to infiltrate hospital by replacing the staff and covertly feed on the patients and cover their deaths up as surgery complications. Edgar is impressed, and goes off to take care of something for "the boss" while Gaines keeps things at the hospital under control. Bobby looks at Mrs. Hackett's body, and finds she's already been autopsied and many of her internal organs mashed up. Dr. Gaines then stumbles upon Bobby, and the former recognises him from when he and the other Leviathans were possessing Cass before they were released. Gaines attacks, revealing his monstrous true face with a giant, bestial maw. Bobby defends himself with silver buckshots, which reveals Leviathans bleed black ooze but has no other effect on Gaines, and Bobby flees.

Meanwhile, as Sam waits alone at Bobby's place for him and Dean to return, Dean seems to come back and take Sam with him in the Impala to deal with the two swim team Leviathans - but in actuality, Dean and the Impala are all another very lifelike and advanced hallucination, and Sam is actually driving off in Bobby's van. The real Dean comes back to Bobby's to find Sam gone, and hits the road and tracks Sam by his GPS. The fake Dean takes Sam to what seems like a Leviathan-occupied office block, but is then revealed to be an empty warehouse, and the fake Dean turns into Lucifer. As Sam begins to lose and become increasingly out of control, wildly shooting at the air all around him to try and get Lucifer out of his head, Dean arrives to try and calm Sam down. At first Sam can't even tell whether or not it's the real Dean, and remains increasingly confused and falling closer to madness. But Dean reminds Sam that the former knows himself from his own time in Hell (back between Season 3 and 4) that Hell pain is different to earthly pain, and demonstrates the difference to Sam by squeezing the scar on Sam's hand. The pain from squeezing the scar succeeds in bringing Sam to his senses and helping him tell what is and isn't real, and Lucifer is driven off and vanishes, for now at least. Sam then gets a call from Bobby, who fills the brothers in on the Leviathan occupation at the hospital and tells them to meet him back at his house to regroup.

Sam and Dean immediately drive back to Bobby's scrapyard, only to find to their horror that Edgar has burned Bobby's house down, and they have no way of knowing whether Bobby is still alive or died in the fire. Edgar then confronts and attacks Sam and Dean in an assassination attempt on "the boss'" orders. Edgar succeeds in breaking Dean's leg and in striking Sam down with a metal pipe to the head, before he's incapacitated and seemingly killed when Dean uses the controls for an overhead crane to drop a car on Edgar. With Sam unconscious and possibly even comatose with significant head trauma, and Dean unable to carry him anywhere thanks to his broken leg, Dean resorts to calling an ambulance for them. As the Winchesters are being taken to hospital in ambulance, Sam briefly wakes up to see Lucifer again - Lucifer admits he isn't real, but that isn't going to stop him doing everything he can to torment Sam to the breaking point. Dean learns to his horror from the EMT that they're being taken to Sioux Falls General Hospital, which is where the Leviathans are. Back at Bobby's scrapyard, the crushed Edgar begins to regenerate from under the car and come back to life.








  • When Sam's Lucifer hallucination disguised as Dean leads Sam into a warehouse hallucinated as an office building, the office's name and logo on the door is 'Morning Star Endeavors Ltd.' and an inverted star respectively. This is apparently a hint as to it being one of Sam's Lucifer hallucinations, as Lucifer's name is Hebrew for 'the Morning Star,' and the inverted star or pentagram is also associated with the Devil.


  • When Jody Mills is describing seeing Dr. Gaines eat Mrs. Hackett, she describes something about his mouth and face which indicates she saw his Leviathan 'chomper' face. But in the actual scene, she'd only seen Gaines remove and bite into Mrs. Hackett's liver, and his back was turned to her throughout the scene.
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