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Historical information
Use(s) : Various; dependent upon hexbag created and used
Users : Demons
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information
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Hexbags are each a small collection of substances, bones and herbs of supernatural relevance in bags, which is used for supernatural purpose. They are used by witches to cast and channel their spells and hexes against their targets, but hexbags can alternatively be used to hide oneself from being tracked by angels and/or demons.


A hexbag, for whatever purpose it is being used (hexing, cloaking or another) on a person, must usually be planted either on their person or at their immediate location to be able to take effect on them. In the case of magic-practitioners intending to hex a victim, the hexbag is usually activated by the caster performing a hexing ritual from any location once the hexbag is planted.

If a hexbag is destroyed by burning, then its effect will almost instantly be negated; when a hexbag is burned, it produces blue flames. Alternatively, when hexes are being performed, the magic-practitioner can deactivate the hexing ritual if they so choose before the targeted person dies of the effects.

Different usesEdit


8x23 CrowleyHex

Crowley casting a hex on Jody Mills. (Sacrifice)

There have been several different examples of hexbags being used by magic-practitioners (primarily witches) to channel hexes upon victims with fatal results. Rowena used hexbags to channel various spells on both humans and demons, (Girls, Girls, Girls, The Hunter Games The Prisoner) and her demonized son Crowley also used hexbags to hex people Sam and Dean Winchester had previously saved; using them to kill people in various differing ways. Some of these hexbags required activation rituals to take effect on their targets, while others did not; depending upon the hex. (Clip Show, Sacrifice)

Borrower witchesEdit

3x9 HexbagBurns

A hexbag burns blue flames as it is destroyed. (Malleus Maleficarum)

Borrower witches such as the coven founded by Astaroth in Sturbridge, Massachusetts knew how to create hexbags for targeting and killing people. The components of these borrower witches' hexbags were rabbit's teeth and bird bones.

They were activated with a black magic ritual on a black altar, elements of which varied depending upon the effect the witch wanted to create. However, it always involved reciting a varying incantation which begins with: "Echranmuk madan fiéré..." And it involved having a personal belonging of the targeted person upon the black altar, to bring into contact with something else (rotten food to make the target choke on whatever they were currently eating, blood on a toothbrush to make the person's teeth fall out and then make them choke to death on blood) to achieve the hex's effect.

Ruby, a former borrower witch before she became a demon, knew an unknown potion that could cure a targeted person of the hex's effect and save their life, as an alternative to finding and destroying the hexbag. (Malleus Maleficarum)

Samhain ritual sacrificesEdit

4x7 SamhainHexbag

The contents of one of the hexbags used for the ritual sacrifices in raising Samhain. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

The witches Don Harding and Tracy Davis used very special, unusual hexbags to kill the ritual sacrifices required for their ritual to raise Samhain. The hexbag contents were: a specific species of goldthread herb that went extinct 200 years ago, a Samhain talisman, and the charred metacarpal bone of a newborn baby. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)


Ruby knew, and passed on to Sam, how to create hexbags that would cloak their users from being tracked and located by both demons and angels. (Heaven and Hell, Sympathy for the Devil et al.) These hexbags proved to be effective enough to shield Sam, Dean, Ruby and Anna Milton from both the Host of Heaven and demons as powerful as Lilith and Alastair; (Heaven and Hell, The Monster at the End of This Book) although according to Castiel, they wouldn't have been powerful enough to shield one from an archangel like Lucifer. (Sympathy for the Devil) These hexbags also couldn't negate a demon tracker coin. (The Devil You Know)

Katja's age spellEdit

Katja created a hexbag for Hansel to channel her age-regressing spell on targets Hansel selected. The hexbag was activated by Hansel squeezing it in a targeted person's presence, which would instantly both revert the person from an adult to a teenager (both physical and psychological age and even clothes), and would teleport them to Katja's lair. A person regressed by the spell could reverse it and restore themselves to their adult age by squeezing the hexbag themselves, but there is no known method of reversing the spell's effect if the hexbag is destroyed. (About a Boy)



  • In the spinoff book Supernatural: Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, it is stated that the ingredients of the hexbags that shield against angels and demons are: two bones from a chicken's foot, an unbroken spider egg, goofer dust, and equal quantities of lavender and hemp.