Holy Terror
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 9
Original airdate : 3 December, 2013
Directed by : Thomas J. Wright
Written by : Brad Bucker
Eugenie Ross-Leming
Preceded by : Rock and a Hard Place
Followed by : Road Trip

Holy Terror is the ninth episode of Season 9 of Supernatural and the mid-season finale.


After a massive angel slaughter occur, Sam and Dean investigate with Castiel, and the trio discover that two conflicting angel factions are rising and killing those who don't join, and the angels are on the verge of an all-out civil war on Earth. Dean contemplates whether it is time to tell Sam the truth about Ezekiel, and Ezekiel is revealed to not be who he says he is when Metatron contacts him with a proposal that they rebuild Heaven together. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by the violent anarchist angel leader Malachi.

Full synopsisEdit

In Caribou, Wyoming, a bus carrying an all-female group of church glee club singers drives through the countryside to a rural bar. The choir girls on the bus head into the bar and face off with the bikers inside, and it is revealed that the choir girls and bikers are possessed by two feuding angel factions respectively. The two opposing angel groups draw angel blades and a fight breaks out, in which the biker angels are slaughtered and the choir girl angels emerge bloody and victorious and drive off.

As Dean and an Ezekiel-possessed Sam are driving cross-country in the Impala, Ezekiel informs Dean that he has nearly finished repairing Sam's body from the damage the Trials of God caused, and it shouldn't be much longer before Sam is healthy enough for Ezekiel to leave. Ezekiel admits to Dean that he is uncomfortable about Dean and Sam investigating cases involving other angels because of the risk to Sam and Ezekiel, but Dean warns that avoiding the angels will make Sam suspicious. Ezekiel discusses hearing what Sam and Dean discuss while Sam is in control, before returning control to an unaware Sam. Sam and Dean discuss the sudden, unexplained halt in angel activity, when Sam notices from a passing road sign that indicates a change in distance from the last sign he saw in a matter of seconds (before Ezekiel took control). Dean tries to dismiss it as side-effects of the trials, but Sam is insistent and suspicious of how he keeps losing and skipping periods of time inexplicably.

The next day, Sam and Dean arrive in their FBI agent guises to investigate the massacre at the bar, where they find that Castiel is also investigating the case posing as an FBI agent, to Dean's slight chagrin. Sam is confused at why Castiel would be investigating angels after he left the bunker supposedly because of them, and Dean and Cass both keep quiet about the truth of how Dean actually forced Cass to leave. The trio discuss the biker angels' unusually brutal murders and whether or not Bartholomew's faction could be behind the angel slaughter, and when Castiel goes off, Ezekiel takes control of Sam again.

At night, the lead glee choir girl angel and her leader Malachi meet with a group of Bartholomew's angels, the latter led by Bartholomew's second-in-command. Malachi is angered that Bartholomew sent his "handmaiden" to take care of the meeting rather than come himself as Malachi requested, and Malachi warns that he won't tolerate Bartholomew's disrespect, but Bartholomew's second-in-command is less than impressed at Malachi and his faction over Bartholomew's faction. Malachi demands a truce and unision between his faction and Bartholomew's against Metatron, otherwise it will be all-out warfare on Earth. Bartholomew's second-in-command says Bartholomew already declined Malachi's request of unision before the meeting, and Malachi then agrees that their meeting is done. Malachi and his two angel escorts then kill Bartholomew's second-in-command and her two angel bodyguards, and Malachi notes that the war now begins.

Sam, Dean and Castiel are drinking at a bar, with Cass already getting drunk after only one beer and enjoying his first beer as a human. Sam becomes confused when Castiel asks if it's okay to be with the brothers again, before Dean jumps into the conversation and asks if Castiel is certain he wants to be involved. They discuss the angel activity, and Castiel explains from what he learned in the incident with April, Bartholomew intends to gather a large enough following to reverse Metatron's spell and retake Heaven, then drunkenly goes to get the boys another beer round. Once Sam and Dean are alone with Castiel getting more beers, Ezekiel takes over from Sam and asks what Dean will do about Cass' presence; fearing that being around Castiel will draw the angels' attention to Sam/Zeke, because Ezekiel fears most angels will target him as the enemy for siding with Dean. Castiel returns with the beers, and Ezekiel then heads out into the alley outside the bar. There, when Ezekiel is alone, Metatron appears and reveals that he knows that Ezekiel isn't who he claims to be.

In the bar, Castiel reveals he's noticed from Dean's discomfort that Dean hasn't told Sam the truth about how Dean actually sent Cass away, and Dean then admits to Cass how they need Castiel to stay away from Sam so that Ezekiel can heal Sam of the mortal damage the trials to seal Hell caused to Sam. Out in the alley, as Metatron and Ezekiel talk about the latter angel's deceit and false 'Ezekiel' identity, it is revealed that the angel in Sam is actually Gadreel, a dishonoured angel who God locked in Heaven's dungeons after he failed to stop the Serpent corrupting God's creation millennia ago. Metatron reveals to Gadreel that the former is the one responsible for freeing Gadreel from his dungeon in Heaven in the Fall, causing a horrified Gadreel to in turn realise that this means that the Fall affected every other angel and thus Heaven is completely empty of celestials. Metatron explains that he's gotten bored and tired of his loneliness and solitude in Heaven as the only angel still there, and so he wants to, with Gadreel's help, rebuild Heaven in God's image with only a select few chosen angels like Gadreel. Metatron coerces Gadreel by claiming it will remove Gadreel's negative reputation and restore his original honour.

Later, Sam and Dean have returned to the Men of Letters' bunker, where Sam asks Dean about Castiel leaving so suddenly again, and he is suspicious about it and about Dean's claims that it was Cass' choice. They then talk about Sam's research on the angel-possessed bikers from the bar massacre, and Sam explains that his research indicates that each of the bikers was baptised together, and that they were recruited by Reverend Buddy Boyle, Bartholomew's assistant, and that this in turn means that Bartholomew's angel faction are still seeking and possessing vessels but more subtly now. In the woods, the glee choir club girl angel is speaking to a gathering of several religious humans as disembodied angels hover in the air above them. The girl coerces and encourages the gathering of humans to accept and embrace the angels and allow them to possess them, but before the bodiless angels can possess their vessels below, several of Bartholomew's angels arrive; they kill the choir girl angel and then massacre all the religious potential vessels she was speaking to.

Under a bridge in the city, Metatron and Gadreel are observing and discussing the human race, with Metatron admitting that his opinion on humans was not a high as originally thought and that he finds their constant emotion to be wasteful. Gadreel admits that he's unsure of what to do about his own situation with healing Sam and his Ezekiel-lie to Dean, and Metatron offers to free Gadreel from them. Gadreel then talks with Metatron about the latter's intentions of rebuilding Heaven, and Metatron claims to intend to lead the new Heaven. At his motel, Castiel is alone in his motel room, trying to pray out for some assistance from anyone listening, humorously using several different forms of prayer to try and get an answer. Just as an exasperated Castiel is giving up, a female park ranger arrives at his door, whom Cass recognises is an angel. The angel introduces herself as Muriel, but when she realises who Castiel is, she is horrified, scared and reluctant and wants to leave as Cass asks her to just spare a moment to give him some information.

Back at the Men of Letters bunker, Dean and Kevin are researching, the latter on the Word of God. Kevin is unconvinced that they'll find anything on the tablet Crowley lied about which may say how to reverse Metatron's spell, when Kevin finds something in the tablet which Metatron seems to have ciphered so hardly as though he wanted it hidden from even prophets. Sam then comes in, and Dean informs him of another angel massacre he has found, which is apparently the massacre of Malachi's choir girl angel and the potential vessels seen earlier - a church lady and a college Bible study group were found dead in Utah, with their insides incinerated and the college students' eyes gone; an indication that the students were killed by angels, and that the choir girl was herself an angel. Dean also reveals to Sam that according to police reports, the murdered choir-girl angel's glee club bus was witnessed at the biker bar at the time the biker angels were murdered. Sam and Dean realise that this must mean the deaths of the glee club girl angel and the students she was recruiting as vessels was retaliation by Bartholomew's angels for the massacre of their own angels at the biker bar, and that this means time is running out to find a way to solve the post-Fall angel crisis.

Back at Castiel's motel room, Castiel and a distrustful Muriel are talking about whether or not she believes Cass' claim that he was actually a dupe when he helped Metatron, and Cass is hopeful that Muriel won't go along with her threat to turn him over to the angels because of an instinctive feeling that she trusts him. Castiel notes that Muriel seems to care since she answered the prayer, which Cass believed the militant angels wouldn't regard, and Cass then asks Muriel about Bartholomew's blood feud with another angel faction. Muriel explains that the anarchist angel Malachi has risen to equal power with Bartholomew, and that both sides are forcing as many of the neutral, non-fanatical angels as they can to join and torturing them into compliance or killing them if they refuse. Muriel and Castiel note that both the feuding angel factions want to gain enough members and power to take Heaven back from Metatron, and their civil war will reduce everything beneath Heaven to Hell. Two angel thugs then burst into the motel room and capture Castiel and Muriel.

Later, Castiel and Muriel are held captive in one of Malachi's torture dungeons, where they are questioned by Malachi and his thug, Theo, with Malachi explaining to Castiel that they found him by tracking an unaware Muriel. Malachi is convinced Castiel knows Metatron's weakness from when he was working with Metatron, despite Castiel's attempts to explain to him that he didn't find Metatron's weakness for how to reverse his spell because he was a dupe. Malachi remains unconvinced and still believes that Castiel is a witting ally of Metatron, having Theo continue torturing Cass. To make an example to Castiel of how much his alleged loyalty to Metatron is worth to Cass, Malachi then has Theo murder Muriel in front of a distraught and helpless Castiel. Castiel is disgusted at how far his angel kin have fallen in that they're now murdering each-other, but Malachi reminds Castiel that he was the one who began the Host's collapse into this through his previous failed attempts to fix Heaven which only ravaged it further. Malachi also scornfully reveals to Castiel that not all the angels survived after the Fall, and a significant portion of their kin died excruciatingly when the Fall damaged their celestial forms and power - among the many angels that the Fall killed, Malachi mentions Azrael, Sophia... and Ezekiel. But Castiel still doesn't say anything, so Malachi decides to leave Cass to be tortured and killed by Theo, and then leaves. Castiel braces himself for death, but after Malachi has left, instead of killing him, Theo unexpectedly pleads with Castiel for him to contact Metatron and ask the latter to bring Theo into Metatron's fold.

Theo explains that he's lost faith in Malachi since he joined Malachi's faction, and Castiel realises that Theo wants to sit the looming devastation of the upcoming civil war between Malachi and Bartholomew out in Heaven. Calculating, Castiel plays along with Theo's incorrect belief that Castiel really is a willing accomplice of Metatron, and pretends to agree to call Metatron and get him to bring Theo in. However, once Theo frees Cass from his bindings to contact Metatron, Cass uses a nearby angel blade from among the torture instruments to attack Theo. Cass uses the blade to remove Theo's grace, and Castiel absorbs Theo's grace for himself and thus becomes an angel again. His celestial powers restored, Castiel smites and kills Theo, and escapes, and when Malachi returns to his torture chambers, he finds that all his angels there have been wiped out by Cass and Cass is gone.

At the Men of Letters' bunker, Dean sees Kevin and asks where Sam is, to learn that Sam has gone out. Kevin notes Sam has been doing it frequently, which concerns Dean. As Kevin walks out, Dean then gets a phone call - it's Castiel, calling from a roadside pay phone. Cass gives Dean Malachi's name as the leader of the opposition to Bartholomew, and that he's learned this from when he was captured. Cass tells Dean the former will now have to lay low since the angels will want him even more now, and Castiel then reveals to a shocked Dean how he escaped Malachi by taking another angel's grace. Dean is stunned and concerned for Castiel about how he's become an angel again, but Cass notes that he'll need his powers to be ready for the coming war. Castiel also warns Dean about what he's heard that the angel called Ezekiel died in the Fall, which in turns causes a horrified Dean to realise that the angel inhabiting and healing Sam isn't who it says it is and isn't to be trusted.

Elsewhere in the bunker, a dozy Kevin is researching when Dean rushes over to him and panickedly asks Kevin to find him any spell he can that can give an angel's vessel back control for long enough to choose to eject the angel. Kevin is confused and tired about it, and Dean doesn't tell Kevin the truth about the Gadreel situation and lies to him that he needs the spell to test as a way of helping the angels' vessels save themselves from the angels. Dean then has Kevin start looking on the angel Word of God for a spell like this immediately. Elsewhere, at Gadreel and Metatron's meeting place, Gadreel declares to Metatron that he's been thinking and has decided to take up Metatron's offer to join him in rebuilding Heaven as Metatron's second-in-command. Metatron assures Gadreel that this will restore Heaven and Gadreel's rightful honour, and Metatron then asks that Gadreel carry out a task for Metatron to ensure Gadreel's loyalty - Metatron wants Gadreel to terminate the former's rising enemies for him, and Metatron gives Gadreel the first enemy's name on a note. Gadreel is reluctant to kill, but Metatron orders Gadreel to choose.

Back at the bunker, Kevin and Dean have apparently finished painting a sigil that will activate the angel-deactivating spell Dean asked for when Dean hits the sigil. Kevin demands to know what's going on with Dean and this spell and why they're allegedly testing it now instead of in the field, and Dean asks Kevin to just trust him on it. Though Kevin appears to agree to play along for the time, he also voices to Dean how he's reluctant about it due to how he feels trusting Sam and Dean in the past has always screwed him up. Elsewhere, Sam is shelving beers after returning from Gadreel's rendezvous with Metatron, when Dean asks to talk to Sam alone and ushers Sam into the bunker's storeroom. Once Dean and a confused Sam are alone in the room, Dean immediately reveals and activates the angel-depowering sigil, to Sam's shock and confusion. Now that Sam temporarily has brief control and power and Gadreel can't hear them and take over, Dean hurriedly explains to Sam the truth of how the Trials of God almost killed him so Dean has had an angel enter Sam to heal him in secret. Sam is horrified to learn there's an angel inside him, and is furious and upset with Dean for once again taking Sam's choice away rather than let Sam handle it himself on his own terms. Dean dismisses this for later, and tells Sam of how the angel isn't who it says it is since it claimed to be Ezekiel when Ezekiel is dead; and this means the angel in Sam is dangerous and can kill him at anytime, so Dean needs Sam to expel the angel from his body while he still can before the spell wears off, now that Sam should be healthy enough from Gadreel's healing. There is a pause, and Sam begins walking away past Dean, and when Dean tries to stop Sam, Sam suddenly swings at and knocks Dean out before heading out the storeroom.

In the bunker's war room, Kevin is alone, reading, when Sam comes in and begins slowly advancing towards Kevin. Kevin asks Sam about what's upwith Dean's odd behaviour, and Sam, now clearly fully possessed by Gadreel, tells Kevin to not worry and advances up to him. Dean then rushes in, only to watch in horror as Gadreel in Sam's body uses his smiting touch to kill Kevin. Before Dean can run forward, Gadreel telekinetically pins Dean back, and he tells Dean that Sam is gone and now he is in full control, and that he was actually feigning Sam when Dean thought that Sam was in control in the storeroom. Dean doesn't understand how Gadreel bypassed the angel-depowering spell he used in the storeroom, and Gadreel reveals that he altered the sigil a little to alter the spell - having learned that Dean was trying to depower him so Sam could expel him after overhearing Dean and Kevin talking about the spell. After packing both the Word of God tablets, Gadreel places the note Metatron gave him on Kevin's body - the name on the note of the first enemy to be eliminated is Kevin Tran. Gadreel gives Dean a silent and possibly regretful look, then leaves and heads out of the bunker with both the tablets in tow. Released from Gadreel's telekinesis, Dean is left alone with Kevin's corpse in the bunker, meekly calling out Kevin's name and weeping over his friend's death.








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