Holy oil
5x3 HolyOilMain Holy oil beginning to burn holy fire
Historical information
Use(s) : Trapping, repelling and destroying angels
Users : Castiel
Dean Winchester
Sam Winchester
Affected creatures : Angels
Production information

Holy oil is a rare substance found on Earth in Jerusalem, which produces holy fire when it burns that angels cannot cross without dying. Due to this, holy fire is commonly used to trap angels as something of a devil's trap for celestials.


When holy oil burns holy fire, no angel can touch or pass through or over the holy flames, as doing so will destroy the angel in question. (Free to Be You and Me) Due to this, circles of holy fire can be used to trap, capture and contain angels, and angels can be burned to death by being set alight with holy fire. It has been implied that holy fire's deadliness to angels is not necessarily instantaneous, and that angels can survive for a time or even be healed after being doused and burned with holy fire, in the same manner as humans after being burned by regular fire. (Stairway to Heaven)

5x10 CastielTrappedInHolyFire

A circle of holy fire traps an angel. (Abandon All Hope...)

Though angels cannot cross holy fire without dying, they can still extend some of their abilities such as telekinesis beyond a circle of holy fire they are in. It is also known that, unlike with devil's traps (which can still trap demons when covered up), it is possible for an angel to safely cross over holy fire by using another being such as a demon as a human bridge over the flames. (Abandon All Hope...)

Holy fire's effectiveness against celestials is so great that evenat least some archangels such as Raphael and Gabriel could be trapped and contained in a circle of holy fire. (Free to Be You and Me, Changing Channels) However, Michael, the eldest archangel, is capable of surviving being burned with holy fire, although it did still apparently cause him great pain, and would banish and incapacitate him for a few minutes. (Swan Song)

Holy fire can burn and cause excruciating pain to demons as well as angels, and it can destroy demons' vessels if not kill the demon as well; although demons seem to be more resistant to holy fire than angels and have a higher chance of surviving contact with it. (Abandon All Hope..., Sacrifice, Soul Survivor) Though unconfirmed, it was thought that holy fire can probably destroy the Book of the Damned. (Book of the Damned)

Another use for holy fire besides trapping, harming or destroying is that it can be used to see hellhounds; after a transparent object such as a window or glasses has been scorched by holy fire, hellhounds can be seen through the object. (Trial and Error)


8x23 HolyFireBurnsDemon

Abaddon, a demon, is burned and hurt by holy fire. (Sacrifice)

  • When hoping to capture Raphael in the search for God to stop the Apocalypse, Castiel and Dean Winchester made a failed attempt to trap Raphael by igniting a circle of holy fire around Raphael's (then-unoccupied) vessel, Donnie Finnerman. (Free to Be You and Me)
  • Dean and Castiel managed to trap and capture Raphael at their cabin by tricking him into a circle of holy oil and then setting the oil aflame. After questioning Raphael on whether or not he knew where God was, Cass and Dean left Raphael trapped in the holy fire circle, (Free to Be You and Me) although Raphael eventually managed to escape before a year had passed. (The Man Who Would Be King)
  • During the TV Land encounter with Gabriel, Sam and Dean used holy oil to trap Gabriel in a circle of holy fire upon learning that Gabriel was actually an archangel and not a trickster. After forcing Gabriel to free them and Castiel and learning from him about who he was, the trio freed Gabriel from the holy fire by triggering the fire sprinkler system. (Changing Channels)
  • After Lucifer captured Castiel in Carthage, Missouri, he held Cass captive in a circle of holy fire. The following night, Castiel escaped the circle by grabbing Meg and using her as a human bridge over the holy fire. (Abandon All Hope...)
  • When the Winchesters and the team were interfering to stop Lucifer and Michael battling and commencing the final phase of the Apocalypse, Castiel temporarily sent Michael away to stop him interfering by molotoving Michael with holy fire. (Swan Song)
  • 5x22 MichaelBurnsInHolyFire

    Michael burns in holy fire but isn't killed by it. (Swan Song)

    After tracking the missing weapons of Heaven back to Balthazar, Dean trapped Balthazar in a circle of holy fire and forced him to relinquish the contract for Aaron Birch's soul. Castiel afterwards extinguished the holy fire and freed Balthazar. (The Third Man)
  • When Sam, Dean and Bobby Singer learned that Castiel was secretly working with Crowley to try and reach Purgatory, they trapped Cass in a circle of holy fire to talk to him about it, until Crowley and his demons arrived and freed Cass. (The Man Who Would Be King)
  • During the hellhound hunt at the Cassity farm, Sam and Dean scorched glasses with holy fire to use them to be able to see and follow the hellhound. (Trial and Error)
  • When Abaddon attacked Sam and Crowley while Sam was performing the third trial to seal Hell, Sam forced Abaddon to leave by burning and destroying her vessel with holy fire. (Sacrifice)
  • When Gadreel came to Dean in response to Dean's prayer to all the angels shortly after the Fall, Dean held Gadreel in a circle of holy fire to size him up on his intentions. After deciding he could probably trust Gadreel, Dean freed him from the holy fire to help in healing Sam. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here)
  • In Ogden, Utah, Sam and Dean lured Gadreel and captured him by trapping him in a ring of holy fire. (Meta Fiction)
  • 9x22 HolyFireBurntAngel

    An angel, Josiah, after being burned by holy fire. (Stairway to Heaven)

    Metatron left for Josiah at the fake location of the door to Heaven a Home Alone-esque trap for him, which doused Josiah in holy oil and then set him alight with a flamethrower. Josiah was left horribly burned and immobilised from the trap, and eventually died from his holy fire-inflicted burns. (Stairway to Heaven)
  • A demon who was dissatisfied with Crowley's rule over Hell killed himself by dousing himself in holy oil and then setting it alight. (Soul Survivor)


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