Production information
Season : 1
Episode : 9
Original airdate : 15 November, 2005
Directed by : Ken Girotti
Written by : Eric Kripke
Preceded by : Bugs
Followed by : Asylum

Home is the ninth episode of Season 1 of Supernatural.


"After 22 years, Sam and Dean return to their childhood home. Now another beautiful young mother lives there - and, if Sam's nightmares are correct, she may be threatened by the same evil that killed Mary Winchester."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

In Lawrence, Kansas, Jenny Cooper has recently moved into a new house, along with her young daughter Sari and her toddler son Richie, after leaving Wichita - it's the very same house that the Winchester family lived in until Mary's death and the fire on the fateful night of 2 November, 1983, as revealed by family photos of a pre-1983 Winchester family that Jenny discovers in the basement. At the same time, strange occurrences are plaguing the house: Jenny is encountering regular flickering lights and scratching noises from the basement, but the worst thing of all is what frightens and torments Sari in the night: at night, a being made of flames appears out of Sari's bedroom closet, rather like the flames that killed Mary 22 years ago, but Sari's mother won't believe her about it.

Elsewhere, Sam has a dream in which Jenny is screaming from in one of the house's bedroom window. After waking up, upon looking over a tree he saw outside the house in his dream, he recognizes it from old photos and realizes that it's their old family home that they left after the night Mary died. Concerned, Sam tells Dean about his dream, and fears it's a sign that something bad will happen at their old house to someone else. Dean is reluctant to return to Lawrence based on a dream, until Sam tells him about how he dreamt of Jessica's death, exactly how it happened, weeks before the actual event.

Sam and Dean drive to Lawrence. Dean is deeply shaken and disquieted by seeing their family home again after all these years and after he'd sworn to never go back there because of what his terrible last memory of it is. They meet Jenny and the two kids on the doorstep, and for once, Sam decides to tell some of the truth, about how he and Dean are here to see their childhood home. Sam finds that Jenny is indeed the woman in his dreams, and he and Dean both recognize the strange phenomena Jenny describes as signs that a malevolent spirit is present. The case involving their childhood home is only made even more personal for them when Sari tells them about the flaming figure in her closet, and Sam suspects that whatever's going on now is indeed related to what happened to their mother in Sam's nursery 22 years ago.

Dean forces himself and Sam to handle this like any other case rather than get rash and go jumping to conclusions, so they begin researching the house's past for any link. To join the dots between that night in 1983 and the present, the brothers analyze both John's notes about what happened that night, and Dean's own haunting memories of it. After learning from a local pre-fire friend of John's that John went to every alleged psychic in town after the fire, Sam and Dean recognize one name, Missouri Moseley, from the first ever entry in John's hunter journal. The boys go to visit Missouri, who almost instantly proves to indeed be a very real psychic: she knows Sam and Dean without introduction, and reads Sam's thoughts about his missing father and dead girlfriend through just a touch. They ask Missouri to go back to the house with them, to analyze what kind of entity is haunting Jenny and her kids now and to see if it's the same entity that killed their mother 22 years ago.

Meanwhile back at the house, the phenomena haunting the Coopers is getting worse and beginning to turn deadly: a plumber Jenny calls over about the jammed garbage disposal gets his hands torn apart by the unit while he's alone working on it; and later, an invisible telekinetic force helps Richie escape his playpen, then lures him into the fridge and seals him inside, although Richie is saved when Jenny finds him in time. Sam, Dean and Missouri go to Jenny's house and ask her to let them help, telling her that they can get rid of whatever's there. In order to read the negative paranormal energies, Missouri susses out the centre of it all: Sari's bedroom, which is revealed to have been Sam's nursery where it all happened 22 years ago. Missouri finds that there isn't one entity inhabiting the house, but two, although she can confirm that neither of them is the entity that killed the boys' mother. Missouri explains that whatever was in this house that night 22 years ago was real evil, powerful enough to leave a paranormal scar of sorts which can get infected by other spirits; the first entity is a malicious poltergeist which has been drawn to the aforementioned scar, but she can't discern what the second entity is.

Missouri has Jenny go out with her kids for a while and leave the house to Sam, Dean and Missouri so that they can get rid of the spirits. Missouri says they'll split up to place mojo bags at compass points around the house, which should purify the foundation and destroy both the entities. The poltergeist launches a violent attack in an attempt to stop them, but Dean manages to place the last bag, and the poltergeist's influence vanishes in a burst of supernatural energy. Once Jenny and her kids come home to the aftermath, Missouri declares that the house should be safe now, and she and the boys leave. However, Sam is less sure that it's over, so he convinces Dean to stick around for the night in case anything happens.

Sam's suspicions come horribly true in the night when, just as Jenny and her kids are going to bed, both spirits reappear, even stronger than before; bringing Jenny screaming out her bedroom window for help, exactly like in Sam's dream. The Winchesters immediately rush into the house to get the family out. As the paranormal activity in the house from the entities goes wild and out of control, Dean gets Jenny out of the house to safety, while Sam stays behind to get Richie and Sari. Sam saves Sari and successfully sends her out of the house with Richie to safety, but before he can follow, the poltergeist seals the house and launches its attack. While Dean breaks the front door down to save Sam, the flaming figure comes downstairs and advances towards Sam, whom the poltergeist has telekinetically pinned. Just as Dean arrives, the flaming spirit, instead of attacking either of the boys, coalesces its form... and reveals itself to be Mary. Mary acknowledges a tearful Dean, and tells a confused Sam, "I'm sorry..." before expelling the poltergeist from the house and vanishing with it in explosive ghostly flames.

The next morning, Jenny and her family return to the house, and she thanks the boys for all they've done before they take their leave. Sam talks with Missouri about how the other spirit turned out to be his mother; Missouri confirms that Mary destroyed the poltergeist and herself and that there are definitely no more spirits in the house this time; Mary sacrificed herself to protect her sons. Sam is scared by what is happening to him, and Missouri notes that whatever psychic power Sam has is even stronger than hers, and that even she can't locate the answer Sam seeks. After Sam and Dean leave, Missouri returns to her house, musing that it's surprising that abilities like Sam's didn't sense his own father - John is in Missouri's sitting room, looking at his wedding ring after hearing that Mary saved their sons. Missouri tells John he should go and see his boys, but John says he can't until he knows the truth.









  • The scene where Sam hands Richie to Sari and tells the latter, "Take your brother outside as fast as you can and don't look back," is a parallel of a scene in Pilot, where John hands the infant Sam to a 4-year-old Dean and says the very same words.


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