Lucifer: "They are broken, flawed abortions!"
Gabriel: "Damn straight, they're flawed. But a lot of them try to do better. To forgive! And you should see the Spearmint Rhino!"
―The opposing views of the archangels Lucifer and Gabriel on humans.[src]
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Species information
Type : Creature (Mammal)
Notable distinctions : Mostly non-supernatural
Mastery of free will
Related to : God
Historical information
Native range : Earth
Heaven (souls only)
Hell (souls only)
Production information
First appearance : Pilot

Humans, also called homo sapiens, are a mortal, sapient species of primate on Earth, created by God. They are the dominant race on Earth, and are reputed for both their free will and creativity, and their dark capacity for violent cruelty. The majority of humankind are unaware of the supernatural creatures, spirits and forces in the world, with exceptions such as hunters, the Men of Letters and others. Humans can become demons, ghosts and certain monster species, and it is possible for angels, demons and newly-turned vampires to become human.


Life and death cycleEdit

Humans are naturally born to two human parents, and have a mortal and impermanent lifespan. Unless a human halts their ageing and/or prolongs their lifespan through magical and supernatural methods, a human will inevitably eventually die; either from old age after reaching an elderly age, from sickness and disease, or from mortal injury. Reapers are naturally part of humans' death and are required for death to occur; without them, humans will not die, and will survive any mortal damage their body sustains, unfazed.

Each and every human naturally possesses a soul, which serves as the part of a person that survives beyond death. Without the soul, a living human body will retain most of the physical needs and psychological characteristics of the souled person, but will completely lack an empathetic sense of morality and emotional attachment. When a human dies, its soul leaves its dead body, and is then to be taken by a reaper to its afterlife destination in either Heaven or Hell. Whether a dead human goes to Heaven or Hell in death mostly depends on their actions in life; mostly good humans' souls go to Heaven to eternally live out their happiest memories, while mostly evil humans' souls, or humans who sold their soul in a deal with a demon, will go to Hell to be tortured and corrupted to become demons themselves.

However, if a deceased human's soul for whatever reason doesn't go with their reaper to their afterlife destination, then their disembodied spirit will remain behind on Earth in the Veil as a ghost; dead, disembodied and incorporeal, but able to partially break through the Veil and influence the physical plane. It is possible to permanently vanquish a ghost from the world of the living by several methods, the most common of which is burning whatever leftover trace of their living self the ghost is attached to so that there is nothing for the spirit to remain tied to Earth through. After a ghost has been put to rest, a reaper can pick its soul up and transport it to one of the afterlife realms.

Although often difficult, there are several supernatural beings and spells that are capable of resurrecting humans after they've died; either restoring them to a living, mortal human again, or bringing them back as an altered, cursed or undead creature such as a zombie, depending upon what magic, being or force was responsible for the resurrection. When resurrecting a human, a source of at least the majority of the human's original cells and DNA (their corpse) is required, as is access to the location of the human's soul. Without both of these, resurrection of the human is thought to be impossible.

Angels have the ability to fully resurrect dead humans. Demons can also resurrect humans; though unlike angels, demons can only do so through a deal. Death was capable of easily resurrecting humans and raising the dead, and could also in doing so alter them in some way if he wanted (the one known time he actually did this, Death set the resurrected humans to eventually turn into cannibalistic killers); Death was also the only being who was known to be powerful enough to resurrect humans from cremated ashes without intact remains.

Special abilitiesEdit

Although normal humans do not possess any innate supernatural powers, with the right knowedge, any human can utilise and command magic so as to cast and perform spells and rituals. Humans who regularly use and utilise magic may become witches, and can even retain their youth through magic and live for hundreds of years. Humans, by practicing magic - both witches and infrequent practitioners - can be very powerful against supernatural beings, forces and threats; one witch was able to shield herself and her magic from angels, and another was able to stun and paralyse a Leviathan.

A human does not need to become a witch to access and utilise magic, as all humans are capable of practicing magic with the right ingredients, incantations and/or requirements. There are other methtods besides magic through which humans can gain supernatural and superhuman powers, such as; a pact with a pagan god, power-granting by other beings, being themselves placed under a curse or spell, or using a wishing well to grant themselves a power they desire.

Rare, certain humans such as psychics and psychokinetics are naturally born with heightened supernatural abilities and senses (such as clairvoyance, a level of supernatural perception and astral projection in psychics, and reality-warping based on their minds in psychokinetics). It is also possible to create a type of human with demon blood, which possesses unique psychic and demonic abilities under certain circumstances, by feeding a human infant demon blood when it is exactly six months old to the day.

Use by supernaturalsEdit

Many supernatural beings and species can use humans in various ways, either as food or for another purpose. Certain entities such as demons, angels, reapers, Leviathans and some ghosts can possess humans' bodies as vessels, which act as physical forms for them. Demons, ghosts and apparently Leviathans can force their way into humans' bodies to possess, whereas angels require a human's permission to be able to possess them. While ghosts and angels can only possess living human bodies, demons can possess corpses as well as living humans. Possession by angels, demons and ghosts is not permanent can be undone through multiple methods, which exorcise and expel the possessing entity from the human body. Possession by Leviathan, however, instead appears to be permanent; altering the possessed person's body to possess Leviathans' biological characteristics such as black blood, without any indication that any of the human to whom the body originally belonged remaining.

Another thing humans are commonly used by many supernaturals (particularly monsters) for is as prey and a food source. Vampires, djinn, vetala and changelings all feed on human blood; and Leviathans, rougarous, gods, ghouls, wendigos and rakshasas all likewise feed on human flesh. Alternatively, some creatures may feed on different specific parts of the human body than blood or flesh, such as the brain or heart; examples of such creatures including werewolves, wraiths, skinwalkers, Kitsune and pishtaco. There are also a few creatures which feed on humans spiritually rather than physically; such as shtrigas, which feed on humans' Spiritus Vitae, and crocottas, which feed on their victims' souls. Grigori also feed on humans' souls, though in their case it's an addiction rather than a diet necessity.

Humans can breed with some supernatural creatures and beings; some monsters can breed more of their own kind with human sexual partners, while union between a human and a spiritual being can produce a human-supernatural halfbreed. Shapeshifters and rougarous can both reproduce with humans. Copulation between a human and an angel can apparently produce a halfbreed child, a Nephilim. Under certain circumstances, a female human under demonic possession for nine months can conceive and give birth to a half-human, half-demon child over the possession.

Turning from humanEdit

It is possible for humans to be transformed and converted to supernatural creatures under specific and unique circumstances. The means by which a human becomes one of a supernatural species varies and depends, but is often achieved by infection.

  • Demons - Humans can be transformed into demons, usually through torturing, corrupting and mutilating a human's soul until its humanity is burnt out and it's left a dark, twisted, malicious monstrosity. A human's soul can be warped into a demon by constant unbearable torture at spiritual hands over a long time (such as the tortures of Hell), but the Mark of Cain was also capable of demonizing the souls of its human bearers.
  • Vampires - Vampires can turn humans into more of their own kind by infecting humans' bodies with their blood (usually either through force-feeding it into the human's mouth, but alternatively through blood exchange). After a human has been infected, they will begin to develop vampiric characteristics, abilities and weaknesses. Once a vampirism-infected individual feeds on blood for the first time, their transformation into a vampire is completed.
  • Werewolves - A human can become infected with lycanthropy when they are bitten by a werewolf in its wolfed-out state and survive. There is no known cure for lycanthropy, and it's thought to be irreversible.
  • Wendigos - When a human indulges in cannibalism, if they devour enough human flesh, they will become a wendigo; slowly transforming over a matter of years into a powerful, monstrous, inhuman, cannibalistic and immortal predator.
  • Jefferson Starships - Humans could be turned and transformed into Jefferson Starships almost instantly by being bitten by a Starship. Eve was also capable of infecting humans and turning them into Starships by physical contact.
  • Arachnes - Arachnes, when seeking to mate, are capable of turning humans of the opposite sex into arachnes by poisoning them with their venom. There isn't a cure for conversion into an arachne.
  • Skinwalkers - Like werewolves, skinwalkers can also turn humans with a bite.

Becoming humanEdit

A few supernatural creatures and beings can be rendered human by certain methods.

  • Angels - If an angel's grace is removed from it, then the angel will be left in a powerless state which lacks its celestial attributes, and can become human as a result. If an angel loses its grace while in its true form, then the angel will be reborn as a human to mortal parents. If an angel's grace is removed while it is possessing a vessel, then the vessel will become a mortal and powerless body with the graceless angel locked inside. A humanised angel can reverse this and become an angel again by reabsorbing their removed grace, and they can also temporarily regain their celestial abilities by absorbing another angel's grace as a substitute.
  • Demons - There is a complex ritual, invented by Father Max Thompson, which is capable of restoring a demonised soul's humanity and making it a living mortal again. If a demon is bound on hallowed ground and injected hourly with purified blood, the demon will begin to feel remorse and humanity. To complete the ritual; after the eighth injection, the human caster must say an incantation and force-feed the subject demon their purified blood directly. If the curing ritual is not completed, the subject will remain a demon, but will suffer some long-term side-effects; such as blood addiction, and empathy towards human kin.
  • Vampires - If a vampire has not yet fed on human blood since being infected, then they can be fully reverted to their human state without any long-term side-effects, by drinking a special recipe consisting of several ingredients (most prominently the blood of their vampire maker). The recipe can only cure vampires who haven't yet fed for the first time, and will not work once a vamp's transformation is completed by feeding on blood.


Early historyEdit

Humans were originally created by God in prehistoric times to live and dwell on the Earth. (Season 4 onwards) Comments and derogatory terms from angels indicate that God created the humans through evolution, having humankind evolve from primates. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester onwards) The original humans lived in the Garden of Eden. (Season 9) After God created humans, he commanded angels to bow down to and love them more than him; but Lucifer refused, and was eventually cast out from Heaven for rebelling against God over God's preference of humans. (Season 5) On Earth, Lucifer set about corrupting the humans in the Garden, and he successfully slipped past Gadreel into the Garden and corrupted humankind. (Season 9) Lucifer also found a way to mutilate and warp humans' souls into evil, malicious spiritual perversions known as demons, and he was locked away in a cage in Hell as punishment. (When the Levee Breaks)

After Lucifer's rebellion and imprisonment and the corruption of mankind, humanity continued to grow and develop, and eventually become the most widespread and technologically advanced species on Earth. Humans existed on Earth alongside various supernatural creatures and entities; such as monsters which preyed upon humans, demons which escaped from Hell, and pagan gods which humans worshipped. Humans' various cultures and religions incorporated many of these supernatural creatures and their attributes into their mythology and folklore over the millennia.

In prehistoric times, humans initially lived in fear of the dark and of the creatures in it such as the monsters and Alphas, until the titan Prometheus gave humans the secret to making fire, allowing humans to make fire for themselves as light and shelter from the dark. (Remember the Titans) As humans continued to evolve and grow over the times and become a sapient race which built various civilisations, they initially continued to worship the pagan gods, offering themselves to the gods as sacrifice in exchange for good harvest and/or protection in hard times. However, 2000 years ago, with the coming of Christianity after the coming and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam became more and more popular and widespread among humankind, and the humans turned away from, shunned and demonised the pagan gods. (A Very Supernatural Christmas)

Throughout humanity's history, even after the coming of the Abrahamic religions, humans became infamous among the supernatural world; for their violent and destructive tendencies and creativity, for regularly fighting bloody and waging war with each-other over small and petty matters, and for constantly trying harder and harder to better devote and prove themselves to God no matter how successful they already were, and at times even pillaging and warring and murdering each-other in God's name over differences in worship and religion.

Recent historyEdit

By the 20th century, the majority of humans lived unaware or in denial of the existence of the supernatural creatures and paranormal forces in the world, with exceptions such as hunters (who existed to hunt supernatural creatures and save humans from them) and the Men of Letters (who'd existed for a long time to gather and collect all the knowledge and secrets of the supernatural world there was to know, until the Men of Letters were eradicated by Abaddon in 1958). Most of the supernatural entities and monsters in the world in turn lived either in secret or unnoticed to humankind, killing and preying upon humans covertly and in hiding and drawing little attention.

In 2009 - 2010, unnoticed to humans other than some hunters and a few religious humans, the Apocalypse began after Lucifer was set free from his cage to begin the demons' genocide against humanity and his war to retake Heaven; although the full devastation of the Apocalypse, which would destroy half the Earth and decimate a significant majority of humanity, could not begin until Lucifer and Michael possessed Sam and Dean Winchester as their respective true vessels. (Season 5) Though the Battle of Armageddon and the end of the world almost came, the Apocalypse was ultimately derailed when Sam and Dean trapped Michael and Lucifer in Lucifer's cage; saving humanity, who were oblivious that the Apocalypse some of them believed in had just come and gone. (Swan Song)

A year after the Apocalypse was derailed, humanity faced another threat they were unaware of, when Eve returned to Earth to turn all of humanity into her new monsters as revenge against Crowley for torturing monsters in his search for Purgatory. However, Eve's plans were stopped and humanity saved again when she was killed with phoenix ash. (Season 6) Very shortly after Eve's death, an unaware humanity fell under threat yet again after the Leviathan were freed from Purgatory, and set about disguising themselves among humanity in positions of power, and began dumbing humans down with special food additive serums to dumb humanity into the Leviathans' perfect cattle. (Season 7) However, the Leviathans' plans were stopped and their hierarchy on Earth fell apart after the Leviathan leader Dick Roman was killed. (Survival of the Fittest)


Humans are usually seen as small things by most supernatural races and higher beings, although views and opinions towards humans are overall mixed. Some entities and creatures are disgusted by and disdainful towards humans' vicious tendencies and destructive capacity; while others are fascinated by and hold respect towards humankind's free will, imagination and creativity.

Angels' views on humanity are overall mixed and vary. Many angels are disrespectful and resentful towards humans, looking down on humans as animals and maggots, usually out of disdain and disgust at humans' flawed, fallible, destructive and overemotional nature. A few angels such as Lucifer even genocidally despise humanity out of jealousy or disagreement over God's favour of humans over angels. However, other angels have more respect and/or a more tolerant and neutral opinion towards humans, and a few angels even consider humans to be superior to angels because of their creativity and free will, and their constant efforts to overcome their destructive nature and do better. Religious humans who have never met angels but worship God look to angels as benevolent divine messengers for holy guidance; although humans who have personally encountered angels mostly know differently, and have a low opinion of angels as little more than 'dicks' and 'monsters' 'with wings.'

Although most humans other than hunters in modern times are unaware that demons exist, demons are reputed in human mythology and folklore as monstrous creatures which spread sickness, sin and destruction. Humans such as hunters who have encountered and dealt with real demons often despise demons, but do not underestimate higher-tier and more capable demons. Demons themselves have no qualms over killing and torturing humans simply for the sake of it. However, the demons who are true believers of Lucifer may consider themselves morally equal or superior to humans due to how similar their devotion to Lucifer is to humans' devotion to God.

Monsters mostly view humans as little - nothing more than a food source and/or a means of making more of their kind, and the majority have no qualms against killing, devouring or turning humans, and these monsters arrogantly believe they have as much right to life as humans despite causing human deaths. However, a highly rare few monsters attempt to coexist peacefully alongside humanity by living in hiding, and genuinely do not want humanity harmed or to themselves harm humans.

Pagan gods apparently have a low opinion towards humans, usually regarding humans as nothing more than food and/or a source of sacrifice, or as their own playthings and entertainment and property. Humans themselves originally worshipped the gods in pre-Christian times, but they turned from, shunned and demonised the pagan gods following the coming of Christianity and the spread of the Abrahamic religions.

Leviathans largely view humans as nothing more than food and cattle and generally treat them as such. However, Leviathans such as Dick Roman also hold a level of awe and respect towards humankind's imagination in constantly devising new means of destruction, although they also consider humanity's low use as food to be a more defining characteristic.

The Four Horsemen's views towards humankind varies between them, although most of them have a low opinion of humans as weak and fallible and flawed creatures. Death saw humans as little more than bacteria and protozoa and admitted to finding them annoying, but apparently held no love nor hate for humanity. War, Pestilence and Famine, however, all had a very low opinion of humans because of humans' susceptibility to the latter three horsemen; how humans constantly itch for an excuse to fight and war with and destroy each-other, how humans constantly starve and hunger and greed for more no matter how much they get, and how humans are so weak and susceptible to sickness and disease.