Hunters are people, usually humans, who hunt and neutralise supernaturals such as demons, ghosts, monsters and other paranormal phenomena, and protect innocent people from these supernatural threats.



Two of the most common reasons a person becomes a hunter are, either they suffered some personal emotional incident involving the supernatural such as losing a loved one to a creature or spirit, or they come from a family of hunters who raised them into the hunting lifestyle. It may also be both of these reasons, in the case of those such as Sam Winchester; they were raised as hunters but attempted to stay out of hunting and lead normal lives, only to be drawn back into hunting after losing a loved one to a being or creature. However, this is not always the case, as a person may either be recruited and trained by a hunter into hunting or elect by themselves to take up hunting. Though virtually all known hunters are humans, it would appear that there can be vary rare instances where a supernatural who is benevolent towards humans becomes a hunter - Castiel, an angel, once attempted to become an official hunter and join the Winchesters in hunting, and the Campbells once hoped to raise a baby shapeshifter, Bobby John, into hunting.

Lifestyle and locationEdit

Usually but not always, hunters have no single place to live, and they live on the move with few belongings as nomads. They move all around the country in search of or to reach hunts and cases across the country. Hunters also have little - no direct positions within or connections to the law, and thus they usually have to evade the law or discovery by the law of their hunting activities due to the police and government's lack of awareness of the supernatural and resulting regard of caught hunters as a danger to civilians. This in turn means that when they need access through police cordons, hospital isolations and such to bodies, victims and evidence when investigating cases, hunters usually use fake IDs and false identities to pose as FBI agents, students, marshals, rangers and such.


Though hunters do not appear to have a solid order or hierarchy among the hunter community, hunters are still aware of each-other and sometimes socialise or work together, though they typically work alone or in small groups and units. Hunters would sometimes meet and exchange information and socialise with each-other at meeting places such as Harvelle's Roadhouse.

Methods and viewsEdit

Though practically all hunters will combat, track and kill any supernatural being or creature that they discover to have caused a human death, hunters' views of and aggression against supernaturals can vary - some hunters are willing to tolerate and let go creatures that don't harm humans, while others aim and attempt to kill as many supernaturals as they can find regardless of moral alignment.

  • Although Dean and Sam Winchester, particularly the former, initially had trouble accepting that some of the supernaturals they encountered weren't evil and still initially have trouble trusting benevolent supernaturals, they are tolerant of creatures that don't kill humans, and leave them alone; and Sam and Dean may even attempt to help these benevolent creatures resist their monstrous nature and/or defend them against more ruthless and bigoted hunters.
  • Ellen and Jo Harvelle apparently did not have any issues with benevolent supernaturals whom they knew could be trusted, like the angel Castiel, as they were shown to treat Cass as a friend.
  • Samuel Campbell appeared to have a somewhat pessimistic view towards deadly monsters' hopes of moral alignment, shown in his belief that when Dean was temporarily turned into a vampire that Dean would inevitably give in and feed on blood if he wasn't cured soon enough. However, Samuel and the Campbell family have also shown to be willing to adopt monsters and train them as useful hunters, seen when they hoped to raise a baby shapeshifter, Bobby John, as a hunter and one of them.
  • Gordon Walker possessed a dangerous hatred for all vampires, and regarded them as filthy disease and did not associate them as being capable of goodness or as the people they were as humans; likewise, when Gordon learned that Sam was a special child, he believed that Sam would inevitably join the demons against humanity despite Sam being a good hunter himself. In these respects, Gordon led a ruthless, bigoted and almost fanatical anti-supernatural campaign in hunting against all and any supernatural beings and creatures he could find, regardless of their moral alignment and whether or not they were harming or even dangerous to humans.
  • Martin Creaser was suspicious of even monsters like the vampire Benny Lafitte that were trying to avoid harming humans, and he wanted to kill said monsters even after they'd been proven to be clean.
  • The religious and unstable hunter Kubrick, after learning Sam was a special child, was initially doubtful that Sam was evil because of Sam's status and reputation as a good hunter, but after Kubrick mistook Sam's bad luck caused by a rabbit's foot as a sign that God wanted Sam dead, Kubrick became fully convinced that Sam was evil, and so joined Gordon in trying to kill Sam.
  • Travis did not have any faith that rougarous that had not yet fully metamorphosed could resist eating humans and retain their humanity, to the point that he attempted to kill the resisting rougarou Jack Montgomery and even an unborn rougarou child.
  • The hunters' kids orphaned and trained by Victor Rogers, particularly Aidan, initially refused to believe from Dean that hunting wasn't all about killing and that helping a newly-turned vampire instead of killing her was an option, though this changed after Dean calmed them down, and they helped cure the vampire.


It is standard procedure that after a hunter dies, their body is burnt on a pyre for reasons such as stopping their spirit from becoming a ghost.

Leaving huntingEdit

Though many experienced hunters usually come to resent hunting and long to quit hunting and have a normal life, it is widely philosophically considered impossible for a hunter to permanently get out of the world of hunting alive and settle down and have a normal life. Commonly, when a hunter retires and attempts to gain a normal life, it will not last permanently, and something involving the supernatural will happen which drives or forces the ex-hunter to go back to hunting. This incident could be supernaturals seeking revenge on the ex-hunter over a past encounter, a loved one of the hunter's normal life getting killed by a supernatural or emotionally pushed away, or it could be due to the hunter's knowledge of the truth about the supernatural forces in the world preventing them from being able to live normally and free of their hunter instincts like normal people. Due to the rarity of a hunter actually managing to stop hunting and gain a free, normal life, hunters such as Bobby Singer would regard it as being like a precious blessing when a hunter actually managed to get out of the hunting and supernatural world.

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