I Believe the Children Are Our Future
Production information
Season : 5
Episode : 6
Original airdate : 15 October, 2009
Directed by : Charles Beeson
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Daniel Loflin
Preceded by : Fallen Idols
Followed by : The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

I Believe the Children Are Our Future is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Supernatural.


"Eleven-year-old Jesse believes in fairy tales (a very scary tooth fairy) and urban legends (death-dealing joy buzzers). And whatever he believes comes true. Bad news for innocent victims. But the boys figure Jesse's parentage has something to do with his powers."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Sam and Dean investigate in Alliance, Nebraska when Amber Greer, while babysitting Jimmy Jansen, was found dead the next morning, having apparently scratched her brains out. Dean forces the truth out of Jimmy about what he knows concerning Amber's death, and Jimmy reveals that he'd put itching powder on Amber's hairbrush the night she died. Another bizarre death occurs soon afterwards, when a man at a hospital is electrocuted and charred to a crisp by a joy-buzzer. Suspecting that the joy-buzzer and itching powder may be cursed objects, Sam and Dean learn that they both came from the local magic-trick store. The Winchesters suspect based on the store's financial decline that the owner is probably a powerful witch who's cursing the pranks as revenge upon the world, but soon find that he is innocent.

By the next day, several more bizarre, but this time non-fatal, incidents have occurred round town and landed several people in hospital: a father whose daughter's tooth was under his pillow was attacked in the night by an apparition of a man in a tooth fairy costume, who tore all his teeth out with pliers and left one 25¢ coin for each taken tooth; two kids have gotten stomach ulcers from mixing Pop Rocks and Coke, and Dean has gained hairy palms shortly after meeting an attractive nurse. Sam and Dean realize that the connection is that all the bizarre phenomena around town are childhood urban myths and other lies that kids believe, coming to life. Tracking the locations of all the old wife's tales becoming reality around town, Sam finds that they all occur within a two-mile radius, at the centre of which is a remote farmhouse. Heading to the farmhouse to investigate the source of the phenomenon, Sam and Dean, posing as FBI agents, meet Jesse Turner, an intelligent and independent 11-year-old boy who takes care of himself at the house while his parents are at work for most of the day. The Winchesters learn that Jesse believes in all the urban myths that have come to life, and that his perception of the tooth fairy matches the manifestation that tore out the father's teeth. They also find that convincing Jesse of the truth about how joy-buzzers don't electrocute people instantly causes the cursed joy-buzzer to lose its electrical power and revert to an ordinary, harmless toy. This confirms that Jesse is indeed the one who is reshaping reality around town to bring the childhood lies to life, and likely isn't even aware of it.

To find out where Jesse's reality-shaping power is coming from, Sam digs up Jesse's history, and finds that Jesse was in fact adopted. Dean and Sam go to Elk Creek to visit Jesse's birth mother, Julia Wright, and ask her about her pregnancy. When the Winchesters ask if there was anything unusual about the pregnancy, Julia suspects they are demons and tries to flee, until she throws salt at them to no effect. Julia explains how she knows about demons, and that it's directly tied to Jesse's birth: in 1998, Julia was possessed by a demon, and her possessed body had fallen pregnant; when the child was born, Julia retook control long enough to exorcise the demon by ingesting a nearby bag of salt, then put the newborn Jesse up for adoption and ran. Upon hearing that Sam and Dean have found Jesse, Castiel arrives and declares it's very lucky Jesse has been found. Castiel explains that Jesse is a type of half-human, half-demon, known as a cambion or the Antichrist. Cass warns that while Jesse's powers cloak him from both angels and demons for now and stop the demons from finding him, Jesse's powers will keep getting stronger with Lucifer risen, until he is eventually found and is corrupted into one of Lucifer's greatest apocalyptic weapons. Cass believes that the only way to stop Jesse from becoming Lucifer's weapon is by killing him, since they can't kidnap or even risk angering Jesse without provoking his powers' wrath. But Sam is against the notion of killing a child, and is hopeful that if they just tell Jesse the entire truth about the Apocalypse and what he is, then he might make the right choice. Cass coldly reminds Sam that he didn't make the right choice when it was him who was at that figurative-crossroads, then teleports away to go deal with Jesse himself. Sam and Dean immediately rush back to get to Jesse's house before Cass does; when they arrive, they find that Cass beat them there, but Jesse has instinctively turned Cass into a toy figure in self-defence. Meanwhile, back in Elk Creek, Jesse's demonic parent returns to Julia, and now that she finally knows where Jesse is, the demon repossesses Julia and heads off to find Jesse.

After he instinctively tapped into his powers to turn Castiel into a toy, Jesse is now aware that he has powers, but not of what he really is. Dean and Sam tell Jesse that he's a superhero and that the two of them are government agents looking for kids like him with special powers, and the Winchesters plan to take Jesse to Bobby so that the latter can train Jesse on how to use his powers for good. But suddenly, the repossessed Julia arrives and telekinetically pins Sam and Dean back. Jesse's demon parent proceeds to brutally expose to its half-human son the harsh truth; about how Jesse's family aren't his birth parents, about how none of the childhood fears he believes were real, and about how Sam and Dean were lying about him being a superhero and about them being government agents. Angered that everyone has lied to him all his life, Jesse's powers begin to manifest, causing the entire house to violently tremble. Sam admits that they lied to Jesse, but offers to tell him the truth. Jesse lets Sam speak, and incapacitates the possessed Julia so that the demon can't intervene. Sam tells Jesse about who he and Dean really are as hunters, about who Julia and the demon inside her are, and about how Jesse is part of the war between Heaven and Hell. Jesse is overwhelmed by the burden of knowing all this and that he's half-demon, but Sam reminds him that he's still half-human as well and can choose for himself whether to go with his demon parent or come with the Winchesters. Jesse thinks about it for a moment, and, choosing his humanity over his demonic destiny, uses his powers to exorcise his demon parent from his human birth-mother.

After Jesse has chosen his side and gotten rid of Julia's demon, Sam and Dean admit that Jesse will have to leave his home now that the demons know where he is, and that they'll have to take him into hiding at Bobby's and get him trained up. Jesse wants to take his parents with him. Sam tells Jesse that while they can't and won't stop him if that's his decision, he needs to know that it'll be dangerous for them to, and that once he and they are in the fight, there's no getting out until the battle is over. Jesse asks to go say goodbye to his parents (who have been asleep upstairs throughout the whole thing, apparently due to Cass putting a spell on them to stop them from waking up before morning) before he leaves. Jesse heads upstairs and takes one last look at his parents, then uses his powers to put everyone affected by his powers who is still alive (Cass included) back to normal. Jesse then teleports away and vanishes, leaving behind a note saying that he left to keep his parents safe, "that he loves them and he's sorry." The restored Cass tells Sam and Dean that because of Jesse's powers and his cloaking ability, they won't be able to find him unless he wants to be found. As Sam and Dean hit the road and leave town, they've both been clearly affected by what's happened with Jesse and with how they destroyed his life by telling him the truth. Dean notes that he's starting to understand why parents lie to their children - they want their kids to feel safe and not be burdened with the knowledge of the real evils out in the world. Dean also comments that the more he thinks about this, the more he wishes that John had lied to them rather than let them know the truth.








  • This episode contains several references to the 1990 novel Good Omens, written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Both feature a child who is actually unknowingly the Antichrist (Jesse Turner in Supernatural, Adam Young in Good Omens) and whom both the heroes and the villains are searching for and closing in on. Other similarities include that in both stories; the young Antichrist's powers cause real manifestations of the old wife's tales they believe in, the Antichrist has grown up with ordinary parents and no supernatural interference due to Lucifer's servants losing the Antichrist when it was a newborn, and both Jesse and Adam ultimately choose to turn away from the Antichrist's destiny and Lucifer's plans.


  • Castiel, when discrediting the believe that the Antichrist was Lucifer's son, declared the Bible "gets more wrong than it does right." But in actuality, the Bible never indicates that the Antichrist is the Devil's child, and that idea originates in films such as The Omen.


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