I Know What You Did Last Summer
Production information
Season : 4
Episode : 9
Original airdate : 13 November, 2008
Directed by : Charles Beeson
Written by : Sera Gamble
Preceded by : Wishful Thinking
Followed by : Heaven and Hell

I Know What You Did Last Summer is the ninth episode of Season 4 of Supernatural.


"What happened to Sam during the months Dean was dead? During the search for a girl named Anna Milton, who has a mysterious connection to angels, Sam reveals the astonishing events of the summer."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

A girl named Anna Milton is being held at a psychiatric institute, because she one day suddenly started hearing voices and tried to warn people that the Apocalypse is coming. During an interview with her councillor, her visions which have been labelled mental illness turn out to be uncoincidentally accurate to the real angel-demon war over Lucifer's seals: according to her, there are over 600 seals, but Lilith and her demons only need to break 66 to set Lucifer free. After the interview, a demon possessing an orderly comes into Anna's room to try and kill her (and in the process it is revealed that Anna can see demons' true faces), but Anna incapacitates him by instinctively exerting a mysterious telekinetic power and escapes.

Sam and a distrustful Dean are approached by Ruby with news of Anna's escape; apparently several demons including high-ranking ones have been dispatched with orders to capture Anna alive, and Sam and Dean head out to investigate. When interviewing Anna's doctor, Sam and Dean find that her visions of the approaching Apocalypse showed the real thing: her sketches are uncannily accurate to the breaking of the seals, and her alleged breakdown first started on the same day Dean was resurrected.

Sam and Dean first stop by Anna's old home to find both of her parents have been murdered by demons. They go to Anna's family's church next, where they find Anna hiding in the attic. Upon recognising Sam and Dean from the voices she hears, Anna explains that what she has been hearing is actually the angels communicating with each-other on their own frequency; hence explaining why the demons want her captured because of her usefulness. She also reveals from what she's heard that a lot of the angels see Dean as a beacon of hope, and some of them don't like Sam at all. Ruby then arrives to warn Sam and Dean of an incoming high-level demon, but they don't have a chance to run for it before the demon arrives. Sam and Dean fight the demon, Alastair, while Ruby takes Anna and gets away: during the scuffle, Alastair proves to be unharmed by both Sam's powers and the demon-killing knife, and it is revealed when Dean recognises him that they knew each-other while Dean was in Hell. Unable to beat Alastair, Sam and Dean are forced to escae by jumping through the window, and the demon knife is left behind in the process.

As Sam and Dean recuperate, Dean demands to know why Sam puts so much trust in Ruby, and Sam goes into the events of the four months while Dean was in Hell. After being turned down by every crossroads demon in his desperate effort to trade places with Dean, an alcoholic and utterly-trainwrecked Sam met Ruby again: she'd apparently been released from Hell by Lilith on the order that she kill Sam, but she once more betrayed her kind and rejoined with Sam. Ruby persuaded Sam that his wrecked, miserable, suicidal self was not what Dean would have wanted, and that if he wanted to do something then he should focus on getting revenge on Lilith.

Under Ruby's tutelage, Sam began reawakening his old demonic abilities to be able to psychokinetically harm and even exorcise demons. Sam was initially unsuccessful, but quickly got better at it. When Sam was still at his lowest, Ruby even seduced him and the two had sex. After a while, Sam, despite Ruby's warnings, went off on his own to try and kill Lilith, but wound up walking into a trap set by two demons in Lilith's service. However, Ruby came to rescue Sam, risking being punished in Hell in the process, and the two defeated both the demons.

After Sam finishes his story, Ruby, by briefly possessing a motel maid, passes on the address where she's hidden herself and Anna, and warns them of demons watching the motel. Sam and Dean slip out to the address to reunite with Anna and Ruby. Dean rather awkwardly thanks Ruby for taking care of Sam while he was gone, and the group get a reprieve in which Sam and Dean are able to tell a grief-stricken Anna about her parents' deaths. Anna then senses a powerful supernatural force coming in, but to Sam and Dean's surprise, it isn't Alastair: it's Castiel and Uriel. They demand that Sam and Dean hand Anna over to them, with Cass declaring that she has to die.








  • In this episode, Ruby is able to enter a church, even though it was previously established in Salvation that low-ranking, "minor-league" demons cannot walk on hallowed ground. This could be an early clue that Ruby's a stronger demon than she's thought to be.


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