I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
Production information
Season : 9
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 8 October, 2013
Directed by : John F. Showalter
Written by : Jeremy Carver
Preceded by : Sacrifice
Followed by : Devil May Care

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here is the first episode of Season 9 of Supernatural.


In the aftermath of the Fall which has expelled all the angels to Earth, when Sam collapses and is dying from the Trials of God's effects, a frantic Dean resorts to calling out to all the scattered fallen angels for help. The helpful angel Ezekiel reaches Dean first to try and save Sam, but dozens of more angry and vengeful angels are also coming for Dean; and in the meantime, Sam is fighting for his life in his head and trying to choose between surviving and dying. Meanwhile, a lost Castiel is learning to survive as a human, and meets another of the fallen angels and tries to teach her free will, with dangerous consequences.

Full synopsisEdit

Following the events of Sacrifice, Sam and Dean are out on the road in the Impala and discussing the Fall of all the angels from Heaven that they saw. Sam says that people are calling the Fall that the world has witnessed a global meteor shower, and notes that the appearance of thousands of fallen angels all across the Earth is a serious problem. However, Dean tells Sam that the fallen angels, the demons, Metatron and whatever has happened to Castiel is currently the least of their problems - because according to Dean, something happened to Sam back in the church from the Trials of God's effects, and Sam is dying at this very moment. It is then shown that Sam's conversation with Dean in the Impala is all in his head, and Sam is actually lying comatose in hospital with a worried Dean sitting by his side. Dean looks over at a nearby TV in Sam's room, which shows news footage that is showing videos of the angels falling all across the world.

A doctor eventually comes in to inform Dean that Sam's MRI scans indicate that he is suffering severe internal burning and oxygen deprivation, and that there is nothing the hospital can do to save Sam but keep him alive in a vegetative state with the support machines. Dean is angered and upset over this, and the doctor fails to calm Dean down, and Dean then storms out, and goes to the hospital chapel. In the chapel, Dean prays to Castiel, to tell Cass that Sam is severely hurt and needs help, and also assuring Cass that he isn't angry with him for causing the Fall and that they can work things with the angels out. Dean looks around to see if Castiel will reply or appear, and when Cass doesn't, Dean gives up on that and resorts to another way of getting help - he sends out a prayer for all and any of the fallen angels listening to hear, telling them who he is and that he needs their help; the first angel to be able to reach him at Linwood Memorial Hospital and help him will get Dean's own help in return. Across the country, three angels are shown hearing Dean's prayer and immediately leaving and heading off to reach Dean: an angel possessing a family man in the middle of breakfast, an angel possessing a hiker on a bus, and an angel possessing a farmer in a field. In the hospital chapel, as he finishes the prayer to the angels, Dean silently weeps a little.

Back in Sam's comatose mind, Sam and the version of Dean in Sam's mind with him in the Impala are arguing about Sam's current situation in a coma from the trials' damage. Dean insists that Sam can and must fight to survive and get out of this just like he and Dean always do, but Sam is unconvinced that coma-Dean is as confident as he sounds. Coma-Dean also explains how this is all in Sam's head, and that coma-Dean represents Sam's will and instinct to survive. Coma-Dean claims to have a plan how Sam will escape this, but Sam seems unconvinced, and doesn't understand how or why he should fight to survive at all if even the part of him that wants to live doesn't know how to fight. Bobby then suddenly appears in the Impala setting's backseat, and agrees with Sam on the subject.

In the wilderness of Longmont, Colorado, a lone Castiel is walking down the country road through the woods, painfully hearing hundreds of scared, shocked and confused screams and cries calling out all at once on angel radio, no doubt from the fallen angels in the aftermath of the Fall. In Cass' disorientation from the fallen angels' cries, suddenly, a pickup truck arrives on the road and almost hits Castiel, narrowly avoiding him when Cass jumps out of the way. As the driver rushes out to check on Cass, Castiel looks at a bloody wound in his palm from the close call with the driver's pickup, and he finds that with Castiel's grace gone and his body having become human and powerless as a result, he's feeling pain from the wound and he now can't heal or shrug off earthly injuries as he could when he was an angel. The driver offers Castiel help such as water, then when Cass asks him for a phone, the driver explains there's no signal in the wilderness, and offers to drive Cass to a phone instead; Castiel takes up this offer, noting aloud that he'll have to get transport to a phone now that he's lost his teleporting power without his grace.

Back in the Impala setting in Sam's comatose mind, coma-Dean and coma-Bobby are arguing about whether or not Sam wants to die; coma-Bobby apparently represents the part of Sam that wants to give in and die. Coma-Dean and Bobby's argument soon devolves into one about Dean's reckless actions in fighting death in the past and their consequences, such as when Dean sold his soul, until Sam can't take it and breaks the argument up. Coma-Bobby and Dean then begin disputing about whether or not Sam himself right now wants to fight and survive, and when coma-Dean thinks that he's in the front car seat because he's the stronger part of Sam's psyche, coma-Bobby is then shifted in the front seat, between Sam and coma-Dean, in an awkward moment. Before coma-Dean can try to stop him, coma-Bobby then teleports himself and Sam away from coma-Dean and the Impala setting into a sunny, beautiful forest setting, and coma-Bobby walks with Sam.

Back in Colorado, the driver that nearly hit Castiel drops him off at a gas station, generously giving Cass some money from the station's payphone and for food from the local store; across the street at the gas station, a girl in a car is watching Castiel with interest. Castiel goes up to the payphone, which the biker is on, and demands that the biker immediately hang up and let Castiel use it, which angers and aggravates the biker. Cass tries to subdue the biker by knocking him out, but he then finds that he has lost his unconsciousness-rendering power with his other abilities without his grace. The biker then pushes Castiel back and resumes his call. As Castiel is turning away, the girl from the car comes up to Castiel, claiming to recognise him. The girl reveals that she is an angel called Hael who met Castiel in Heaven in the past.

Back at the hospital, Dean is waiting with Sam's comatose body in his room, when a woman comes in. She turns out to not be an angel, and is the hospital's grief consullor, Kim Schortz. Dean respectfully explains he isn't looking for any grief counselling yet, but Kim warmly advises that Dean would want someone to talk to about what she believes to be an inevitable death. However, Dean is still convinced that there is a fighting way to save his brother. As Kim explains that she herself believes in miracles but doubts Sam will get one, Dean then has a brainstorm about having the King of Hell captive in his trunk and heads out, leaving Kim confused about what Dean meant. In the hospital's garage, Dean heads down to where the Impala is parked, and he knocks on the trunk's closed lid for a response from Crowley. Crowley gives a knock back to confirm from in the trunk that he's alive. Suddenly, the angel possessing the family man, having arrived at the hospital, grabs Dean from behind and holds an angel blade to his neck. When Dean confirms Dean was the one who sent out the prayer for help, the angel declares that Dean will be helping him.

The family man angel violently demands that Dean give him Castiel's location, but when Dean learns that the angel and virtually every other celestial on Earth want Cass for revenge over the Fall, Dean sarcastically refuses to tell where Cass is. The family man angel is then about to kill Dean, when the hiker angel arrives and surprises him, trying to calm him down. The family man angel doesn't recognise the hiker angel, who asks that the family man angel disarm. The angel pretends to comply and releases Dean, then violently attacks the hiker angel. As the two angels fight, they drop the angel blade the family man angel had, and Dean hastily grabs it and uses it to kill the hostile family man angel. Dean then asks the remaining one, the hiker angel, who he is, but the angel is only able to confirm that he's here to help before he passes out from the scuffle.

Back at the gas station in Colorado, Castiel and Hael are talking and discussing, with Hael thinking back to how she and every other angel suddenly fell and lost their wings out of nowhere in the middle of an ordinary day in Heaven, and how many of the other angels are still scattered, lost and scared all around the Earth and most still haven't found vessels. Castiel lies that he doesn't know how the Fall happened, and Hael then talks about the loss of Castiel's grace - Cass notes that while he can still hear angel radio, he seems to have lost all his other celestial strengths and attributes. While Hael also feels afraid because of how the two of them and the other angels are now without the order and purpose they had in Heaven before the Fall, Castiel tries to lighten her up that the Earth offers a better form of purpose than order - freedom and opportunity. Hael is confused about the purpose and meaning of freedom, and Castiel explains it to her by asking her where on Earth she would like to go if she could do anything or go anywhere. Hael thinks, and then reveals that she was responsible for making the Grand Canyon when she was last on Earth and notes that she'd like to see it again, so Castiel agrees to go visit the Canyon with her.

Back in the hospital garage, the hiker angel that helped Dean fight off the hostile family man angel wakes up trapped within a circle of holy fire, with Dean watching him from outside the circle. Dean sizes the angel up on who he is and whether he can be trusted, and the hiker angel identifies himself as Ezekiel. When Dean asks about how trustworthy he can find Ezekiel, Zeke warns that because of the open prayer Dean sent out, many more hostile angels will likely be coming, but Zeke is not one of them. Ezekiel assures Dean that there are still some angels, him included, that still believe in God's last mission that the angels help and protect humankind, and therefore in Castiel and the Winchesters. Dean notes a comment Ezekiel made in the scuffle with the family man angel that Zeke was injured in the Fall, and Ezekiel admits that the Fall and the scuffle have damaged and weakened his strength, but he offers his remaining power to helping Dean.

Back in Sam's comatose mind setting, he and Bobby are walking through the sunny woods setting and discussing what Sam's feeling about whether or not to survive. Sam admits he wants to fight to live, but he just feels as though he doesn't have anything to fight for this time. Bobby encourages Sam to stop looking for something to fight for and to let go, and he assures Sam that after all the immense good he's done by saving the world multiple times and making so many sacrifices and saving so many people, he has already left himself a truly great and worthy legacy on the world. Back in Sam's hospital room in the real world, Ezekiel and Dean have returned, and Ezekiel scans Sam's body; he finds that while he should still have enough strength to heal Sam, Sam is in incredibly weak condition. Dean then gets a phone call, from Castiel.

Dean immediately heads out into the hospital hallway to talk on the phone with Cass, who is calling from the Colorado gas station's payphone, alone. Castiel explains to Dean that Metatron really was tricking him and the trials were actually a spell which is responsible for the Fall; Dean in turn tells Cass of how Sam has collapsed and is dying. Dean is confused how Castiel didn't beforehand know of Sam's state from Dean's prayers to him, and Cass explains to Dean that he can no longer hear prayers because Metatron took his grace and rendered him human, to Dean's shock. Castiel then asks about the Sam situation, and Dean explains another angel is there healing Sam; to confirm Ezekiel can indeed be trusted, Dean gives his name to Cass, and Cass confirms that Ezekiel is a good and trustworthy angel who should be able to help until Cass arrives. Dean is against it when Castiel intends to come to Sam and Dean, due to the angry and vengeful fallen angels all over the Earth that are after Cass, though Cass is confident not all of them want vengeance, and explains how he's met the benevolent-seeming Hael. Dean tries to warn Cass against helping angels because of how much trouble that's gotten him into with the Fall situation, and Dean begs Cass to look out for himself this once. Castiel is against abandoning his angel siblings, but Dean warns Cass that he has to, since now that he's mortal due to the loss of his grace, he is vulnerable to all the human vulnerabilities and weaknesses he didn't have to concern himself with before. Rumbling and tremors then begin at the hospital, and Dean gives Cass a last instruction to travel to the bunker and take shelter there, before hanging up.

Dean goes back to Sam's room to ask if the tremors are an angel, and Ezekiel confirms that it's a disembodied angel coming to the hospital and circling a vessel. Ezekiel advises that they flee before the angel takes its vessel and manifests, but Dean is reluctant as they cannot safely move Sam in his current comatose state. So Dean comes up with an alternative - he gets a marker and begins scrawling Enochian angel-warding sigils on the room's walls to keep the angel out. Back at the gas station in Colorado, Castiel has explained to a confused Hael that he needs to leave and head for the bunker. Hael wants to come with Cass, but Cass refuses because of the trouble with the more vengeful and hostile fallen angels after Cass, and he encourages Hael to go her separate way and help others and herself with her choices. Castiel then turns away to leave, when Hael suddenly grabs a piece of wood and knocks Cass down out cold.

Back at the hospital, Dean has finished covering Sam's room's door and walls with Enochian warding to keep the angel and any others that arrive out, and Ezekiel is hopeful he will be able to manage in spite of the warding's weakening effect. Ezekiel then hears a ringing noise that confirms the angels are now here, and Dean leaves Ezekiel in the room to help Sam, while Dean heads out into the hallways. All the hospital windows shattering around and after him as the incorporeal angel gives aggressive pursuit, Dean rushes through the hospital and pulls the fire alarm to get everyone out before the angel manifests. In Colorado, Castiel wakes up from when Hael knocked him out, to find she's taken him hostage and is driving a car with him in. Hael, clearly mentally unstable, refuses to let Castiel leave her at all, and reveals that she's aware that Cass was somehow responsible for the Fall. Hael reveals to Cass that she intends to take him with her to the Grand Canyon, then join as one with him by possessing him; as Castiel's vessel is strong enough to contain them both, whereas the girl Hael's currently possessing is already deteriorating rapidly from containing her. Hael then reminisces her belief that by joining through possession with Castiel, she could indeed learn to like it on Earth. Back at the hospital, in the aftermath of the violent tremors the angel's arrival in search of a vessel caused, Dean finds Kim Schortz lying nearby and tries to help her up. The farmer angel then arrives with an angel blade, and Dean protectively shields Kim behind himself and draws his own blade. Suddenly, Kim attacks and subdues Dean from behind with superhuman strength, revealing that this time she is possessed by an angel.














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