In My Time of Dying
2x1 SamFindsJohnDead
Production information
Season : 2
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 28 September, 2006
Directed by : Kim Manners
Written by : Eric Kripke
Preceded by : Devil's Trap
Followed by : Everybody Loves a Clown

In My Time of Dying is the first episode of Season 2 of Supernatural.


After the car crash of the Impala, the Winchesters are landed in hospital, where Dean's spirit is left wandering the hospital in an out-of-body experience as his body comes closer to dying. Dean's problems only worsen when he discovers a reaper in the hospital is trying to force him to die and cross over. Meanwhile, John makes a deadly bargain with the Yellow-Eyed Demon for Dean's life.

Full synopsisEdit

Picking up where Devil's Trap left off, after the possessed trucker crashes and runs the Impala off the road, he closes in on the injured Winchesters in the car. John and Dean are both unconscious, but Sam threatens the demon into smoking out and fleeing when he is willing to sacrifice the Colt's last bullet to kill it, and the de-possessed trucker is left to see the Impala's wreckage and call paramedics. Sam, Dean and John are brought out of the Impala's wreckage and taken to hospital by paramedic helicopter, but Sam's yells about how his father and brother are go unanswered. After the Winchesters are taken to hospital, Dean wakes up alone but seemingly well, and goes off to find Sam and John. But when Dean goes to reception for help, neither the receptionist nor anyone else seems to be able to see nor hear him. Realising something is seriously wrong, Dean goes to find Sam and John - but instead he finds his own body, comatose and in critical condition, revealing that Dean is really a spirit and is having an out-of-body experience.

Dean's spirit watches, but is unable to be seen or heard and can't interact or intervene. Sam, having come out of the crash without any major injuries, comes in to check on Dean's body, and Dean learns from Sam's dialogue that John too is okay. The doctor tells Sam that Dean's prognosis is not good - Dean's body has suffered severe internal injury and head trauma, and they don't know if Dean will ever wake up. Sam afterwards goes to John and is confident they can find a hoodoo priest who can save Dean, but John warns that while they'll try, they probably won't find anyone. When John learns that the Colt is in the Impala's wreckage which Bobby has towed back to his place, John sends Sam off to bring the Colt back to him, along with several supernatural ingredients on a list which John claims are for protection against demons. Before Sam leaves, he asks if John knows what the Yellow-Eyed Demon meant when he said he had plans for Sam "and all the children like [him]." John claims he doesn't know, but Dean can tell John is hiding something.

When Sam meets up with Bobby at his scrapyard, Bobby is unconvinced that there is enough left of the Impala to be worth repairing, but Sam insists that Dean will want to see the car and fix it himself if and when he gets better. Sam hands Bobby John's list of protection ingredients, but when Bobby sees the list, he reveals that these components actually aren't for warding off demons at all. Back at the hospital, as Dean's spirit can only watch and observe, John just sits at Dean's bedside and does nothing. Dean is appalled and hurt that John is just sitting there and is not searching for any hoodoo priests or other help or even saying anything, and Dean feels highly betrayed and upset at his father for his inaction in saving Dean after everything Dean has done all of his life for John without question. Before Dean can rage at his father's inaction further, he senses and catches sight of a pale-green wispy spirit skulking around the hospital's hallways, apparently like Dean only visible in the Veil to spirits. Dean follows this mysterious new spirit around before it disappears, and finds a living girl gasping and choking to death, and Dean realises that this spirit must be a dangerous killer entity.

Shortly after the encounter with the new killer spirit, as Dean's spirit watches on, a furious Sam returns and confronts John with the truth about the ingredients from Bobby's - they're actually for summoning demons. John tries to justify that he knows what he's doing and is doing this for Dean, but Sam is just fully enraged and furious with his father that he's actually putting his obsession with killing the Demon before his own son's life and death like this. As Dean can only watch Sam and John's intensifying argument over who's to blame for Dean's current state in dismay, Dean's frustration at being unable to stop the fighting boils over - and, to Dean's surprise, in a fit of rage he manages to smash a glass from on John's bedside, which cuts the argument and catches both Sam and John's attention. But Dean then suddenly feels his spirit begin weakening and dissipating as his comatose body goes into cardiac arrest, an when he goes to his body, he finds the green killer spirit floating above his body as doctors try to revive him. Guessing the other spirit is what's causing his body to die, Dean screams at and fights against it to get away from him; and as Sam watches the doctors attempt to revive Dean, for a moment Dean's defiant yells break through onto the material plane and Sam hears him. Dean manages to pull the other spirit away from his body, prompting it to flee and disappear, and Dean's body is successfully revived.

While Dean is wandering around the hospital, he meets another patient having an out-of-body experience like him - a girl called Tessa, who was rendered comatose after suffering complications during an appendectomy. As Tessa struggles with what's happening to her after she and Dean find her comatose body, Dean explains out-of-body experience and what it means is happening to them. Dean is confident that if they hold on, their bodies can get better and they can wake back up in their bodies. Afterwards, Tessa begins quickly adapting to and accepting her near-death state and is convinced it's just fate and will happen. But Dean doesn't believe in fate and destiny, and tells Tessa that they always have a choice and can decide between giving up and fighting on. Meanwhile, Sam goes to John about briefly hearing Dean through the Veil, and John notes that it is indeed possible that Dean's spirit could have left his comatose body and be wandering around. Sam then goes off to get something, but before he goes, John promises him that he won't try to hunt the Yellow-Eyed Demon until they know Dean's okay. As Dean and Tessa continue wandering around the hospital, Dean separates from Tessa to go see the commotion when a group of doctors are called to the ER. Dean finds the killer spirit looming over a dying little girl as doctors try to revive her, analogous to when the spirit tried to kill Dean's body. Dean successfully forces the spirit to disappear again, but the doctors fail to revive the girl anyway - Dean realises that this spirit isn't stealing people's lives so much as ending them when their time is just up, and he pieces together what the killer spirit is.

Sam goes back to Dean's body in his room with an Ouija board in hopes that they can use it to talk with each-other about Dean's predicament. Though Dean is embarrassed and unimpressed with the use of an Ouija board and is unconvinced it'll work, to his surprise, he's able to shift the planchette to spell out messages on the board to Sam. Using this method of communication to Sam, Dean is able to tell Sam he is indeed walking around as a spirit, and he warns Sam about the other spirit in the hospital. Based on how the other spirit is taking people's souls rather than murdering them, Dean identifies it to Sam - reaper. The brothers both know that if this reaper is here naturally and just doing its job unlike the last reaper they met (in Faith), then there's nothing they can do to stop it and save Dean. But Sam still tells himself that there must be some way of saving Dean from the reaper and goes to get answers from John, but he finds John's room is empty and he's gone.

Elsewhere, John slips into the hospital cellar with the ingredients from Bobby and the Colt, and begins drawing a sigil in chalk on the floor. John then begins the incantations and steps of the summoning ritual. Once it's finished, it initially appears as though it failed, until the Yellow-Eyed Demon arrives with two demon henchmen, possessing hospital staff. After John and Yellow-Eyes exchanges some taunts and threats, John gets down to business - he hasn't summoned the Demon to try and trap or kill him, but to make a deal with him.

Meanwhile, with John missing, Sam instead comes back to Dean's body with John's journal, and opens it to the profile on reapers for Dean's spirit to read. Dean finds a detail on reapers in the journal which surprises him and causes him to realise something big - according to the journal, reapers can alter human perception to disguise their true forms and look like anyone they want. Dean goes off into the hospital to find Tessa, who admits that she and the reaper are one and the same. Tessa explains that the reason she disguised herself in this human form was not to toy with Dean, but to be able to talk with him after he freaked out from seeing Tessa in her true form. Tessa tries to coerce and convince Dean that it's time for him to leave this world and move on.

Back at Dean's body, Sam sadly tells Dean that there's nothing in the journal on how to stop a reaper, but Sam says he'll keep searching and begs Dean to just keep fighting and not to leave him and John. Back in the Veil, Dean initially refuses to go with Tessa, and declares he's going to stay no matter what she does or says, since he feels his family still need him and he needs to be there to continue the fight against the demons. However, Tessa tells Dean that his part in the war is now over and the battle will just go on without him, and that Dean is no longer a part of his family's lives and fate in the war. Dean still refuses to go with Tessa no matter what. Tessa admits to Dean that she can't take him against his will, but he won't get back into his body either way. Tessa also warns Dean that while he can choose to stay behind as a ghost, he should be made aware of the consequences, because of how angry spirits are born - if Dean stays behind, he'll be disembodied and alone, and won't be able to let go or move on and can only watch the world and life go on without him, and over the decades it will gradually drive him mad and violent until he becomes the very thing he hunts.

Back in the basement, John and the Yellow-Eyed Demon discuss John's deal - John will surrender the Colt and its last bullet over to Yellow-Eyes, if Yellow-Eyes will save Dean. Though Yellow-Eyes has a grudge against Dean for killing Tom, he admits that he doesn't see Dean as a threat if he survives, or Sam for that matter. Yellow-Eyes also brings up the truth about Sam and the other children like him, and John reveals that he does indeed secretly know the truth about what Sam and the other psychic kids are and what the Demon wants with them. The Yellow-Eyed Demon admits he knows a way of saving Dean, and John also wants to see Dean recover before he hands over the Colt to make sure Yellow-Eyes does indeed hold up his end of the bargain. The Yellow-Eyed Demon accepts John's deal, on the moreover condition that John also surrenders something Yellow-Eyes wants just as much as the Colt if not more...

Back at Dean and Tessa, hearing about what'll happen to him and what he'll become if he stays behind has shaken Dean's original resolve that he'd stay to fight to the core. Tessa can't tell Dean where he's going and what's waiting for him in the afterlife if he goes with her, and admits that once Dean says yes or no to her he can't change his mind. Dean seriously thinks it over and is about to answer, when the Yellow-Eyed Demon suddenly arrives in smoke form and possesses Tessa. Using Tessa's reaper powers, Yellow-Eyes heals Dean and restores him to his body, and wipes his memory of his out-of-body experience.

After Dean's full recovery has been confirmed, he and Sam discuss his out-of-body experience and his reaper encounter which he can't remember. Dean wonders how he could have escaped the reaper, and while he can't remember anything, he still has a horrible feeling that something's very wrong. John then comes in to check on Dean and see how he is. Sam is suspicious of where John was last night and doesn't believe him when he says he didn't go after the Yellow-Eyed Demon, but John doesn't argue back and asks that just this once they don't fight. John admits he hasn't been a perfect father and has made mistakes, but he's always done the best he could. Sam and Dean are unnerved by this behaviour from John as though he's saying goodbye, but John brushes it off as being tired and sends Sam off to get him coffee. While John and Dean are alone with Sam getting coffee, John tells Dean that he's sorry for all the weight and burden he's put on Dean all of his life as a hunter with taking care of Sam and comforting John after hunts, and John says he's very proud of Dean for going through and doing all that without complaining once. John tells Dean as a last order that he will have to watch out for Sam, and then he whispers something in Dean's ear which leaves Dean horrified and speechless. John then leaves, and meets up in another room with an unseen figure (presumably the Yellow-Eyed Demon) to hand over the Colt and the other thing the Demon wants.

Later, as Sam is returning with John's coffee, to his horror, he finds John collapsed on the floor, and rushes over to his father's side and screams out for help. As Sam and Dean watch on in anguish, the doctors work and struggle to revive John, but their efforts fail and their father is dead.








  • There is some discrepancy as to the time frame in which this episode is set. Dean's heart monitor indicates that he went into cardiac arrest when Tessa first tried to reap him on 12 August, 2006 at 19:27. John's heart monitor when he dies, however, indicates he died at 09:06 on 19 July, 2006. The latter date given could be discredited by how it gave the time as 09:06, yet John was pronounced dead at 10:41.
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