6x18 IronMain
Historical information
Use(s) : Repelling and dissipating spirits
Harming some creatures
Affected creatures : See full list below
Production information
Appearance(s) : See full list below

Iron is a metallic chemical element capable of repelling, harming and incapacitating spirits and some supernatural creatures.

Effects on creaturesEdit


Iron has a long history of regard throughout the mythologies and folklores of the world, which widely regard it as the blood and lifeforce of the Earth. Iron was often thought to be able to harm, block or repel malevolent supernatural creatures such as ghosts, fairies and witches. The iron horseshoe has been seen by many cultures as a good luck charm, and it is said that nailing an iron horseshoe to a door will bring either good or bad luck, depending on whether the two ends points upwards or downwards.


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