It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Production information
Season : 4
Episode : 7
Original airdate : 30 October, 2008
Directed by : Charles Beeson
Written by : Julie Siege
Preceded by : Yellow Fever
Followed by : Wishful Thinking

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester is the seventh episode of Season 4 of Supernatural, and a Halloween special.


"Chomping candy, bobbing for apples. Halloween is such fun. Until gruesome deaths signify another seal is being broken. To stop it, Castiel and another angel plan a mass annihilation of the town."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

The day before Halloween, after a family man Luke Wallace dies in his home after four razor blades inexplicably started coming up his throat from his stomach, Sam and Dean come to town investigating his death. Though the boys can't find a reason for anyone to want Wallace dead, they do find a hexbag hidden behind the house's fridge, confirming that a witch is responsible. Sam also notes upon studying the hexbag's contents (particularly noting a Celtic talisman) that this was done by a very powerful witch.

The following evening, another witchy death occurs at a party when a high school girl drowns while bobbing apples; her face becomes stuck under the water and the water boils; when Sam and Dean arrive to investigate in the aftermath, they find another hexbag at the scene. The dead girl's friend, Tracy Davis, tells Sam and Dean when they investigate that she doesn't know Luke Wallace when they ask her about what happened.

On doing further research on the talisman from the hexbags, Sam concludes that these hex killings are part of a powerful ritual, which calls for three human sacrifices over the three days leading up to before midnight on Halloween (the day the Celts believed the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest), and can only be performed once every 600 years: a ritual to raise Samhain, who is in fact a powerful demon and the origin of Halloween, from Hell. Sam explains to Dean that once Samhain is walking the Earth, he will start raising all sorts of other ghoulish creatures of the night, promising a bloodbath if they can't stop him; Sam also mentions that one of the modern Halloween traditions which comes from Samhain is dressing up as monsters, because the masks hid people from Samhain.

As Sam and Dean search to find out who the witch behind the ritual could be, on the day before Halloween, suspicion falls on Tracy when the boys discover that: she was the Wallace family's babysitter despite what she told them, and she was suspended from school after she got into a violent altercation with a teacher. Sam and Dean go to the art teacher tracy attacked, Don Harding; on the way, Dean is disturbed as one of the Halloween masks in Don's art class reminds him of Hell. Don tells Sam and Dean that Tracy attacked her after he criticised her disturbing artwork, which depicted her committing barbaric killings and also Celtic symbols (including the one on the Samhain talisman).

Unable to locate Tracy, Sam and Dean return to their motel room to find Castiel waiting for them, along with another angel named Uriel. Though Sam is initially highly pleased to meet the angels at last, both of them fail to return his respect properly or live up to people's high and positive view of angelkind; Uriel in particular quickly proves himself to be a very smug, snorty, arrogant, nasty, namecalling, unreasonable and unhelpful angel compared to Castiel, looking down on both the boys as "mud monkeys" whom he can't even properly address. The angels reveal that they came in time to retrieve a hexbag from the motel wall that the witch planted to kill the boys, knowing they're onto them. Castiel also explains that the raising of Samhain is one of Lucifer's seals, which is why the angels are intervening... and he warns Sam and Dean that they need to leave town now, because the angels are going to wipe the whole town out off the planet to stop the witch from breaking the seal. However, Dean refuses to leave short of being killed himself, and Castiel agrees to hold off and let the Winchesters try and identify and stop the witch themselves, their way. After the confrontation with Castiel and Uriel, Sam is disappointed at the angels' behaviour and what they turned out to really be like compared to what he'd been expecting, but Dean encourages his brother not to lose faith in God just because a few of his messengers are "dicks."

Shortly after the confrontation, Sam realises that another one of the hexbags' contents - a charred metacarpal bone from a newborn baby - would need more intense heat than that from any fire to char it, and they go back to the high school's art department - where they find dozens more charred bones in Don Harding's desk drawer. Elsewhere, Castiel and Uriel, inconspicuously watching at a local park, discuss humans (whom Uriel enjoys to no end namecalling as nothing but maggots, and is far too eager to go out of his way to see one "insignificant" town full of them obliterated); while Castiel criticses Uriel's behaviour, reminding him that Dean was raised from Hell for a reason, and that they have their "true orders" to follow.

The following night, as Halloween night falls, Sam and Dean enter Don's basement in time to catch him preparing the ritual at a black altar, with a tied-up Tracy as the final sacrifice. Sam shoots Don dead before he can hurt Tracy - but then she reveals herself to be a witch as well, and Don is her brother. After Tracy incapacitates Sam and Dean with a spell, with Don's death having served as the final sacrifice on Halloween night, Tracy completes the ritual, and samhain rises up out of Hell and possesses Don's corpse. The demon of Halloween proceeds to kill Tracy, but as he proceeds out, he passes over Sam and Dean when they successfully mask themselves from him but caking their faces in Don's blood.

As Samhain wanders through the streets on Halloween night, looking like a highly-convincing man-in-costume with his bloody shot-dead vessel and demonic-eyes, the many trick-or-treating kids that go passing by him fortunately go unnoticed to him under their Halloween masks. As Sam and Dean tail Samhain, he heads to a cemetery, where students from the high school are partying in the mausoleum. Samhain proceeds to lock the students in the mausoleum, trapped, as the dead begin to rise in the forms of both zombies and ghosts, and attack.

Dean begs Sam to use the demon-killing knife rather than his powers to stop Samhain, and sam goes ahead through the mausoleum to deal with the demon while Dean stays behind to free the trapped students and deal with the rising ghoulies. Sam eventually finds Samhain, and proves immune to his offensive demonic powers, before the two engage in a fight. During the scuffle, Samhain manages to knock the demon knife away, forcing Sam to resort to using his powers against him. Dean, after having staked the zombies and apparently torched all the corpses of the ghosts in the crypt; arrives in time to mae eye contact with Sam as the latter, to great physical toll and mental stress, exorcises Samhain in front of his brother.

A couple days later - the anniversary of the day Azazel killed Mary - Sam is packing up in his motel room; when Uriel arrives to tell Sam not to disobey the angels when they order him not to use his powers again, despite Sam's justification that he had to to defend his own life. Disgusted and disheartened with Uriel and what the angels have turned out to really be like, Sam declares that Dean was right about the angels. Uriel proceeds to get himself in Sam's face, declaring that Sam is only being allowed to live because he's proven useful to the angels, and that he will kill him the moment he outlives that usefulness. Uriel also tells Sam to ask Dean about what he remembers from Hell.

Elsewhere, Dean is sitting at the same park where Castiel and Uriel talked, watching all the kids they saved play, when Castiel comes to talk to him. Castiel reveals to Dean that his and Uriel's true orders were in fact the entire time to do what Dean and Sam told them to, as a test of strategies by their superiors. Dean thinks he failed since the seal was still broken, but is not ashamed of it in the least and declared he'd do it again rather than choose what the angels were going to do. Castiel admits to Dean that he was hoping Dean would choose as he did, and that he has doubts about his orders and Heaven. Castiel also warns Dean that there will be more hard choices ahead for him yet, and that he doesn't envy Dean them.







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