Jake Devins
1x3 JakeDevins
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Police sheriff
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dead in the Water
Actor/Actress : Daniel Hugh Kelly

Sheriff Jake Devins was the local sheriff at Lake Manitoc, and the father of Andrea Barr and grandfather of Lucas Barr. He was responsible for Peter Sweeney's death alongside Bill Carlton.



When Jake was a child, he was friends with Peter Sweeney and Bill Carlton, although Jake and Bill still bullied Peter as much as the others. In 1970, one day after school, Jake and Bill held Peter's head underwater at Lake Manitoc and accidentally drowned him. They subsequently hid Peter's body at the bottom of the lake and buried his bike nearby.


In 2005, Sam and Dean Winchester came to town (posing as environmentalists) investigating the drownings and disappearances at Lake Manitoc, and Jake initially welcomed them and introduced the Winchesters to his daughter Andrea and grandson Lucas. Later, shortly after Bill was killed on Lake Manitoc, Jake discovered that Sam and Dean were frauds and weren't really environmentalists, and confronted the Winchesters about this; threatening to arrest them and furiously ordering them to leave town immediately.

The next morning, when Sam and Dean unearthed Peter's buried bike, Jake arrived and threatened them with a gun, and confessed to Andrea about his role in Peter's death. Lucas was then pulled into Lake Manitoc by Peter's Ghost, and Jake waded into the lake and begged to trade places with Lucas to save the latter's life. Peter's Spirit accepted Jake's act of self-sacrifice and dragged him down to the bottom of the lake. (Dead in the Water)


Lucas BarrEdit

Jake apparently loved his grandson Lucas, sacrificing his own life for his grandson's.