Jake Talley
2x22 JakeTalleyMain
Biological information
Race : Human (Special child)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : 1983
Notable affiliations : U.S. Army (formerly)
Special children (formerly)
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Aldis Hodge
First appearance : All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1

Jake Talley was one of Azazel's special children, infused with demon blood as an infant for Azazel's endgame to bring the Apocalypse. Jake was the last surviving special child and submitted to Azazel's master plan, but was killed by a resurrected Sam Winchester.



Very little is known Jake's early life, but it has been implied that he comes from a poor family who struggled and worked very hard to make a living. He was among the children whose parent made a deal with Azazel in the past, for which Azazel entered that child's nursery when they were exactly six months old and fed them his demon blood to make them special children in adulthood for his master plan.

Jake apparently at one point was a factory worker; a job he apparently truly despised and/or couldn't get much of a living out of. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) Afterwards, he joined the Army and was deployed in Afghanistan. There, after Jake's special child powers became active when he was 22, he gained the ability of super-strength. He first discovered it when he lifted a jeep off another soldier on the battlefield; his peers dismissed it as an adrenaline-rush, but then later he managed to bench-press 800lbs. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

Cold OakEdit

Eventually, Jake was abducted by Azazel straight out of Afghanistan, and placed in the completely-isolated ghost town of Cold Oak, South Dakota; along with Sam Winchester, Andrew Gallagher, Ava Wilson and Lily. Once the five special children met up and found each-other, Jake was the most skeptical when Sam told them about Azazel and that they were his soldiers for a demon war against humanity, and deemed Sam mad and set about getting away from him and finding a way back to civilisation. However, what Sam had said about demons was validated when Jake was lured and attacked by an Acheri, which Sam successfully fought off with iron.

2x21 Jake+SpecialChildrenInColdOak

Jake and the special children placed in Cold Oak for Azazel's death-match. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

Shortly afterwards, when Lily was attacked and killed by the Acheri after attempting to leave the town, Sam, Jake and the other special children set about holding up in a local building, where Sam taught them about demons' weaknesses such as iron, salt and others and how to fend them off and fortify against them.

As night fell, though Jake kept it to himself, Azazel contacted him in his dreams to talk with him, and told him that only one of the special children would be allowed to get out of town alive, and if they didn't play by the rules of the death-match, then they would all be killed. After Jake woke up, when he and Sam found Ava had gone missing, the remaining special children split up to look for her. However, Ava, who had actually been in Cold Oak for months before the others arrived and had submitted to her demonic side, revealed herself to be controlling the Acheri and directing it to kill off the other special children and ensure she was the victor. She used the Acheri to kill Andy, and then tried to have it kill Sam, but was stopped when Jake killed her by snapping her neck.

2x21 JakeBackstabsSam

Jake backstabs Sam. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

Afterwards, Sam insisted that the Acheri would now be gone with Ava dead, and so he and Jake could now just walk out of the ghost town and find their way back to civilisation; but Jake, convinced by what Azazel had told him about only one of them getting out of town alive, instead intended to kill Sam and be the victor of the death-match, believing he could get close enough to kill Azazel. Sam countered that Azazel couldn't be trusted, and lowered his weapons as a sign of good faith to convince Jake that they could both walk out of this alive. Jake instead attacked Sam with his super-strength.

Jake and Sam fought, and Sam managed to get the advantage on Jake and knocked him down, but discarded the opportunity to kill him. Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer then arrived looking for Sam at Cold Oak, but just as they did, Jake suddenly got up and literally stabbed Sam in the back, fatally, then fled into the woods before Bobby could catch him. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)

Azazel's soldierEdit

2x22 JakeGivenColt

Azazel hands Jake the Colt. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

After escaping Cold Oak, while camping out alone in the wilderness, Jake was contacted by Azazel again; Azazel declared Jake to be the victor and the one who would lead his demon army in the coming war. Jake initially vowed to hunt down and personally kill Azazel, but Azazel cowed and blackmailed Jake into compliance by threatening his family.

Azazel directed Jake towards southern Wyoming, and at the border of the hundred-mile railroad devil's trap guarding the area, Azazel handed Jake the Colt and instructed him to use it as the key to open a crypt located at the trap centre. Upon learning the gun could kill Azazel, Jake's first move was to threaten Azazel with it, but Azazel successfully talked Jake down by telling him his family would have everything he couldn't give them in a demon-ruled world.

2x22 JakePleads

Jake pleads for his life as Sam shoots him to death. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

Jake reached the cemetery at the centre of the devil's trap as night fell, where he was confronted by Dean, Bobby, Ellen Harvelle and an inexplicably-alive and very-furious Sam. However, Jake forced the group to back down by using his special child powers to force Ellen to put her own gun to her head, then rushed to the crypt (actually a devil's gate) and inserted the Colt into its lock. Sam proceeded to repeatedly fire his gun at Jake, shooting him down. As Sam stood over a bleeding out Jake, the latter weakly pleaded for his life; but Sam, remembering Jake backstabbing him at Cold Oak, finished Jake off, repeatedly firing a few more bullets into his corpse in cold fury. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)


Initially, after he and the other special children found themselves placed in Cold Oak for a death-match and stalked by an Acheri, Jake showed himself to be a strong, brave and selfless individual amongst the group, looking out for the others with Sam. However, after Jake was convinced by Azazel that only one of them could get out of Cold Oak alive, he decided that he could get a shot at killing Azazel if it was him who got out, and believed he couldn't trust Sam; and when Sam lowered his guard as an act of good faith and asked Jake to do the same, Jake instead went through with turning on Sam and literally backstabbed him.

After escaping Cold Oak, Jake was initially ridden with horror and guilt for what he'd done, but refused to accept his own acts of treachery and murder, and instead accused Azazel of forcing him into doing everything he'd done there. Jake hated and was far from loyal to Azazel, but was repeatedly talked into obeying Azazel's orders, under the promise that Jake's family would be happy and like royalty in a world ruled by demons and the threat that Azazel would kill them very horrifically if Jake didn't obey.

After submitting to Azazel and embracing his demonic side, Jake's personality darkened considerably, and he became highly cold, arrogant, sadistic and cruel; using his powers to force Ellen to put her own gun to her head so as to force Sam, Dean and Bobby to back down, and Jake declared that Ava had been right to embrace their demonic side and become powerful but evil.

Special abilitiesEdit

2x22 SpecialChildMain

Jake's eyes momentarily flash a dull-gold colour when he uses his mental compulsion ability. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

As a special child, infused with Azazel's demon blood as an infant, Jake's initial supernatural ability once his special-child nature became active was super-strength: he was able to lift a jeep, bench-press 800lbs, bend solid iron in his hands, and send a grown man hurtling several metres through the air with a single swipe.

After Jake fully submitted to his demonic side, he gained "all sorts of new Jedi mind tricks;" displaying the ability to psychically force ordinary humans to comply with verbal orders, similar to Andrew Gallagher's power.



  • In the non-canon anime adaptation of Supernatural, Jake and his family are introduced before the Cold Oak death-match and given more development, and he is a more sympathetic character.

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