Jessica Moore
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : College student
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Pilot
Wendigo (dream)
Bloody Mary (apparition and flashbacks)
What Is and What Should Never Be (dream wishverse)
Free to Be You and Me (impersonated by Lucifer)
Actor/Actress : Adrianne Palicki

Jessica Moore was Sam Winchester's girlfriend when Sam was enrolling at Stanford University. She was killed in an identical fashion to Mary Winchester, and her death was what caused Sam to return to hunting and continued to affect him for years.


Jessica was born on 24 January, 1984, and lived in Palo Alto. (Wendigo) During Sam Winchester's enrolment at Stanford University, his friend Brady introduced Jess and Sam to each-other, (The Devil You Know) and in May 2004, Jess and Sam became a couple. (Pilot)

At Halloween in 2005, just before Sam was to enrol in law school, Dean Winchester visited and Sam left for the weekend with Dean (secretly to find their missing father). Jess was concerned that Sam would miss the law school interview, but he assured her that he would return in time. (Pilot)

Approximately two days later, when Jessica was making cookies at her and Sam's home for when Sam returned, Brady, who was actually a demon, arrived and took her by surprise, (The Devil You Know) telekinetically pinning her to the ceiling and slitting her stomach open. When Sam returned that night and saw the state Jess was in, Brady set her on fire by generating a burst of demonic flames which engulfed and killed Jess and destroyed the house. Jess' death was identical to Mary Winchester's 22 years before to the day. (Pilot)

1x1 JessDeath

Jessica's death. (Pilot)


  • Jess' birthday (January 24) is the same as Dean's; and Eric Kripke claimed that 24 January is his wife's birthday, and its appearances on Supernatural as Dean and Jessica's birthday is a type of valentine to Kripke's wife.
  • It is said that Jessica was at one point during production going to turn out to be a demon that had been implanted in Sam's life to watch him for Azazel. Though this idea was not used for Jess, it did seem to be recycled for Brady and Azazel's gang in Season 5.