Joanna Beth Harvelle
5x10 JoHarvelleMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Ellen Harvelle (mother; deceased)
Bill Harvelle (father; deceased)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Born : 7 April, 1985
Died : Late 2009
Notable affiliations : Herself and her mother
Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Alona Tal
First appearance : Everybody Loves a Clown

Joanna Beth "Jo" Harvelle was the daughter of hunters Ellen and Bill Harvelle, who became a hunter herself in her late father's footsteps and eventually her mother's hunting partner. Jo and Ellen also became good friends of Sam and Dean, but Jo was eventually killed in the field by a hellhound.



Alternate realitiesEdit



Shortly before taking up hunting, Jo was enthusiastic but somewhat naïve about becoming a hunter in her late father's footsteps, but she proved herself to be very brave and courageous on her first real hunt. After taking up hunting and rebelling against her mother's wishes against it, Jo began to harden and toughen up, becoming her mother's equal and partner as a hunter. Jo was also highly collected and kept her priorities straight even in light of sticky situations and mortal injuries, and would when this happened put getting the job done before vainly attempting to preserve her life.




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