Jody Mills
9x19 SheriffMillsMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Owen Mills (son; deceased)
Sean Mills (husband; deceased)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Sioux Falls police
Winchester brothers
Bobby Singer
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Kim Rhodes
First appearance : Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Jody Mills is the sheriff of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She became aware of the supernatural following the Sioux Falls rising of zombies, and subsequently became an ally to Bobby Singer and the Winchester brothers, at times helping them in their supernatural hunts and cases. She has also recently taken in both Annie "Alex" Jones and Claire Novak.



5x15 SheriffJodyMillsWithHusband+ResurrectedSon

Jody with her husband and their resurrected son during the Apocalypse. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)

Little is known about Jody's past, except that she and her husband Owen had a son named Sean, who died as a little boy at some point before 2010. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid) Jody had also been sheriff of the Sioux Falls police since at least 2001. (Weekend at Bobby's)

The ApocalypseEdit

During the Apocalypse in 2010, when Death raised the deceased of Sioux Falls who were buried at St. Anthony's Cemetery from the dead, Jody and Owen's late son Sean was among the dead loved ones who were brought back. Though Jody, along with a majority of the Sioux Falls community, was aware of the rising, she didn't do anything about the zombies or send word of the phenomenon out, due to a combination of her own son being among the risen dead and due to not knowing what to do about such a thing.

When Sam and Dean Winchester came to town posing as FBI to investigate after Clay Thompson, one of the zombies, murdered his killer in revenge, Jody quickly discovered they weren't FBI when she recognized their 'supervisor's' voice as Bobby Singer's, and demanded that they back off. The brothers continued investigating and eventually found Clay Thompson, but when Dean tried to kill Clay while his back was turned, Jody arrived with the police, had the Winchesters arrested and let Clay walk free, although she released Sam and Dean after a serious talk with Bobby about what was happening.

5x15 SheriffJodyMillsShootsZombies

Jody shooting zombies down with Sam. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)

Eventually, all the zombies around town began to suffer from a phenomenon preset by Death, in which they endured a crippling fever before suddenly becoming rabid, cannibalistic killers. Sean was affected with the others zombies and killed Owen, but Jody was saved by Sam, who killed Sean with a headshot. Sam and Jody immediately set about gathering the other townsfolk at the Sioux Falls police station to protect themselves there against the zombies. The morning after the zombie infestation was exterminated, a half-grieving Jody helped Sam, Dean and Bobby cover the incident up by checking to see that no newspapers believed the townsfolk's story about the zombies. (Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid)


Over a year after Sioux Falls' zombie incident, Jody would get caught up in Bobby's hunter business with the supernatural yet again, when FBI Agent Adams came to Bobby's property in search of Rufus Turner. Jody tried to alleviate Adams from finding any supernatural corpses around Bobby's place, although fortunately he failed to find any bodies anyway, since the ōkami buried on Bobby's property had recovered and gone missing.

6x4 SheriffJodyMills+AgentAdams

Sheriff Jody Mills and Agent Adams on the hunt for Rufus. (Weekend at Bobby's)

After Bobby killed the missing ōkami in a wood-chipper incident at Marcy Ward's, he asked Jody use her power as sheriff to get Rufus transferred to Sioux Falls from Andover, in order to get Gavin MacLeod's ring from him. Jody initially refused due to how much it would take and how greatly it would risk her career, but she begrudgingly got Rufus to Sioux Falls and allowed him to break out and get to Bobby's. (Weekend at Bobby's)

Leviathans unleashedEdit

Another year later, while Jody was recovering in Sioux Falls General Hospital from an appendectomy, her doctor, Gaines, was replaced by one of the Leviathans that had recently escaped from Purgatory. Jody discovered so when she spied Dr. Gaines forcefully sedating another patient and then taking her to devour her internal organs. Fighting against a sedative Gaines gave her, Jody managed to call Bobby to alert him about what was happening at the hospital, and Bobby got Jody out of the hospital and sent home by taxi before she could become Gaines' next victim. (Hello, Cruel World)

7x2 SheriffJodyMillsCallsBobbyAboutDrGaines

A half-sedated Jody Mills calls Bobby about the patient-eating Leviathan doctors at her hospital. (Hello, Cruel World)

A matter of days or more after the Leviathans were released, Jody tracked Bobby down to Rufus Turner's cabin in Whitefish, Montana, to try and help clean up and do anything else she could to thank Bobby for saving her from Dr. Gaines. While at the cabin, Jody and Bobby grew closer, and Jody was unwittingly responsible for discovering a vital Leviathan weakness when she spilled borax fluid that burned the captive Leviathan Chet. Just before Jody left, Bobby gave her Chet's decapitated head in a box, along with instructions to dump it in a river on her way home in order to keep Chet's body incapacitated. (Slash Fiction)

Jody would later call Sam in on a case in which people were turning up reduced to dead, shriveled husks, then came to help Sam with the case after Dean disappeared while pursuing the entity responsible. Using her sheriff status, Jody was able to pull strings to their advantage during her and Sam's investigation. Looking over crime photos of past cases identical to this, Sam and Jody noticed that most the photos contained a suspicious man in a fedora wearing a ring containing the Infinite Hourglass. They pieced together that the entity was Chronos, the god of time, and that Chronos had taken Dean with him to 1944.
7x12 SheriffJodyMills+SamReturnDean+Chronos

Jody and Sam summoning Chronos so as to bring him and Dean back from 1944. (Time After Time After Time)

Sam and Jody found a spell to summon Chronos, with the intent of using it to bring both Dean and Chronos back to the present. They succeeded in bring both Chronos and Dean back from 1944, then killed Chronos with an olive stake. (Time After Time After Time)

Date with CrowleyEdit

In 2013, Jody went on a blind date with a man named Rodric, who, unbeknownst to her, was actually Crowley, who had targeted her as one of the people Sam and Dean had saved in the past. Crowley hexed Jody while she was alone in the bathroom, using her life as a bargaining chip to demand that the Winchesters stop the Trials of God and surrender the demon tablet. Jody was nearly killed by Crowley's hex, but Crowley let her go at the very last second when Sam and Dean seemingly relented over the phone to his demand. (Sacrifice)

Missing born-again virginsEdit

9x8 SheriffJodyMillsNearlyEatenByVesta

Jody is captured by Vesta and nearly becomes her next 'sacrifice.' (Rock and a Hard Place)

When four people disappeared in Hartford, South Dakota, with witness accounts and crime scenes indicating superhuman strength and a strange blue light was involved, Jody was called to Hartford, where she investigated the case with the Winchesters. Jody and Sam theorized that the victims were born-again virgins who'd broken their chastity promise, before Dean and the chastity councilor Suzy Lee were taken as well. Jody calculated that the entity behind this was the Roman goddess Vesta, and learned that Vesta could be killed by an oak stake stained in virgin's blood. Jody and Sam tracked Dean and the other abducted victims down to a bomb shelter in an old barn, but were attacked by Vesta before they could free them. Jody was non-fatally stabbed in the shoulder, but managed to stab and kill Vesta, and the victims were freed and saved. (Rock and a Hard Place)


9x19 SheriffMillsKillsCody

Jody decapitates Cody to protect Alex. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

A few months after the case with Vesta, a mysterious teenage runaway from O'Neill, Nebraska named Alex was arrested in Sioux Falls, and subsequently attacked in her cell by a vampire named Cody before Jody decapitated the latter. Suspecting from Cody's dialogue to Alex that there were more vampires who would be coming after Alex, Jody called Sam and Dean for help. Jody and the Winchesters discovered that Alex had been abducted by Cody's vampire nest as a little girl, and had been reared by them without getting turned and was used as a blood slave.

While Sam and Dean searched O'Neill for the vampire nest's possible locations, Jody took Alex to her family's old cabin in the woods to stay until the vamps were dead. Jody tried to be kind and nice to Alex; the latter was initially rude and cold, but gradually began to warm up to Jody. However, the nest, led by Alex's vampiric adoptive mother "Mama," arrived and launched an attack on the cabin, taking Alex back and knocking Jody out. Sam and Dean warned Jody once she'd recovered that Alex had been the vampires' lure and so wasn't as innocent as they'd thought, but Jody refused to let this get in the way, and was determined to get Alex back from the vampires regardless.

9x19 SheriffJodyMillsAboutToKillMama

A bloodied Jody about to kill Mama. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

Jody, Dean and Sam went to O'Neill and raided the vampires' nest in search of them and Alex, but Jody was captured by Mama. Mama gave Alex her blood to turn her into a vampire so that she'd lose her humanity and stop trying to get away from the vampires' killing, and as Alex partially turned, Jody and Mama argued over how they were respectively treating Alex and what motherhood is and isn't. Mama noted that Jody was treating Alex as her own daughter to fill the void left by her husband and son's deaths, and Jody recognized that Mama had done exactly the same in taking Alex as her own daughter.

When Mama was about to kill Jody, Alex, choosing humanity over the vampires, turned on Mama and incapacitated her with a syringe of dead man's blood. Jody then got free and decapitated Mama, and she and the Winchesters afterwards used Mama's blood with the vampire cure to undo Alex's transformation. In the aftermath of the vampire nest's eradication, Jody took Alex in while the latter was recovering from the cure's side-effects, and intended to be there for Alex to sympathise with her over losing her entire family. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)



Jody Mills is a tough, intelligent and protective sheriff and hunter, who cannot not be threatened or intimidated into backing down, and who has a strong sense of morals and justice. Jody takes her duties and promises very seriously; declaring she doesn't make promises she can't keep, and refusing to stop looking for and protecting those who were under her personal protection no matter what. Though a strong and fierce woman, Jody does still have a saddened side from the deaths of her husband and son, and admitted that the lasting grief and emotional void from losing them has made her feel a need for something that matters (be it hunting, work, religion or dating).


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