5x16 JoshuaMain
Biographical information
Race : Angel
Occupation : Gardener of Heaven
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dark Side of the Moon
Actor/Actress : Roger Aaron Brown

Joshua was an angel who tended to Heaven's Garden, unique in that he had communication with God after the latter had departed.



Like all other angels, Joshua was presumably created by God sometime before humanity. After God left Heaven and the archangels took command, Joshua was responsible for tending to the Garden at the centre of Heaven. Unlike even the archangels, who didn't hear anything from God after his departure, Joshua maintained communication with God, although they didn't speak face-to-face. Low-level angels such as Castiel apparently knew of Joshua's contact with God only as rumour. Joshua personally suspected that the reason God chose to speak to him alone out of all the angels was because they could sympathise "gardener to gardener," and because God may have actually been lonely. (Dark Side of the Moon)

God's messageEdit

In 2010, after Lucifer had been released by the angel upper-echelons' scheming, Sam and Dean Winchester, when they were sent to Heaven after being killed on Earth, sought to reach the Garden so they could get a message across to God through Joshua; requesting God's help in stopping the Apocalypse.

5x16 JoshuaGivesSam+DeanGodsReply

Joshua talks to Sam and Dean in the Garden and gives them God's reply. (Dark Side of the Moon)

When Sam and Dean were captured by Zachariah to be broken by torture and then sent back to life on Earth to say yes to Michael and Lucifer, Joshua intervened on God's orders before Zachariah could get really started with the torture. Joshua intimidated Zach into letting him speak to the Winchesters and backing off by warning him of the risk of provoking God's wrath, then took Sam and Dean to the Garden.

Joshua told the Winchesters that God already knew all about the Apocalypse, the archangels and what the boys wanted to tell him, but God's reply was, "Back off." God would not intervene in the Apocalypse situation any further than he already had. Joshua then resurrected Sam and Dean back to life in their bodies on Earth, but made sure that this time they retained their memory of Heaven and what they had learned there. (Dark Side of the Moon)


Joshua was a benevolent, loyal, elderly and kind angel, who personally agreed with the Winchesters on the immorality of the angels' Apocalypse machinations. He admitted that he was personally rooting for Sam and Dean, but felt that he couldn't do anything more to help them because "[he] just trim[s] the hedges," showing that Joshua regretted not being of much help but ultimately accepted it. However, while he didn't believe he could do much more than give messages sent by God through him, Joshua was by no means a coward, and was actually very brave and confident and refused to be made to back down; he was fiercely loyal to the orders and messages God sent him, and he was not afraid to stand up to and even intimidate higher-ranking angels when God sent an order countermanding said angels' own.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like all other angels, Joshua could teleport himself and others from one location to another, and his angelic powe had especial strength and influence in Heaven's malleable reality. Joshua could also regenerate and resurrect humans, provided that he had direct access to said humans' souls and that their bodies were accessible.


As Joshua was a regular- or low-ranking angel, higher-level angels were capable of killing him by literally "firing" him.


  • Joshua's current status after the Fall in Sacrifice is unknown.
  • When Joshua appeared in Dark Side of the Moon, as he was only seen in Heaven and there was no indication that he'd been on Earth, it is unknown whether he was possessing a vessel or was just assuming the appearance of an unknown human.

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