Kevin Tran
9x9 KevinTranMain
Biological information
Race : Human (Prophet)
Family and relatives : Linda Tran (mother)
Status : Deceased; soul in Heaven
Biographical information
Born : 2 December, 1993
Died : Late 2013
Notable affiliations : Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Osric Chau
First appearance : Reading Is Fundemental

Kevin Tran was a promising student whose lost his normal life when he became a prophet. As a prophet, Kevin was the only one who could translate the Word of God, and so was wanted both by Crowley and by his self-appointed guardians, the Winchesters. Kevin helped the Winchesters translate the secret to defeating the Leviathans and the three trials to close the gates of Hell, before he was killed by Gadreel on Metatron's orders.



7x21 KevinProphetActivated

Kevin is activated as a prophet. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Kevin was born on 2 December, 1993 to Linda Tran, and lived with his mother in Neighbor, Michigan. Kevin was also, circa 2011-2012, a college student in advanced placement and was Channing Ngo's boyfriend. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Prophet of the LordEdit

On the night before Kevin's college exam essay, when the Winchesters broke open the Word of God, Kevin was struck by lightning and activated as a prophet, and was compelled by the prophet's calling after waking up to reach Northern Indiana State Hospital (by stealing his mother's car and driving it to there) to retrieve the Word. After making a brief, failed and humorous effort to steal the Word of God tablet and escape, Kevin, being a prophet activated for the Word, found that he could read the Word's language, and was horrified to learn about the Leviathan from the Word and that they were real. (Reading Is Fundemental)

Angels led by Hester and Inias subsequently began working to try and take Kevin, forcing Sam, Dean, Castiel and Meg to flee into hiding at Rufus Turner's cabin with a confused and frightened Kevin. Kevin deciphered the Word of God's content on how to stop the Leviathan and wrote the translations down for Sam and Dean, then after Hester was killed, the angels returned Kevin to his home to watch over him. However, Kevin and his mother were captured by the Leviathans when Edgar killed the angels protecting them. (Reading Is Fundemental)

7x22 KevinBribedDickRoman

Dick Roman tries to bribe Kevin into telling him what the Winchesters are after. (There Will Be Blood)

After being captured by the Leviathans, Kevin was held captive at Richard Roman Enterprises, where Edgar and Dick Roman blackmailed Kevin into giving them the Word of God's secret to stopping the Leviathan by threatening to have Kevin's mother killed. After learning the secret, Dick had Edgar release Kevin's mother, but kept Kevin captive at RRE. (There Will Be Blood) While held captive at Roman Enterprises by the Leviathans, Kevin learned during a brief failed escape that the Leviathan were initiating their plans to dope the human population down into cattle for themselves, and they were about to release an additive that would kill off the humans with undesirable traits.
7x23 KevinCapturedDemons

Kevin is taken by Crowley's demons after the Leviathan are defeated. (Survival of the Fittest)

Kevin was subsequently rescued by Sam during the Winchesters' assault against Roman Enterprises, and after the Leviathan were defeated when Dean and Castiel killed Dick Roman and vanished into Purgatory, Crowley and his demons immediately captured Kevin and took him away. (Survival of the Fittest)

Trials of GodEdit

Evading CrowleyEdit

After Kevin was taken captive by the demons, Crowley had Kevin decipher for him another Word of God, this one on demons. Kevin found that the Word said how to open the gates of Hell, and then managed to use this and the fact Crowley couldn't read the tablet against Kevin's demon captors - Crowley went to a hellgate in Wisconsin while Kevin pretended to perform a spell to open the gate, but the spell Kevin was performing from the Word's instructing was actually a demon-blasting spell, which he cunningly used to destroy his demon captors and escape into hiding with the demon Word. Kevin also learned many of the demons' weaknesses such as devil's traps and holy water from the Word of God, and that the Word recorded three trials that could allow those who undertook and completed them to lock all demons away in Hell forever. Kevin subsequently hid the tablet at a bus station and went into hiding from the pursuit of Crowley's demons, and he spent six months calling Sam on his phone for help, but gave up when Sam never replied. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

8x1 Crowley+KevinTranslateWordOfGod

Crowley and a captive Kevin translating the demon Word of God. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

A year after the Leviathan's downfall, Sam and Dean finally reunited with Kevin after tracking him down to a demon-warded church in Fairfield, Iowa where he was hiding out, and Kevin relayed to them how he'd escaped and what he'd learned from the tablet about sealing all demons back in Hell. Crowley then arrived, with a demon that was possessing Kevin's old girlfriend Channing, and demanded that Kevin surrender. Kevin pretended to agree, but tricked Crowley and stunned his demons long enough for Kevin and the Winchesters to escape, prompting Crowley to kill Channing in front of Kevin as the latter and the Winchesters fled. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

8x2 TransAtPlutusAuction

The Trans attending Plutus' god auction to bid for the Word of God. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

After Kevin and the Winchesters reunited, at Kevin's request, they went to check on Kevin's mother Linda to save her from being killed by Crowley like Channing; they cleared away and killed the demons watching the Tran residence, and Kevin reunited with his mother and he and the Winchesters explained to her the supernatural and Kevin's status as a prophet. Mrs. Tran subsequently joined her son and the Winchesters to tracking and searching for the demon Word of God after they found it missing, and they eventually entered Plutus' supernatural auction to try and get the tablet back before Crowley got it. Though the Trans and the Winchesters ultimately won the bid for the tablet (and also Kevin when Beau added him to the auction) when Mrs. Tran bid her soul, they lost the Word of God to Crowley anyway when he briefly possessed Mrs. Tran and stole the tablet. Afterwards, Mrs. Tran was left catatonic from the possession, and Kevin, angry at Dean for trying to kill Crowley and Kevin's mother in the process, left and went into hiding on his own with his mother to get away from both Crowley and the Winchesters. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

8x7 KevinTortured

Kevin is tortured by Crowley to try and force him to translate the Word of God. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Kevin and his mother spent a matter of weeks - months in hiding and on the run from the demons, and began working to remake demon bombs like the one which Kevin used to kill his demon captors, with Mrs. Tran resorting to dealing online with the witch Delta Mandotta to get the ingredients for the bomb spell. However, after the Trans got the spell ingredients, Delta betrayed them to Crowley, who subsequently recaptured Kevin while his mother was left to fight off Crowley's demons. Crowley subsequently held Kevin captive at a warehouse and tried to torture him into deciphering the demon Word of God for Crowley. Kevin initially resisted and refused, but broke after Crowley cut off Kevin's left pinky finger. Kevin translated to Crowley from the demon tablet an indication by Metatron that there were other Word of God tablets besides the Demon and Leviathan Words, but before Crowley could force Kevin to find more useful information from the Word, Castiel arrived and forced Crowley to flee; Kevin was rescued along with half of the demon Word of God tablet (Crowley escaped with the other half when Castiel broke the tablet in half), and the Winchesters subsequently had Garth Fitzgerald IV take in and protect the Trans and the demon tablet, while Castiel apparently healed Kevin's cut-off finger. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Translating the trialsEdit

8x14 KevinTranslatingDemonWord

Kevin works in an unhealthy daily routine on translating the demon tablet aboard Fizzles' Folly. (Trial and Error)

In Garth's custody, while Mrs. Tran was kept safe elsewhere, Kevin was located to the demon-warded boat, Fizzles' Folly, with the demon tablet to work on translating from the Word of God the Trials of God through which one could seal Hell. Kevin spent several weeks - months on the boat, working on deciphering the Word, living on sausages and getting little sleep (which in turn eventually began taking a toll on Kevin's health). (Torn and Frayed, Trial and Error) After some time, Kevin finally deciphered the first trial to close Hell up: to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood, then say an incantation to officially begin undertaking the three Trials of God. (Trial and Error)

After Sam and Dean completed the first trial, Kevin began working on Fizzles' Folly on finding and deciphering the second trial on the tablet, and Kevin's health and state began to deteriorate further. After some time, by which time Kevin was suffering visions and nightmares of Crowley torturing him, Kevin finally translated the second trial - to rescue a righteous soul from Hell and raise it to Heaven. While Sam worked on undertaking the second trial by crossing into Hell and Purgatory, Kevin's visions of Crowley finding and torturing him began to worsen; to the point that he isolated himself in a closet on the boat, and he buried and hid the demon tablet on a roadside and wouldn't tell even Dean where it was. That night, while Kevin was alone aboard Fizzles' Folly, Crowley tracked him down, having apparently found and killed Kevin's mother to his upset, and he kidnapped Kevin. (Taxi Driver)

8x21 KevinTauntsCrowley

Kevin, having worked out he's captive in the demons' illusion set, taunts Crowley about the demon tablet's valuable information that the King of Hell missed. (The Great Escapist)

After Kevin was recaptured by Crowley and his demons, the demons placed Kevin in an illusion reality where he believed he was still safe aboard Fizzles' Folly, with two demons impersonating Sam and Dean, with Crowley hoping Kevin would eventually learn the third and final trial to close the gates of Hell and unwittingly give it to the demons by telling the Sam and Dean imposters. However, Kevin gradually became suspicious of the Winchester imposters' more polite behaviour than the real Sam and Dean and how they forgot Kevin's secret knock; eventually, Kevin secretly worked out that he was actually in the demons' captivity, and after deciphering the third trial (to cure a demon), he tricked the demons impersonating the Winchesters, and Crowley in the process. After Crowley learned that Kevin was aware and wouldn't give the demons the information on the third trial, before Crowley could kill and dispose of Kevin, the angel Scribe of God, Metatron, rescued Kevin (along with Crowley's half of the demon tablet) from the King of Hell and transported Kevin to safety with the Winchesters. (The Great Escapist)

The final trial and the FallEdit

8x21 KevinThreatenedCrowley

Crowley violently declares Kevin to be of no more use to him before the prophet is rescued by Metatron. (The Great Escapist)

Later, when Sam and Dean had learned how to cure a demon and complete the last of the trials to banish all the demons back to Hell forever (but had been blackmailed by Crowley into giving him the demon Word of God and halting the trials to seal Hell), Sam and Dean had Kevin dig up the missing half of the demon tablet Kevin had hidden, and make the demon Word of God whole again. Dean subsequently sent Kevin to hiding in the shelter and safety of the Men of Letters' bunker, where Kevin was ready to give in after all he'd been through and rest at the bunker. (Sacrifice)

However, Dean and Castiel later visited Kevin at the bunker to have him translate the Word of God on angels and confirm whether or not the Trials of God to seal Heaven that Castiel and Metatron were undertaking were authentic. Kevin found that while the tablet recorded Heaven-sealing trials, they didn't seem to include a Nephilim's heart or a cupid's bow which Cass and Metatron had done; and when Kevin called Dean to warn him of this, he overheard by phone Naomi warn that Metatron and Castiel weren't really performing the Trials of God but a spell to lock all angels out of Heaven. A short time later, while Kevin was alone in the bunker, all of its systems and detectors went off, to his confusion, as the bunker detected a massive global change in the supernatural world. (Sacrifice) Kevin was subsequently locked in the bunker when it entered lockdown, leaving Kevin trapped inside, alone, and fearing that the world outside was ending. (Devil May Care)

After the FallEdit

9x2 KevinLashesOutCrowley

Kevin snaps and begins beating and preparing to torture Crowley. (Devil May Care)

After Kevin spent approximately a day or more trapped in the bunker, Sam and Dean finally returned and unlocked it, having found that Naomi was telling the truth about Metatron's spell and that it had been completed and left all of Heaven's angels fallen and scattered all over the Earth. Dean subsequently had Kevin resume deciphering the angel Word of God, searching the angel tablet for any reference to Metatron's spell and/or any way of reversing it. Kevin was also shocked, angered and scared to find that the Winchesters were locking the now-captured Crowley up in the bunker's demon dungeon. Dean and Sam subsequently went to investigate demonic possessions, and after learning Abaddon was responsible and seeking to replace Crowley as Queen of Hell, they called Kevin to blackmail a sergeant into letting them investigate, and they also had Kevin research a weapon possibly capable of killing a Knight of Hell. (Devil May Care)

While Kevin was alone at the bunker with no-one but the captive Crowley, Crowley lured Kevin to him. Crowley first tried to bribe Kevin into freeing him by claiming Kevin's mother was actually alive, then taunted, enraged and aggravated Kevin based on his insecurities into viciously attacking and torturing Crowley. Afterwards, after Sam and Dean returned from the mission against Abaddon, Kevin was about to leave the bunker and its safety and go out on his own in hopes of finding his mother alive, but Dean talked him into staying and convinced him that he could do more good in the bunker, and also assured Kevin that he and Sam thought more highly and closely of Kevin than he'd thought (Kevin had initially felt that the Winchesters saw him only as a useful asset before Dean assured Kevin that to him Kevin was family because of all they'd been through together). (Devil May Care)

9x9 Kevin+DeanResearch

Kevin and Dean doing research on the post-Fall angel crisis. (Holy Terror)

Over the following days - weeks, as Kevin searched the angel Word for a means of reversing the Fall and banishing the angels back to Heaven, Dean at one point sent Kevin to a warded motel in Branson, Missouri for time off when it began to get to Kevin. (Slumber Party) After returning to the bunker, Kevin at one point helped Sam and Dean on a case with a shaman to find a mind meld spell with which to ask animals on tracking the shaman. (Dog Dean Afternoon) The angel tablet proved much harder for Kevin to decipher than the demon or Leviathan tablets had been, to the point that when he found partial reference in one section of the Word to fallen angels, he could only translate it into the indecipherable proto-Elamite cuneiform which no human has translated into English. Kevin and Sam resorted to going to the captive Crowley and getting him to translate the cuneiform into English, which he did; Crowley confirmed that this section of the Word of God did indeed refer to Metatron's spell, and it revealed the spell to be irreversible. (Heaven Can't Wait)


9x9 GadreelKillsKevin

Kevin is murdered by Gadreel. (Holy Terror)

Later on, while Kevin was continuing translating the angel tablet, he found that one part Metatron seemed to have ciphered more heavily when writing the Word, as though he hadn't wanted anyone to be able to read it. Later, Dean went to Kevin to research and locate an angel depowering spell that could temporarily deactivate an angel and give back control to its vessel, lying to a suspicious and confused Kevin that it was to be a new means of incapacitating angels without having to kill their innocent human vessels (in actuality, it was to expel Gadreel from a possessed Sam). To Kevin's confusion and suspicion, after he found the spell via the angel Word of God and a Men of Letters book, he and Dean painted the spell's sigil in the bunker's storeroom ready for activating the spell to deactivate angels.

Shortly afterwards, Gadreel (having escaped being deactivated by the spell and subsequently ejected by Sam) took full control of Sam's body from him and, on Metatron's orders, he took Kevin by surprise, smiting and killing him. (Holy Terror)

Trapped as a ghostEdit

After Kevin was killed by Gadreel, instead of going to Heaven, he remained on Earth, trapped in the Veil as a ghost, as this was the fate of all dead human souls after the Fall due to Metatron's spell locking Heaven down. As a ghost, Kevin was initially unable to manifest to or contact Sam and Dean (Gadreel had been expelled from Sam shortly after Kevin's death), and was only able to watch the rift that had formed between the brothers due to Kevin's death and Dean letting Gadreel possess Sam. Though Kevin's spirit was unable to move far from the bunker as it was where he had died (and where his father's ring that kept his spirit bound to Earth was), he eventually learned through the many ghosts in the Veil passing messages on between each-other that according to the recently-deceased Candy, Kevin's mother was in fact alive and was being held captive by demons. (Captives)

Kevin was eventually able to begin manifesting in the bunker on the physical plane, and soon managed to appear to and speak with Sam and Dean; he told them what he had learned about his mother's fate, and convinced the brothers to go find and rescue her. Sam and Dean later returned to the bunker with a rescued Linda, and Kevin was reunited with his mother. Linda took Kevin back home with her (through taking back Kevin's father's ring upon learning it's what Kevin's spirit was attached to), and Kevin willingly left the bunker and returned home with his mother to look after her. However, before leaving, Kevin told Sam and Dean he was aware of their issues with each-other and advised them to just put it behind them and move on. (Captives)



After being activated as a prophet, Kevin was initially timid and nervous and longed for his normal life back, but eventually he bitterly resigned himself to the fact that he practically had no chance of that anymore. Kevin could also initially break under torture, but during the efforts to seal Hell, he toughened up and became stronger and braver against Crowley. However, though he'd developed stronger willpower against torture, Kevin did apparently still harbour a deep, intense hatred towards Crowley for everything the King of Hell had done to Kevin and his mother, and showed himself to become very wrathful and violent when his rage towards Crowley was set off. Kevin was shown to be a very intelligent, witty and cunning young man as well in how he'd escaped and eluded both Crowley's demons and the Winchesters multiple times.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a prophet activated by the release of the Word of God, Kevin possessed the ability to mystically repair broken tablets containing the Word when he slotted the pieces back together, and he could also read the unique language the Word was written in; however, some parts of the Word's text that had been more heavily ciphered that the rest of the tablet's text could be much harder for Kevin to translate.



  • According to a Facebook post by Osric Chau, Kevin was born on 2 December, 1993.
  • Kevin once stated that his ambition before he became a prophet and lost his hope of a normal life was to become the first Asian-American President of the United States.

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