Key to Oz
9x4 KeyToOzMain
Historical information
Use(s) : Opens a doorway between Earth and Oz
Users : Charlie Bradbury
Clive Dillon
Dorothy Baum
L. Frank Baum
The Wicked Witch
Production information
Appearance(s) : Goodbye Stranger
Slumber Party
There's No Place Like Home

The key to Oz is one of the six magic keys forged from Oz steel. Its power is to turn any door into a portal between Earth and Oz.


The key to Oz appeared as a dark-brown, small metallic box with intricate patterns engraved on it, and a hole containing a retractable keypiece. When the key to Oz was inserted into the keyhole of any ordinary door and twisted, then when that door was physically opened, it would be a direct doorway between Earth and Oz. The portal between the two realms was only temporary, and could be closed by physically closing and reopening the door. It would appear that there was a spell which could be used when about to use the key, to control which part of Oz it opened the door into. (Slumber Party)

9x4 KeyToOzOpenedUp

The key to Oz opened. (Slumber Party)

It was possible to physically break the key to Oz in half and thus render it useless. According to Clive Dillon, if the key was broken, it could only be repaired in Oz, because it was forged from magic Oz steel. (There's No Place Like Home)


20th centuryEdit

The key to Oz was originally discovered on Earth by Man of Letters Clive Dillon. Clive used the key to enter Oz, but then got stranded there because he'd left the key behind on Earth. L. Frank Baum afterwards found the key and used it to enter Oz on a search-and-rescue mission after Clive. (There's No Place Like Home) By the time of the Men of Letters' extinction in 1958, (As Time Goes By) the key to Oz was apparently stored away in their bunker's inventory. (Goodbye Stranger, Slumber Party)

21st centuryEdit

8x17 KeyToOzFoundByDean

The key to Oz is found by Dean. (Goodbye Stranger)

Over 55 years after the Men of Letters' extinction, after Sam and Dean Winchester had inherited and claimed the bunker, Dean found the key to Oz in passing while rummaging through the bunker's inventory, and kept it in his bedroom in the bunker. (Goodbye Stranger)

A matter of months later, when the Wicked Witch was loose in the bunker and seeking the key to Oz, she stole it from Dean and Charlie Bradbury just as they seized it. The Witch used the key to open a portal to her dark castle in Oz, intending to bring her armies of flying monkeys to Earth to conquer the world. Fortunately, the Witch was stopped when Charlie killed her with the ruby slippers and closed the door to Oz just before the flying monkeys could swarm through. Afterwards, Charlie and Dorothy used the key to enter Oz together, taking the key with them. (Slumber Party)

10x11 GoodCharlieWithBrokenKeyToOz

Good Charlie shows the broken key to Oz to Sam and Dean. (There's No Place Like Home)

Around a year or more (in Earth time) after Charlie entered Oz with Dorothy, after Charlie was split into her personality's good and dark halves by the Wizard of Oz, Dark Charlie, upon returning to Earth, broke the key to Oz. Good Charlie afterwards kept the broken half of the key with her after she'd followed Dark Charlie back to Earth. Good Charlie and Sam later showed the broken key to Clive Dillon, but found that there was no way of repairing the key to Oz from on Earth. (There's No Place Like Home)

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