Knight of Hell
8x12 AbaddonJosieSands
Species information
Type : Spirit (Demon)
Notable distinctions : Immunity to demon-killing methods excluding the First Blade
Immunity to exorcism
Main weaknesses : The First Blade
Related to : Human soul
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Occultism
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : As Time Goes By
The Knights of Hell were an order and class of very strong and pure firstborn demons, created by Cain. They seemed to be somewhat independent from Hell's hierarchy, in that they refused to obey any demons, however high-ranking, that they considered unfit in their role. In the 19th century, Cain wiped all the Knights excluding Abaddon out.


The Knights of Hell began in the times when the first demons were being made; (As Time Goes By) they were created by Cain on Lucifer's orders after Lucifer passed his Mark onto Cain and the Mark turned Cain into a demon. (First Born)

Cain and his Knights afterwards spent centuries committing evil and atrocities and bringing chaos and destruction. This lasted until the 19th century, when Cain fell in love with a human named Colette Mullen, who turned him away from evil and forgave him. When the Knights of Hell learned of this, they took Colette from Cain in retribution, which in turn enraged Cain into slaughtering the Knights with the First Blade. All the Knights were apparently wiped out by Cain's vengeful rampage, except for Abaddon, who escaped. (First Born)

In 1958, Abaddon attacked and single-handedly eradicated the Men of Letters in pursuit of the key to their powerful collection of knowledge, and in the process went missing among Hell and the demons for 55 years when she was transported through time to 2013. (As Time Goes By) After learning that Crowley had become King of Hell during the 55-year time gap, when Crowley went missing from Hell's affairs after being captured by the Winchesters, Abaddon began drawing power and following among the demons and intended to take over Hell and then the universe, through conquest over Crowley's deal-making policies. (Season 9) However, Dean tracked down Cain and gained the Mark of Cain from him, (First Born) and thus Dean was eventually able to kill Abaddon with the First Blade. (King of the Damned)

Shortly after defeating Abaddon, Dean himself was initially turned into a Knight of Hell (specifically an uber-demon like Cain) due to the Mark of Cain's effects, (Do You Believe in Miracles?, Black) but was cured and reverted to his human state by Sam. (Soul Survivor) Eventually, when Cain began killing off his descendants, Dean was forced to kill Cain with the First Blade as well. (The Executioner's Song) With Dean cured, all the original Knights dead and the Mark of Cain gone, the Knights of Hell are extinct.


8x12 AbaddonMemoryRead

Abaddon, the last Knight of Hell, viewing a human's recent memories. (As Time Goes By)

Knights of Hell are very pure and much stronger than average demons. It was implied by Crowley that one lone Knight is even stronger than an entire group of regular-level demons. Knights are also invulnerable to almost all known non-fatal demonic weaknesses, and can only be killed by the First Blade.

A Knight of Hell such as Abaddon possesses all the standard demonic powers and abilities of telekinesis, teleportation, superhuman strength and stamina and demonic possession; and as well as these, a Knight also possesses biokinetic manipulation of a human's body, and can cause sudden small bursts of gales and stormy thunder through demonic screams of intense anger. One unique ability that the Knight Abaddon displayed was that she could read and view humans' memories by briefly instilling a piece of her smoke form's essence into the human in question. She was also strong enough to exorcise a crossroads demon with a touch.

Knights of Hell are also immune to several of the non-fatal demonic weaknesses: they can walk on hallowed ground, and are unaffected by Christian exorcism rites.

Role in Hell's hierarchyEdit

9x17 KnightOfHellEnochian

The pre-Enochian crest of the Knights of Hell. (Mother's Little Helper)

Knights of Hell command fear and respect from other demons, and they can possess or assemble their own groups, followers and subordinates among the demons. It has been implied that a Knight may sometimes be hired as an agent or assassin by another party or superiors in Hell, as Larry Ganem described Abaddon as being "a hired gun" when she'd attacked the Men of Letters in 1958. Knights of Hell appear to be in a sense independents from Hell's hierarchy, in that while the King of Hell officially outranks them and expects the Knights to serve him, a Knight can stage a coup and attempt to overthrow the current King as leader of Hell if the Knights disagree with the current King and/or his methods.


9x11 KnightOfHellTaraNotes

Tara's notes on the Knights of Hell and the First Blade. (First Born)

According to demonology and occultism, Knight of Hell is a rank unique to the demon known as Furcas or Forcas, who rules 20 legions of demons.



  • It was originally believed that it was the archangels who wiped out the Knights of Hell excluding Abaddon, until it was revealed in First Born that it was actually Cain himself.
  • Henry Winchester mentioned in As Time Goes By that the Knights of Hell were said to have been handpicked by Lucifer. It is unknown whether this is true or just a myth after First Born revealed that the Knights were created when Lucifer ordered Cain as an uber-demon to make more like him.
  • When Dean was an uber-demon, some fans argued and speculated over whether or not Dean's status as a demon who had been turned by the Mark of Cain made him a Knight of Hell by origin. It was revealed in Fan Fiction that at least Dean himself considered Demon Dean to have been a Knight.

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