Lake Manitoc
1x3 LakeManitoc
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Appearance(s) : Dead in the Water
Filming location : Buntzen Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Lake Manitoc was a lake located in Wisconsin, near Milwaukee.


In 1970, Bill Carlton and Jake Devins accidentally drowned their friend, Peter Sweeney, in Lake Manitoc, and Peter's Spirit subsequently haunted the lake and began killing off Bill and Jake's families over the years by using the lake's water to hydrokinetically drown them.

Dead in the WaterEdit

By late 2005, Lake Manitoc's dam was leaking and beginning to decay, and it was expected that by mid-2006, the lake would have drained as a result, forcing Peter to speed up his plans for vengeance against Bill and Jake.

Peter drowned Sophie Carlton while she was swimming out on Lake Manitoc, then Will Carlton by drowning him in a sink, and Bill subsequently took a motorboat out onto Lake Manitoc and was killed by Peter's Spirit.

Peter next attempted to drown Andrea Barr in her bathtub, and after that failed, he beckoned her son Lucas out to the lake and pulled him in. Jake waded into the lake to trade places with Lucas, and Peter released Lucas and drowned Jake instead.