"You people, you're the crazy ones. You used to worship gods! But this? This is what passes for idolatry? Celebrities?! What have they got besides small dogs and spray tans."
―Leshi's view on how humans went from worshipping gods to adoring celebrities.[src]
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Biographical information
Race : Pagan god
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Fallen Idols
Actor/Actress : Paris Hilton
Paul Statman
David Livingstone

Leshi was a forest god from Eastern Europe, who possessed the ability to take the forms of idolized figures, through which to feed on their fans and worshippers.


Leshi was an entity which possessed the ability to take on a human's form through touching an object that belonged to the real person, such as one of their clothes or hats, or an object that was at some point in their possession. However, it would appear that destroying the item Leshi had touched would probably cause it to lose the idol figure's form and vanish. Leshi could also read humans' minds to discover who a human's personal idolized figure was and why. An extremely brief glimpse of Leshi's true face showed it to resemble that of a skeletal, desiccated corpse. Leshi possessed several other powers and abilities which were very similar to those of ghosts; it could telekinetically shut doors, it could exercise super-strength and could give ghostlike bouts of extremely fast and sudden movement, and its presence could also cause cold spots and temperature drops.

Leshi could only feed itself through draining a human's blood, and then stuffing the person's corpse's stomach with seeds native to Leshi's home forest, and certain requirements were required of Leshi and/or its victim for Leshi to be able to feed off the victim. Leshi usually could only feed on humans who worshipped it, but it could alternatively bypass this limitation by using its shapeshifting ability to transform into a non-worshipper human's idolized figure. When Leshi took a deceased idol's form to kill its admirers, it apparently killed them in manners mirroring the idol's real death; it killed a James Dean fan by slamming his head against a windshield, and it killed an Abraham Lincoln admirer by conjuring a gunshot to his head. Though Leshi's hunger could be satiated by just killing and immediately draining a victim on the spot, this was apparently akin to "stuffing [it]self" for it, and Leshi for this reason preferred to feed on its victims slowly in an unknown ritual that was like a "nice, slow meal" for it.

5x5 LeshiTrueFace

A glimpse of Leshi's true face. (Fallen Idols)

The only known method of killing Leshi was by using an iron axe to decapitate it. (Fallen Idols)



Leshi originally inhabited and guarded a forest in the Balkans, and was fed by adoring pagan worshippers who offered themselves up to Leshi as willing sacrifices. However, by the 21st century, Leshi had lost its followers with the decline of paganism, forcing it to feed by taking on the form of non-pagan humans' idolized figures. Leshi would lose its home as well circa 1979, when its forest was cut down to build a Yugo plant.

After losing its forest, Leshi was left homelessly wandering the world alone, surviving by scavenging two or three human victims a year. But in 2009, when the Apocalypse began after Lucifer was released, Leshi decided to stop scavenging and just "pig out" while it still could. It found the wax museum of Canton, Ohio and set up lair in a closed area of the building, and used the genuine items on the museum's wax figurines to take on the famous figures' forms and attacked their admirers in town. (Fallen Idols)


5x5 LeshiDecapitated

Leshi is killed by decapitation with iron. (Fallen Idols)

When Leshi fed on and killed Cal Hawkins, a James Dean fan of Little Bastard, Sam and Dean Winchester came to town to investigate, and they tracked Leshi's killing when it next took Abraham Lincoln's form to kill and feed on Professor William Hill. While Sam and Dean were at the wax museum, Leshi took on Mahatma Ghandi's form and attacked Sam, but it teleported away when Dean burned Ghandi's real glasses at the wax museum (under the false impression that Leshi was the real Ghandi's ghost).

Sam and Dean learned the truth about what Leshi was when it turned into Paris Hilton and abducted a Hilton fangirl back to its lair to feed on slowly. The Winchesters returned to the museum with an iron axe and uncovered Leshi's lair, before Leshi took them captive. Leshi intended to use the Winchesters' axe to turn into John Winchester and feed on Dean, but Sam and Dean broke free just before Leshi could change form. Sam used the axe to chop Leshi's head off while it was fighting with Dean, killing it. (Fallen Idols)


Leshi was a creature which saw its killing of both willing and innocent humans as nothing more nor less than feeding itself; it considered killing and feeding on a human right there and then to be like eating "fast food," and thought of killing multiple humans over a few days as "pig[ging] out," and Leshi saw no reason why it should have felt its killing of humans was wrong. Leshi may have also had a dry sense of humour, seen in how it mimicked some of Paris Hilton's mannerisms while in her form. Dean commented when he and Sam met Leshi that it was by far "the nuttiest" god they'd met yet.

Forms taken (shapeshifting)Edit


5x5 LeshiLore

An online article of lore about Leshi. (Fallen Idols)

In Slavic mythology, Leshi is the name of a type of male woodland spirit which protects forests and wild animals. Leshi is said to usually appear as a man with vegetation for parts of his body such as his beard, but can shapeshift into many different forms or change his size, and apparently also has no shadow. Leshi are extremely mischievous, and enjoy causing havoc; varying from misplacing farmers' items, to kidnapping young women and/or tickling people to death. Leshi are said as well to communicate with and guide animals; telling wild animals where to migrate, and preventing cattle from wandering too far from their farmland into a Leshi's forest.


  • According to Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5:
    • While Leshi was only ever shown to take human forms, it could in fact take the form of anything it touched, including animals, trees and even fungus.
    • The reason pagan worshippers were so widely willing to sacrifice themselves to Leshi was because forest gods like Leshi would, when properly appeased, bring good crop produce, magical powers, and protection for herdsmen and hunters in the woods.

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