7x3 LeviathanChomperMode
Species information
Type : Creature
Notable distinctions : Black ooze
Face transforms into giant, shark-like jaws
Main weaknesses : Decapitation
Bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen
Related to : God
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Judaism
Native range : Purgatory
Production information
First appearance : Meet the New Boss
The Leviathans - also colloquially referred to as Chompers, the Old Ones, the First Beasts, Bigmouths or simply Levis for short - are very strong, ancient, hungry and deadly creatures, and were God's first beasts. To contain their hunger, the Leviathans were imprisoned in Purgatory, but they were unwittingly released by Castiel's actions.



Leviathans appear to have a true form, which can be perceived by angels and witches. (Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Survival of the Fittest) Very little is known about Leviathans' true forms, except that they are distinguishable by those able to perceive their true faces, indicating they are not identical. (Survival of the Fittest) One witch, upon seeing a Leviathan, gave a shocked and disgusted response ("Good God, what is that thing?!") indicating that Leviathans' true forms are very gnarly, monstrous and inhuman. (Shut Up, Dr. Phil)

Leviathan can take human form both on Earth or in Purgatory. A Leviathan in human form appears identical to a real human; except Leviathan's human form bleeds black ooze instead of blood, and when the Leviathan is about to attack or feed, its human form's face will transform into a giant mouth with sharp fangs and a bifurcated tongue for killing and devouring. (Season 7, Season 8)

8x5 LeviathanPurgatoryTrueFormMain2

A Leviathan's ooze form in Purgatory before solidifying into human form. (Blood Brother)

In Purgatory, each Leviathan manifests as a large ball of black ooze, which seems to drop out of the sky like a meteorite when arriving at a location. This mobile ooze form that Leviathans take in Purgatory can morph into human form on the ground for physical combat and/or eating their victims. (Blood Brother, A Little Slice of Kevin) On Earth, the Leviathans instead initially take the form of immobile, black Leviathan ooze, and each Leviathan must first possess a being such as a human (through physical contact or ingestion by the human in question) to be able to take mobile form. (Hello, Cruel World) Leviathan can also possess angels on the earthly plane, and more than one Leviathan can inhabit and control the angel, although if there is a large number of Leviathans, then the angel will quickly explode and release the Leviathans from the pressure of containing such creatures in one vessel. (Meet the New Boss, Hello, Cruel World)

7x2 LeviathanPossessesVessel

A human girl is possessed by a Leviathan upon drinking Leviathan-contaminated water. (Hello, Cruel World)

Unlike possession by spiritual entities, wherein it is essentially the human vessel containing, channeling and being controlled by the entity in question; Leviathan possession seems to fully and permanently take over the possessed person and purge all trace of them, leaving only the possessing Leviathan in the person's form. In human form on Earth, Leviathans can transform their human vessel into any other human, becoming completely identical to whatever human form in question (excluding the Leviathan attributes that Leviathan's human form exhibits). The human form the Leviathan takes on Earth will also of course exhibit the Leviathan's abilities and vulnerabilities. (Season 7)


Leviathan are incredibly strong and terrible creatures. They were regarded by most modern spiritual races with fearful respect, and earned a level of regard and respect even from Death. (Meet the New Boss, Slash Fiction) As described by Castiel, Leviathans are "the piranha that would eat the whole aquarium;" capable of killing, destroying and/or eating almost any other creatures, supernatural or otherwise, with ease, including the likes of angels. (Survival of the Fittest) However, Leviathan do seem to be non-spiritual creatures and lack magic and psychic abilities, aside from their ability to negate the powers of angels. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

When a Leviathan is about to feed or attack, its face alters and it gains powerful jaws with sharp teeth, which can rip into almost anything the Leviathan bites with them; including humans, vampires and even other Leviathans. (Season 7, Season 8) Leviathans are also immune to conventional means of killing (including stabbing, shooting in the heart or head, and crushing) and to almost all materials, elements and supernatural weapons (including salt, holy water, silver and acid) that would harm or kill most other supernaturals. (Hello, Cruel World, The Girl Next Door, Slash Fiction)

7x20 LeviathanShapeshiftingPete

A Leviathan perfectly copies a human before devouring the human. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

Through physical contact with even one strand of a person's DNA (like direct physical contact with the person, or with a hair from the person), (Slash Fiction, Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 7) Leviathan can instantaneously shapeshift their human vessels on Earth to perfectly match and become physically identical to the human to whom the DNA belongs. (Season 7) A Leviathan can shapeshift into and mimic not only humans, but other creatures such as vampires as well. (There Will Be Blood) A Leviathan even gains all the memories of whatever human form it shapeshifts into, (Season 7) along with any mental scars the original suffers from (although unlike with the real person, the mental scars will not damage the Leviathan's psyche and will only irritate the creature), (Slash Fiction) which in turn makes the Leviathan even more skilled and adept and perfect at mimicking and impersonating whatever human whose form it has taken. Though a Leviathan can copy most of a human's skills and talents through shapeshifting into and mimicking the human, including even complex skills such as performing surgical operations, (Hello, Cruel World) certain other talents and abilities (such as Charlie Bradbury's hacking skills) Leviathans apparently cannot copy. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

7x9 LeviathanInvulnerabilityHeadshot

A Leviathan is unaffected by a direct gunshot to the head. (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters)

Except for a few certain means, Leviathans possess extreme endurance and resilience to all conventional means of harming and supernatural weapons, making them virtually indestructible. A Leviathan can quickly shrug off and heal many wounds and injuries that would normally kill other creatures, including stabbing, burning, and shooting in the head. Leviathans can even survive and reassemble themselves after being crushed by large falling objects and even decapitated, although this can take some time, and thus the Leviathan will be left temporarily incapacitated in the meantime until it finishes reassembling. (Season 7)

In human form either on Earth or in Purgatory, Leviathan possess superhuman physical abilities such as endurance and strength, being strong enough to easily overpower humans and even angels and seraphim in a fight. (Season 7, Season 8) Leviathan are also known for being very clever and intelligent creatures; possessing the knowledge to quickly and easily develop cures for many incurable human diseases such as AIDS and cancer, and being very cunning, well-versed and clever in their plans and drawing up defences and backup schemes against enemies. (Season 7) Leviathan seem as well to be able to move at quicker speeds when attacking, (Hello, Cruel World) and appear to have sharper and keener sense of temperature (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo) and smell. (There Will Be Blood)

7x21 LeviathanBeatsAngel

An angel is easily defeated and destroyed by a Leviathan. (Reading Is Fundemental)

As God's earlier and stronger creations than angels, Leviathan are unaffected by angels' magical abilities such as telekinesis, (Reading Is Fundemental) and Leviathans can inhibit an angel's telelporting ability with their presence. However, their strength against the Archangels remains unknown. (Blood Brother) A Leviathan such as Edgar can quickly and easily overwhelm angels and then kill them through a gruesome process: the Leviathan sticks its fist into the angel's vessel, pumping the angel full of venomous Leviathan ooze which quickly and unpleasantly kills the angel. It was also implied that Leviathans can conceal themselves from angels enough to be able to pass off as human and take angels by surprise. (Reading Is Fundemental)


There are very few means of harming or incapacitating Leviathans, and even fewer means of actually killing a Leviathan. (Season 7)

7x23 LeviathanDecapitated

A Leviathan is temporarily incapacitated by decapitation. (Survival of the Fittest)

Among the most common methods of disabling Leviathans is decapitation. If a Leviathan is beheaded, then it will be rendered immobile and unable to act. However, this only temporarily incapacitates the Leviathan, as the Leviathan's head will reattach itself given time, unless it is kept far away from the headless Leviathan body. (Slash Fiction et al.) Similarly, crushing a Leviathan under a heavy object can temporarily immobilise it while the Leviathan is still reassembling itself from the damage. (Hello, Cruel World)

A very common weapon which can briefly stun and even incapacitate Leviathans is borax - liquids containing borax such as cleaning fluid have a very caustic effect on Leviathans, burning and eating through their flesh like acid. However, the Leviathan only take several seconds to recover from burning by borax; (Slash Fiction) also, borax is practically all but ineffective on masochistic Leviathans such as Dick Roman due to their enjoyment of the pain. (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters, The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo) Witches can use their magic to good effect on a Leviathan; paralyzing the creature into a severely weakened and incapacitated state, although the effect will only last for a few days before the stunned Leviathan is back to full strength. (Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Slash Fiction)

7x20 LeviathanBurnedBorax

A Leviathan is badly burned and stunned by a borax bomb. (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo)

There are only a few known methods of actually killing a Leviathan, and even so, it is known that when a Leviathan dies on Earth, its essence will survive and return to Purgatory. (Survival of the Fittest)

One of Leviathan's fatal vulnerabilities is themselves, as not even they are immune to their kind's destructive devouring ability; a Leviathan can eat itself (How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters) or be eaten by another Leviathan, (Slash Fiction, Out with the Old, The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo) leaving nothing but traces of Leviathan ooze. Beings as powerful as God, Death, and Amara can easily annihilate any Leviathan.

The bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen - created by washing a bone from a devout human in a mixture of blood from an Alpha, a fallen angel and the King of Hell respectively - (There Will Be Blood, Survival of the Fittest) was devised by God as a failsafe in the event of the Leviathans' return. (Reading Is Fundemental) When a Leviathan was stabbed with the bone, the creature would die, and its essence would be sent back to Purgatory, taking with it anyone who was nearby when the Leviathan in question was killed with the bone. However, the bone would only work once, and would afterwards presumably become useless against Leviathan. (Survival of the Fittest)

Hunger and dietEdit

7x23 LeviathanDyingFromBone

The Leviathan leader Dick Roman dying after being stabbed by the bone. (Survival of the Fittest)

The Leviathan are known for their powerful and destructive hunger and their purpose of satiating it by finding and taking sustainable food sources. (Season 7, Clip Show) Leviathan are apparently capable of killing and eating virtually any other creatures, devouring their internal organs. (Season 7) According to Death, the Leviathans' hunger was powerful and deadly that it convinced God to directly intervene and imprison the Leviathans rather than risk letting them roam the universe freely. (Meet the New Boss) Leviathans can devour and kill monsters, angels and even each-other, and they are not averse to cannibalism out of dislike or as punishment for failure. (Season 7)

While capable of devouring practically any creature, Leviathans do have food preferences and diet habits - they seemed to prefer humans as their perfect cattle and food source on Earth, indicating a preference for humanity as food over other beings, (Season 7) and Leviathans apparently also find human foods such as burgers and salad disgusting. (Slash Fiction) One Leviathan was also known to enjoy eating humans covered in hot cheese. (The Girl Next Door) It has been indicated that Leviathans have a distaste for humans with diseases and certain characteristics (such as humans with cancer or HIV or any other major incurable diseases, and humans who have haemophilia, low body mass or even mental disability). (The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo, Survival of the Fittest) Also, while Leviathans are willing to just devour humans raw and alive, they are also fond of human delicacies infused with human meat, such as muffins made with baby uvulas, (Slash Fiction) and sushi made from orphans' flesh. (Survival of the Fittest)


Early historyEdit

According to Death, the Leviathan were created by God in primordial times, and were among God's earliest creations; predating angels, humans and the soul itself. However, though Death personally found them interesting and amusing, the Leviathans had a powerful and destructive hunger which God came to fear would destroy his other creations if the Leviathans were left unchecked, so to protect the universe from the creatures' destructive hunger, God created Purgatory and imprisoned the Leviathans inside. (Meet the New Boss) While the Leviathans remained locked away in Purgatory, the realm eventually evolved to also become the afterlife destination for the souls of Eve's monsters, and thus the Leviathans shared Purgatory with the monster souls. (Season 6, Season 8)

Farming humanityEdit

7x2 LeviathanOozeForm

The Leviathan are unleashed onto the Earth in the Sioux Falls municipal reservoir. (Hello, Cruel World)

Circa 2011 - 2012, when the angel Castiel successfully opened the door to Purgatory to absorb all of the monster souls there, he unwittingly also absorbed the Leviathans with them. When Castiel began to lose control over the Leviathans inside him, he, with help from Sam and Dean Winchester and Bobby Singer, reopened Purgatory and sent the monster souls back, intending to send the Leviathans back in Purgatory as well. (Meet the New Boss)

Though Castiel apparently succeeded in sending some of the Leviathan back to Purgatory, (Season 8) a large number of Leviathans in the hundreds held on inside him and took Cass's vessel over. (Meet the New Boss) Castiel shortly thereafter began to combust from containing so many of the Leviathan, so the Leviathans possessing Cass guided his vessel into the local reservoir, where Castiel exploded, releasing the Leviathans into the water supply. From in the water supply, the released Leviathans immediately began taking mobile, human form by possessing humans exposed to the Leviathan-contaminated the water. While some of the Leviathans were loyal to their leader and getting the Leviathans together, some of the others instead initially began carelessly attacking and eating humans as they pleased, until the other Leviathans got them under control. (Hello, Cruel World)

After the Leviathans on Earth were under control and organised, they began working to gain power and subtly overthrow humans to farm them as the Leviathan's perfect cattle, the Leviathan incursion becoming widespread across all of North America. (Out with the Old, Survival of the Fittest) The Leviathans achieved their goals of controlling humans by infiltrating the military and powerful corporations, to gain positions of power that could be useful in their aim of dominating and farming humanity. Under their leader in the form of Dick Roman, the Leviathan began operating to make humans their cattle and food source, by infiltrating Richard Roman Enterprises and using it to build slaughterhouses for farming humans, and medical centres for making humans a disease-free food source. The Leviathans also began dumbing humans down with an additive serum which made humans more content and complacent, to make humanity more easily controlled and manageable cattle. Throughout their plans for humans, the Leviathans began hunting the Winchesters to try and ensure they couldn't stop the Leviathan. (Season 7)

7x23 LeviathanDelegatesMeet

The Leviathan delegates meet to discuss Dick Roman's plans for humanity. (Survival of the Fittest)

Dick Roman and the Leviathan delegates eventually prepared to begin Dick's plan to cull off those of the American population with undesirable physical traits as cattle, using Additive 3.0, and then convert the U.S. into a giant farming land for the Leviathans' farming of humans. However, the Leviathans' plans were stopped and their hierarchy fell apart when the Winchesters launched an attack against Richard Roman Enterprises and successfully killed Dick Roman with the bone of a righteous mortal washed in the three bloods of the fallen. (Survival of the Fittest)


According to Crowley, after Dick Roman was killed, without his leadership to organise and control the other Leviathans on Earth, the Leviathan hierarchy would have collapsed and the remaining Leviathans on Earth would have just become another scattered, unorganised and in the bigger picture an irrelevant threat; just like the other monsters on Earth, albeit harder to kill. (Survival of the Fittest)

Alternate realitiesEdit

According to Chronos, in a future world he had seen, the Winchesters had apparently failed to stop the Leviathans, and the creatures had overrun and covered the world. (Time After Time After Time)

Culture and hierarchyEdit

Before Dick Roman's death, the Leviathans on Earth had a rigid and organised hierarchy. The Leviathans' hierarchy was very unforgiving, survivalist and social Darwinist, and was largely based upon fear, respect and dominance. Leviathans would usually work to "claw their way" up the chain of command to better positions and "promotions," succeeding through proving their competence and capability with a preferable avoidance of failure. Though Leviathans were rewarded with promotion when they succeeded, proved themselves and earned it, failure was looked upon badly. If a Leviathan failed or messed up one time too many, they could be punished by either being devoured alive, or worse yet, being 'bibbed' (in which the Leviathan in question woul be forced to eat itself until there was nothing left of it).

Leviathans are highly amoral, ruthless, cold, cruel creatures who hold no compunctions at all against farming or devouring other sentient creatures as food, treating them as cattle for themselves, nor against committing genocide against other sentient creatures whom they view as pests. Leviathans are also not adverse to cannibalism, being known to devour others of their own kind (including but not limited to their subordinates as punishment for incompetence), out of simple annoyance, dislike, disappointment, or even simply as a solution to every problem.


The Leviathans are widely feared and respected by most supernatural beings. The Leviathans themselves have a tendency to look down on other beings and races, only caring about what's useful and what they can develop, exploit and take for themselves to sate their hunger.

For the most part, Leviathans regard humans as nothing more than food and cattle, albeit a highly valuable food resource at that; and treat the way they kill, eat and farm humans as such. Dick Roman once commented that humans were "not good for much 'til you dip them in garlic sauce." However, Leviathans such as Roman do still have a level of respect and admiration for humans' unique spark and talent and for their violence-based creativity.

Demons were despised and viewed with disgust by Leviathans as far lesser than humans, with Dick Roman declaring demons to be "ugly, lazy, gold-digging whores" and "bottomfeeding mutation[s]." Roman also warned that if it were worth the Leviathans' time, they would wipe all of demonkind out purely on principle.

Despite being related to them, the Leviathans considered Eve's monster children to be "roaches" and "pathetic mutts," and wanted them all utterly exterminated so they wouldn't have to share humanity with them as a food resource.

Notable LeviathanEdit

7x2 LeviathanPossessCastiel

All the Leviathan on Earth escaped from Purgatory through initially inhabiting Castiel. (Hello, Cruel World)


According to the Hebrew Bible, Leviathan is the name of a giant sea monster, described in the Book of Job as the primordial beast of the sea. Rabbinic literature states that there were originally two Leviathans, created by God on the fifth day of creation as mates for each-other and species progenitors like Adam and Eve; but God worried that the Leviathans would multiply out of control and destroy the world if they reproduced, so he slew the female Leviathan. Some legends state that the remaining Leviathan will be slain by either Gabriel, Michael or God, and it is also said that Leviathan flesh will be served at the messianic feast in the Time to Come. In demonology, Leviathan is the name of one of the demonic Seven Princes of Hell - specifically the one which represents Envy and serves as the gatekeeper of Hell.



  • Throughout the show, the word used to refer to Leviathan plurally has varied between "Leviathan" (singular) and "Leviathans" (plural).
  • According to Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 7, the Leviathans were originally primordial sea creatures, which evolved to possess other creatures to be able to live on land.
  • Although the Leviathans lack souls as creatures which predate the soul, it is known that whatever comprises them as a being can survive after they die on Earth, as Castiel confirmed in Survival of the Fittest that Dick Roman would have returned to Purgatory after Cass and Dean killed him on Earth.
  • The name 'the Old Ones' which Death at one point used to refer to the Leviathans in Meet the New Boss is also the name of a race of ancient, godlike alien beings in the works and mythos of H.P. Lovecraft (who, in the Supernatural universe, in fact successfully opened a door to Purgatory in 1937). Based on this, some fans have speculated that when the Supernatural universe's Lovecraft successfully opened the portal to Purgatory in 1937, he may have seen the Leviathans in Purgatory through the portal and used them as the inspiration for the Old Ones in his works.
  • As the Leviathans are said to have been created before angels and humans, this would place their original time as being before the Darkness was beaten back and imprisoned.
    • Based on this and on the Darkness's nature and effects, there is a fan theory that the Leviathans may have actually been corrupted into their ravenous, destructive form by her; similarly to how the Mark of Cain that kept her imprisoned established itself as a curse and became corruptive of its bearers.
    • Alternatively, the fact that there has thus far been no mention of the Leviathans in the Darkness's history before her imprisonment like there has with God and the archangels, and some indications that the archangels are allegedly God's oldest creations, it is now believed by some that the archangels might actually be older than Leviathans, and that Leviathans were probably created in the early universe shortly after the Darkness's imprisonment but before the other angels existed.