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Lilith was the first demon, created by Lucifer, and was the final one of Lucifer's seals that would free Lucifer when broken. After Lilith was freed from Hell via the devil's gate, she took over leadership of the demons in Hell and on Earth, and began coordinating the demons in breaking Lucifer's seals to begin the Apocalypse. Lilith succeeded in breaking the 66 seals, dying in the end to break the last one and raise Lucifer.




Lilith was an nightmarishly monstrous, twisted, vicious and sadistic being of pure evil, who revelled in chaos and pain and misery. She enjoyed committing horrible acts of murder and torture, and causing her victims nigh-unbearable emotional and psychological agony. Far more malevolent, cruel and sadistic than even any other demon, Lilith outright enjoyed inflicting pain and causing torture and destruction in itself; imprisoning and psychologically tormenting humans past the breaking point, not as part of a mission or objective, but as her twisted form of entertainment and her idea of an R&R when she was "on leave."

Lilith seemed to like to taunt and toy with her victims with her demeanour and behaviour, which she changed depending on her current kind of vessel. When possessing little girls, Lilith would normally behave with a sweet, happy and playful disposition in light of her horrible acts of torture on her victims, but could instantly swing from this to a very chilling, short-tempered and threatening demeanour. When possessing adult women, Lilith usually displayed very alluring and seductive, yet vicious, sadistic and sinister behaviour.

Lilith was also a very capable leader and an excellent strategist; she proved highly competent in directing the demons in breaking Lucifer's seals (though the higher-ranking angels helped by proxy since their whole scheme was for the demons to succeed). Lilith also had a very sharp and effective ability to second-guess her opponents' moves and outwit them even as she went along, regularly staying one step ahead of her enemies' moves against her.

Despite leading the demons in the war with the angels to break Lucifer's seals, Lilith lacked Ruby and Azazel's religious devotion to the cause, and had no love for nor interest in Lucifer himself; Lilith apparently only cared about freeing Lucifer out of a bloodlust to witness and revel in the full horror and devastation of the Apocalypse, rather than out of any real loyalty to Lucifer. Because of this, Lilith was greatly disappointed to learn that she needed to die for the Apocalypse to begin, and she was at one point willing to call off the whole war and allow Lucifer to remain imprisoned. However, at the end, Lilith apparently fully accepted her role to be killed by Sam in order to bring the Apocalypse.

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Lilith is was the most powerful demon alive until killed by Sam Winchester the raise Lucifer from hell and bring forth the apocalypse.



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  • Despite being female, before Lilith was named and introduced in Jus in Bello, in earlier Season 3 episodes such as Malleus Maleficarum, she was referred to by demons as male. It is thought by fans that when the demon boss was referred to as a male, they were actually referring to Crowley, since he was Lilith's right-hand man and the King of the Crossroads.
  • Though never addressed nor confirmed on the show, based on the real-life lore and mythology of Lilith being Adam's first wife who was replaced with Eve, there is a fan theory: that in the Supernatural universe, Lilith was Adam's first wife before Eve in the Garden of Eden when she was human, until she was abducted by Lucifer and tortured to become the first demon.
    • It has also been further theorised that Lucifer could have captured Lilith and made her into the first demon when he infiltrated the Garden after slipping past Gadreel.
  • It has been argued as to whether or not the demon-killing knife could kill Lilith: on one hand, Lilith displayed serious fear of the knife, but on the other, other high-level demons who were less powerful than her (namely fellow white-eyed demon Alastair) proved to be able to survive direct stabs from the knife and quickly recover. However, Alastair indicated at one point (in On the Head of a Pin) that the demon knife could have indeed killed him and just had to stab much more deeply and/or precisely to do anything more than wound him, which could mean that the same would apply for Lilith.
  • It has been implied that Lilith's true face and Ruby's look quite similar to each-other, seeing as it took Dean, when able to see demons' true faces, a while to detect the difference.