Lily Shoemaker
1x5 LilyShoemaker
Biographical information
Race : Human
Occupation : Most likely student
Status : Alive
Production information
Appearance(s) : Bloody Mary
Actor/Actress : Genevieve Buechner

Lily Shoemaker was the twelve-year-old daughter of Steven Shoemaker and the younger sister of Donna Shoemaker.


Bloody MaryEdit

One night, while Lily and her two friends were playing a game of truth or dare, Lily was dared to attempt to summon Bloody Mary, which she did. However, this caused the Ghost of Mary Worthington to arrive and kill Lily's father Steven.

Lily subsequently came to believe that she had indeed summoned Bloody Mary, and blamed herself for her father's death. When Sam and Dean Winchester came to ask Donna about Steven's death, Lily blurted out to them what she had done just before Steven was killed.

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