Linda Tran
8x2 LindaTranMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Kevin Tran (son; deceased)
Mr. Tran (husband; deceased)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Notable affiliations : Herself and her son
Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Lauren Tom
Other Actors/Actresses : Khaira Ledeyo
First appearance : Reading Is Fundemental

Linda Tran was Kevin Tran's fierce mother, who aided her prophet son and the Winchester brothers in stopping Crowley from gaining the Word of God. She was captured and tortured for a year by Crowley's demons, until Sam and Dean found and freed her.



Little is known about Linda's past, but she at some point married a husband, Mr. Tran, and had a son, Kevin, on 2 December, 1993. Crowley implied that Kevin may have actually been conceived when Linda had had an affair. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?) Mr. Tran died when Kevin was a baby, leaving Linda to raise her son by herself. (Captives)

Leviathan crisisEdit

7x22 LindaTranHeldHostageByLeviathan

Linda is held hostage by the Leviathan to blackmail Kevin into translating the Leviathan tablet. (There Will Be Blood)

Circa late 2011 - early 2012, Kevin disappeared (he'd been activated as a prophet and the Word of God's calling had caused him to steal his mother's car and go to get the Leviathan tablet), and Linda called the police about it. Kevin was eventually returned to Linda and the Tran home by an angel garrison, but the angels protecting the Trans were immediately killed by Edgar, who then captured Kevin and Linda for the Leviathans' purposes. (Reading Is Fundemental)

The Leviathan held Linda hostage and threatened to kill her unless Kevin translated the Leviathan Word for them. When Kevin complied, Dick Roman had Edgar get Linda released on the rule that she wasn't to talk about what had happened. (There Will Be Blood) Kevin remained in the Leviathan's captivity, and disappeared again just after Dick's downfall when he was taken by Crowley and his demons. (Survival of the Fittest)

Fight for the Word of GodEdit

A year after the Leviathans' downfall and Kevin's disappearance, Linda had returned to her normal domestic life, but (unbeknownst to her) was being watched by Crowley's demons in case he could use her for capturing Kevin. Kevin, along with Sam and Dean Winchester, went to get Linda away from the demons and so killed her possessed friends and neighbours. After learning the truth about the demons and how Kevin was a prophet, Linda took it with ease, and joined her son and the Winchesters in finding the missing demon Word of God. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

8x2 CrowleyLinda

Linda possessed by Crowley. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

The Trans and the Winchesters eventually tracked the tablet down to Plutus' supernatural auction, and joined the auction to bid against Crowley for the tablet. When Beau and Plutus added Kevin to the bid for the Word of God, Linda and the Winchesters won the auction against Crowley for Kevin and the tablet when Linda resorted to offering her soul. However, while Linda was alone when Plutus was getting ready to extract her soul, Crowley was able to possess Linda when Beau burned her anti-possession tattoo off. Crowley killed Plutus and stole the demon tablet, then left Linda's body and repossessed his usual vessel. In the aftermath, Linda was left catatonic from her possession by Crowley, and Kevin took her and fled from the Winchesters into hiding from Crowley on his own with her. (What's Up, Tiger Mommy?)

8x7 Linda+KevinInHidingContactDeltaMandota

Linda and Kevin, living on the run from Crowley, contact Delta about their deal for the demon bomb ingredients. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Linda eventually recovered from her possession-induced catatonia, and she and Kevin remained living on the run from the demons, living in abandoned restaurants and buildings. Linda was highly unsatisfied with how she and her son were living on the run, so she contacted a witch, Delta Mendota, online, to buy supernatural ingredients from her through which to replicate the demon bomb spell and use it against the demons. Delta eventually came in person to sell Linda the demon bomb components, but to Linda's anger refused to give enough for more than one demon bomb before Linda paid her. Delta double-crossed the Trans and sold them out to Crowley; Crowley kidnapped Kevin, but Linda managed to escape the demons. (A Little Slice of Kevin)

Linda went to Sam, Dean and Castiel for help rescuing Kevin, and she gave them Kevin's notes and the demon bomb ingredients for use against the demons, and the trio then handcuffed Linda in a car to stop her coming with them and potentially getting captured by Crowley. After Cass and the Winchesters had rescued Kevin and half the demon Word of God from Crowley, Sam and Dean called Garth Fitzgerald IV in to protect and take care of the Trans against Crowley's hunt for them. (A Little Slice of Kevin) Under Garth's care, Kevin and Linda were placed aboard Fizzles' Folly as a safehouse. However, Kevin sent Linda off the ship so he could work on deciphering the Word of God alone, though the Trans remained in phone contact. (Torn and Frayed, Trial and Error)

9x14 LindaTranFreed+Vengeful

A tortured Linda, after being freed by the Winchesters, about to get her revenge on Del. (Captives)

Captivity and rescueEdit

At some point after separating from Kevin, Linda was captured by Crowley's demons, (Taxi Driver) and was secretly kept alive as a prisoner in a Castle Storage facility's units with two others under the demon Del's care. Linda was Del's prisoner for a year in the Castle Storage warehouse's cells, and after Crowley disappeared in early 2014, Del began torturing and abusing her even more than Crowley had allowed before. (Captives)

Eventually, the Winchesters tracked Linda's location down to the warehouse, and she was found in her cell by Sam. Using electronic expertise acquired from Kevin, Linda was able to override the cell block's electronic door and escape with Sam once free of her chains. After Sam and Dean subdued Del,they allowed a vengeful Linda to mercilessly kill him with the demon-killing knife for torturing her. Linda then had Sam and Dean take her to Kevin (who had died and become a ghost haunting the Men of Letters' bunker in her absence).
9x14 Linda+KevinReunited

Mother and son are reunited after a year apart. (Captives)

After Linda worked out it was Kevin's late father's ring that Kevin's spirit was attached to, she took it back so that Kevin could leave the bunker and she could take him home with her. (Captives)


Linda Tran is a tough, brave and fierce woman, who is determined and won't stand down from anything. She can switch from warm and friendly to tough and fierce when needed, and is a strong maternal figure who isn't to be taken lightly. Linda does have an emotional side though; she loves her son Kevin dearly and deeply cares about him and his future and safety, and she shows a more emotional side when Kevin and his status is concerned.



  • Linda revealed in What's Up, Tiger Mommy? that she had a tattoo on her body in the past.
  • It was implied by Crowley in What's Up, Tiger Mommy? after he'd briefly possessed Mrs. Tran and seen her memories that she may have had an affair through which Kevin was conceived, although he may have been lying or exaggerating to torment Kevin.

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