Manning, Colorado
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Geographical information
Whereabouts : Colorado
Production information
Appearance(s) : Dead Man's Blood
In the Beginning
Filming location : TBA

Manning is a town in Colorado, and the hometown of Daniel Elkins where the Colt remained hidden in his possession for many years.



Visits and casesEdit

  • A time travelling Dean Winchester came to Manning in 1973 seeking the Colt. After a failed attempt at stealing it, Daniel Elkins allowed him to borrow the gun, and Dean told him where he could find it when Dean was done with it. (In the Beginning)
  • Daniel Elkins was attacked and killed in his home by a nest of vampires who were preying on drivers they kidnapped on the local roads. Upon catching wind of it, Sam and Dean came to investigate it as a case, while John came to retrieve the Colt, which the vampires had stolen. The Winchesters teamed up, and were successful in both goals; killing most of the vampires and driving the two survivors to flee. (Dead Man's Blood)

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