Mary Winchester (nee Campbell)
1x9 MaryWinchesterMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Samuel Campbell (father; deceased)
Deanna Campbell (mother; deceased)
John Winchester (husband; deceased)
Dean Winchester (son)
Sam Winchester (son)
Status : Alive
Biographical information
Born : 1954
Died : 2 November, 1983 (resurrected)
Notable affiliations : Campbell family (formerly)
Winchester family
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Samantha Smith
Other Actors/Actresses : Amy Gumenick
First appearance : Pilot

Mary Winchester (nee Campbell) was the wife of John Winchester and the mother of Sam and Dean Winchester. Mary was originally a hunter with her family, before she married John and had Sam and Dean. Mary was murdered by Azazel on 1983, which in turn set off the chain of events that led her husband and sons into hunting themselves.



Mary Campbell was born in 1954 (Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things) to Samuel and Deanna Campbell, and was raised in hunting by her parents as the family business. In her adolescence, Mary came to resent the hunting life, and wanted to be normal and safe, causing tension between her and her father. (In the Beginning) At some point, Mary met John Winchester in their hometown, Lawrence, Kansas; and while they initially "couldn't stand each-other," they eventually fell in love (due to a cupid's moulding and influence, unbeknownst to John and Mary themselves). (My Bloody Valentine) However, Samuel didn't approve of Mary's relationship with John, and Mary herself was desperate enough to have a normal family life with John to consider running away with him. (In the Beginning)

Deal with AzazelEdit

While John and Mary were going out, on 30 April, 1973, Mary noticed they were being followed by a stranger (actually Dean Winchester, Mary's future son from 2008) and confronted him in an alleyway, where they each mutually discovered the other to be hunters. Dean, not giving away his real identity, afterwards joined Mary and her parents for dinner, and wound up working the same case as them concerning a demon making deals who'd recently killed abusive farmer Tom Witshire.

4x3 MaryOfferedDealByAzazel

Mary about to make her deal with Azazel to bring John back. (In the Beginning)

While Dean, upon learning that the demon was in fact Azazel, went off to retrieve the Colt on his own, Mary and Samuel set about tracking and dealing with the demon themselves. When Azazel approached Mary's friend, Liddy Walsh, to make a deal, Mary and Samuel launched an unsuccessful assault against Azazel. Azazel took an immediate dark shine to Mary, before being forced to smoke out and flee when Dean arrived with the Colt in hand.

Shaken by her encounter with Azazel, Mary finally decided she'd had enough of hunting, and went to John to accept his planned proposal to her and run away with him. However, Azazel, having killed Deanna and Samuel and possessed the latter's corpse, tracked them down and murdered John by snapping his neck, so that he could offer Mary a deal to resurrect John and give her a life free of hunting, without it even costing her soul. Devastated by the deaths of John and her parents, and unable to bear the prospect of spending the rest of her life completely alone, Mary accepted the deal out of desperation and misery, and John was brought back. Dean afterwards disappeared back to his time. (In the Beginning)

Hunted by an angelEdit

In 1978, five years after her parents' deaths and her deal with Azazel, Mary and John were living happily in Lawrence. Mary also, circa April - May, fell pregnant. When Dean returned one night with his brother Sam in tow, Mary was furious to see Dean come back into her life with how desperately she wanted to stay out of the hunting life, and initially wanted them to leave, until they warned her that angels were real and one of them, Anna, was coming to kill her and John. John himself learned the truth about the supernatural and about Mary's old life as a hunter after an attack on his life by Anna.

5x13 MaryFindsOutWhoSam+DeanAre

A distraught Mary discovers who Sam and Dean are. (The Song Remains the Same)

Mary led John, Sam and Dean to an old Campbell shack to hole up against Anna, and she and John were taught by Sam and Dean about how to combat angels with holy oil and angel-banishing sigils. As the group awaited Anna's attack, Mary demanded an explanation from Dean about why an angel would want her dead; she was shocked, horrified, bewildered and devastated to learn that Sam and Dean were her sons from the future, and that her husband and sons' fate was to be driven into hunting after Azazel would murder her.

Before Mary, Sam and Dean could talk any further about it, Anna, accompanied by Uriel, launched an attack against the cabin, successfully killing Sam, restraining Dean and knocking John out. However, before Anna could proceed with killing Mary, Michael possessed John, killed Anna, sent Uriel away, then knocked Mary out. After sending Dean and a revived Sam back to their time and disinhabiting John, Michael would wipe John and Mary's memories of Sam, Dean and the whole angel incident, dooming Mary to her fate to ultimately die by Azazel's hands and have her sons and husband become hunters. (The Song Remains the Same)

Having a familyEdit


Mary pregnant with Dean. (The Song Remains the Same)

On 29 January, 1979, Mary gave birth to Dean Winchester, whom she named after her mother, Deanna. During Dean's toddler years, Mary would make Dean tomato rice soup and sing him Hey, Jude as a lullaby. (The Song Remains the Same) John and Mary's marriage was in a state of difficulty during this time, to the point that John had to move out for a couple of days at least once. (Dark Side of the Moon) On 2 May, 1983, Mary gave birth to a second son, Sam Winchester.


On the night of 2 November, 1983, Mary was awoken in the night to crying from Sam's nursery. When she found that the silhouette in the nursery standing over Sam's crib wasn't John upon seeing John asleep downstairs, Mary rushed to protect Sam, (Pilot) and found that the figure was none other than Azazel. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1)
1x1 MaryDeath

Mary's death, the event that put the Winchesters on the road into hunting and began it all. (Pilot)

Azazel proceeded to kill Mary by using his powers to telekinetically pin her to the nursery's ceiling, paralyzed and with her stomach slit open, while Azazel fled. When Mary was discovered by John in this state only seconds later, Azazel's powers caused her to burst into flames, killing her and destroying Sam's nursery. (Pilot)

As a spiritEdit

After Mary's death at Azazel's hands, her spirit remained behind as a ghost in the old Winchester house, which was rebuilt after the fire, while John took Sam and Dean and left Lawrence to become a hunter in hopes of finding and killing Azazel. 22 years after Mary's death, a new family - Jenny Cooper and her two children Sari and Richie - moved into the house. Sari, whose bedroom was the room that had originally been Sam's nursery before the fire, saw Mary's spirit manifest in her closet as a flaming figure during the night.

1x9 MaryFireSpirit

Mary as a spirit. (Home)

When a poltergeist that was also inhabiting the house after being drawn to a psychic wound left by Azazel's presence threatened Jenny's family and went after Sam in retaliation after they'd attempted to purge the house with mojo bags, Mary's spirit took action to protect her sons. She followed Sam downstairs, where she was finally able to reveal that it was her. Mary told Sam she was sorry (presumably referring to her deal with Azazel and what it had cost Sam), before sacrificing her own spirit to banish the poltergeist from the house; sacrificing herself to protect her sons. (Home)


Post-mortem legacyEdit

Mary's death was what drove the Winchesters into hunting in the first place, with the intention of eventually finding the entity behind Mary's death and killing it in revenge. John would remain tormented by Mary's death for years throughout the hunt for Azazel, and the emotional wounds her death had caused him didn't heal to the day he died. Likewise, Dean's deepest wish at the time when he was poisoned by a djinn was that his mother had never died, although he ultimately rejected and woke himself up from the djinn's dream reality. (What Is and What Should Never Be) Sam and Dean finally succeeded in avenging their mother's death after 23 years when they killed Azazel with the Colt. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) After being resurrected by Crowley, Samuel's reason for working for Crowley in the search for Purgatory was as part of a deal to bring Mary back. (Caged Heat)

Some of the Winchesters' enemies have been known to use their memory of and love for Mary against them. Zachariah viciously taunted Dean with an apparition of Mary in Heaven which claimed Dean to be her burden; and Eve herself, when explaining her motive to avenge her monsters when they were being tortured by Crowley, assumed Mary's form to make a point to Sam and Dean about a mother's love for her children. (Dark Side of the Moon, Mommy Dearest)


In her younger years in the 1970s before having children with John, Mary was a feisty, rebellious and free-spirited girl who wanted to get out of the life she'd been born into and have friends and family and be normal. She greatly hated and resented her life as a hunter, declaring it to be one of the worst fates she could ever imagine for someone; she was willing to go as far as running away from her parents with John in hopes of getting out of the hunting life and having a normal family life with John, and after she finally thought she'd succeeded in gaining a normal life with John, she wanted to keep it that way and stay away from anything to do with hunting ever again. Mary was also very good at fooling and deceiving others to hide the truth about her status as a hunter from when she'd lead a double life between John and the Campbell hunting business, able to swiftly switch from a warm, funny, bossy and happy girl to a tough, distrustful and fierce fighter.

After starting a family with John, Mary became a highly beautiful, maternal, happy and kind-hearted family woman. She loved her two sons very much and was highly protective of them, and she would sacrifice herself (twice, the second time extinguishing herself as a spirit) to protect and save them.

Ghostly characteristicsEdit

As a ghost after she was killed by Azazel, Mary possessed basic ghost powers and abilities, plus some fire-based attributes due to the manner of her death. As a spirit, Mary would normally be inactive except for at certain times. When Mary became active as a ghost, she would usually manifest as a transparent silhouette wreathed in flame, although she was able to, with enough strength, shift to appear as she did on the night she'd died; her human form in her nightdress. Mary was also remarkably strong as a spirit; able to survive a mojo bag-induced spiritual purge, and to wipe out even a particularly-strong poltergeist using her own ghostly energy, although the latter act would be fatal for her spirit due to the two ghostly energies cancelling each-other out. (Home)



  • Following Mary's apology to Sam in Home, there was a fan theory that Mary had had an affair with the Yellow-Eyed Demon in the past through which Sam was conceived, before Azazel's relation to Sam and the truth behind Mary's past with Azazel were revealed in All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 1 and In the Beginning respectively. Samantha Smith was apparently aghast at the fan theory.
  • It is unknown what happened to Mary's soul after her spirit sacrificed herself saving her sons from the poltergeist. Missouri believed in Home that Mary's spirit had been destroyed with the poltergeist; but following the revelation in Appointment in Samarra by Death that souls are actually completely indestructible and the confirmation in Taxi Driver that ghosts' souls do indeed continue to exist beyond their destruction on Earth, fans believe that Mary's soul could still exist somewhere. Ash stated in Dark Side of the Moon that he'd had no luck finding Mary or John in Heaven.

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