Mary Worthington
1x5 MaryWorthington
Biographical information
Race : Human (formerly)
Occupation : Unknown
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Bloody Mary
Actor/Actress : Jovanna Huguet

Mary Worthington was a woman who lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and whose Spirit became trapped in mirrors after she was murdered, and killed anyone previously involved in a death who summoned her.


Because Mary died in front of a mirror, her Ghost inhabited mirrors and would go wherever the mirror she died in front of went. Whenever someone said 'Bloody Mary' three times in front of a mirror in an area where the mirror that captured Mary's Spirit was located, this would summon Mary's Ghost. Mary would then stalk and follow anyone with a secret involving another's death who had been nearby when Mary was summoned. Once the person saw their reflection in a mirror, Mary's powers would cause the person's reflection to accuse and taunt them on the death they were involved in, and the person's eyes would bleed and hemorrhage and eventually combust, killing the person.

However, if there was no mirror nearby, then the person would be safe from Mary's abilities. It is also known that if and when Mary escaped from the mirror world back into the physical world, her powers would be used on herself if she saw herself in a mirror, due to the deaths she caused, and that she could cause bleeding and hemorrhaging of the eyes in anyone regardless of whether or not they possessed a secret involving death.


1x5 MaryWorthingtonMurderPhoto

A crime scene photograph of the aftermath of Mary's murder.

Mary lived alone in Fort Wayne, and won a few beauty contests there, and dreamed of leaving Indiana and becoming an actress. When Mary was nineteen, it was implied by her diary entries that she was having an affair with Trevor Samson, but eventually decided to tell Samson's wife about it.

On March 29, an assailant suggested to have been Samson broke into Mary's apartment and cut her eyes out with a knife. Mary tried to spell out her attacker's name with her blood on a mirror, but only managed to write "TRE-" before she died of her injuries.

After Mary's death, as she had died in front of a mirror, her Spirit was trapped inside. The mirror containing Mary was in her brother's possession for many years, until in late 2005 he sold it to Estate Antiques in Toledo, Ohio, sending Mary to the town with it. Mary learned to be able to move from mirror to mirror, and whenever someone who possessed a secret involving a death said "Bloody Mary" three times in front of a mirror, this would summon Mary's Ghost and she would kill them by causing their eyeballs to hemorrhage and combust.

Bloody MaryEdit

A week after arriving in Toledo, Mary killed Steven Shoemaker for his wife Linda's death, after Steven's daughter Lily unknowingly summoned Mary to the Shoemaker house. Shortly afterwards, Mary was summoned to Jill's house by the latter, and killed Jill for Gary Bryman's death. Donna Shoemaker subsequently unknowingly summoned Mary to Toledo's high school, and Mary began stalking Charlie for her boyfriend's death until Sam and Dean Winchester put Charlie in protection against Mary.

1x5 MaryWorthingtonDestruction

Mary's Ghost is destroyed.

The following night, Sam managed to summon Mary's Ghost back to Estate Antiques, and Mary's powers began to affect him until Dean smashed the mirror which had originally trapped Mary's Spirit after her death. This action freed Mary's Ghost from the mirrors and back into the physical world, and she attacked Sam and Dean until Dean showed her her reflection in a mirror; causing Mary to use her powers on herself, and putting her Spirit to rest.

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